Literature Circle Multi genre Project by 2Js0Tdf


									The Multi-genre Project

Objective: Students will know about different types of poetry and genres, understand how to use writing in

specific genres purposefully for an intended audience, and practice writing in different genres in order to

put together a group Multi-genre project centered on literature about teenage sexual issues and


Possible Genres                                             Biography Closed form poems

Found Poem Dialogue                                         Autobiography Threaded Discussion

ABC’s Personal Advertisement                                Letters Narrative

“I AM” poem Facebook Page                                   Diary Entries Free verse poems

Copycat Poem Blog entry                                     Book Review


In your literature circles, create a multi-genre project that teaches a reader about your novel. Each group

member will be required to provide 2 original pieces. As a group, you will create repetends and a notes


Requirements for each student:

-2 original pieces that represent different genres

-2 entries for the notes page that describes and justifies your piece and its relation to the project as a


Requirements for the group:

-Project includes a minimum of FOUR (4) represented genres

-Table of Contents including each piece, each repetend, and the notes page

-Each piece is preceded by a repetend that shows creativity and thought and serves to tie the project

together as a whole

-A notes page that is thorough and unified in format and style

-A cover and presentation that demonstrates engagement with the topic/ text, creativity, and group effort

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