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									Course Reading – English 1010, Mrs. Fox
Spring 2010

Week 1: January 5-8
Introductory Activities

Week 2: January 11-15
The Reading Process (p. 1-11)
The Writing Process (p. 12-70)
Chapter Quiz

Week 3: January 19-22
Exemplification Intro. p. 169-182
“The ‘Values’ Wasteland”
“Black Talk and Pop Culture”
“Tweens: Ten Going on Sixteen”
“Bombs Bursting in Air”

Week 4: January 25-29
Begin working on Exemplification Essays (DUE Feb. 1)
“The Catbird Seat” (Patterns book)
“Samuel” (Patterns book)
Chapter Quiz
Writing Day/Peer Editing

Week 5: February 1-5
Comparison/Contrast Intro. (p. 335-349)
“The Ugly Truth About Beauty”
“The Prisoner’s Sex, Lies, and Conversation” (Patterns)
“Dearly Disconnected” (Patterns)
“Sadie and Maud” (poem, in class)

Week 6: February 8-11
Chapter Quiz
Read Beowulf (Literature book)
Beowulf Quiz

Week 7: February 16-19
Comparison/Contrast in-class essay
Process Analysis Intro. (p. 280-295)
 “How to Say Nothing in 500 Words”
“The Fine Art of Complaining”
“The American Way of Death”
Week 8: February 22-26
“How to Escape a Bad Date” (Patterns book)
 “The Lottery” (short story {read in class}, Patterns)
Chapter Quiz
Peer Editing
*Work on process essays, (due Monday)

Week 9: March 1-5
Definition Intro. (p. 432-444)
“Life as Type A”
“The Cute Factor”
“What is Quarterlife Crisis?”
“The Wife-Beater” (Patterns)
“I Want a Wife” (Patterns)
“What Work Is” (poem)

Week 10: March 8-12
Chapter Quiz
*Work on Definition GROUP essay (due Friday)

MARCH 15-19 (Spring Break) - Argumentation/Persuasion Intro. (p. 477-511)

Week 11: March 22-26
 “In Praise of the ‘F’ Word”
“Can You Be Educated from a Distance?”
“Rape: A Bigger Danger Than Feminists Know” & “Common Decency”
“Traditional Mother and Father: Still the Best Choice for Children” & “Laws Should
        Support Loving Households, Straight or Not”
“Violent Media is Good for Kids,” “Memo to John Grisham: What’s Next – ‘A Movie
        Made Me Do It’?” & “Violent Films Cry ‘Fire’ in Crowded Theaters”

Week 12: March 29 – April 1
*Start working on paper
Research/Notes/Outline/Works Cited
In-Class Essay – Argumentation (Thursday)

Week 13: April 5-9
READ MACBETH (Literature Book)

Week 14: April 13-16
Finish Macbeth and Quiz
Literary Analysis Notes and Samples
Begin Working on essay
Week 15: April 19-23
Division/Classification Intro. (p. 223-239)
“The Ways We Lie”
“College Pressures”

Week 16: April 26-30
“Propaganda Techniques in Today’s Advertising”
 “The Dog Ate My Disk, and Other Tales of Woe” (Patterns)
 “Five Ways to Kill a Man” (poem)
Chapter Quiz

Week 17: May 3-7
FINAL EXAM (IN-CLASS ESSAY) –Classification/Division

GRAMMAR RULES TO COVER: fragments, run-ons, subject/verb agreement,
pronoun/antecedent agreement, punctuation (colons, semicolons, commas,
apostrophes), and parallelism

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