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					                                 Presentation Project
                                  A Separate Peace

Content Standards

              Examine and extend meaning of literary work as having significant
               literary merit
              Consider contributions of plot, character, setting, conflict, and point of
               view when construction meaning of text.
              Explain how common and universal experience serve aw the source of
               literary themes which cross time and culture.
              Record, document, and organize information.


        What is the influence of history and culture on personal decision making as
reflected in the literature of the era?

Essential Question

       What is the influence of history and culture on a specific literary piece – A
Separate Peace.

Project Activities

Journal Entries

              What is the true meaning of disappointment?
              Do you lose a part of your individuality to be a part of a group:
              When you envy a friend, who is hurt more, the envier or the envied?
              What is the risk of taking responsibility for your own actions?
              How can a guilty conscience effect your daily life?
              What do you risk in being a loyal friend?

Research Topics

              The influence of World War II
              The culture of Private schools
              The economy of the 1940’s
              The personal background of the author
              The influence of peer pressure
Rubric Traits

Trait                                           Standard of Excellence
Identify history and culture as an influence    Significant and reliable details to defend
in literature                                   position. Cited reliable sources for all
Essential question defended reliably            Presented clear statement and used research
                                                project to effectively support position
Relationship to personal experience             Clearly and effectively demonstrates the
                                                relationship of the influence of elements of
                                                the literature to personal experience
Polish                                          Carefully and artfully presented in an
                                                mature manner with high quality

Timeline of Activities

Student Activities

               Journal – Ongoing
               Research topics – November 29 – December 16

Teacher Activities

               Decorate room with 1940’s memorabilia, such as magazines, pictures,
                music, and WWII Eisenhower uniform.
               Invite a guidance counselor to journal discussions
               Align journal entries to assist with personal relationship to individual
                students’ experience with the author’s experiences.
               Provide research time/place/materials
               Invite a guest who participated in similar experiences to the characters in
                the story, such as participation in WWII or private school.
               Tour of a private, residential school

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