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									Easy physics: Spying unique atmosphere

Do you remember the material physics of the atmosphere??, This time we will learn the easy

The atmosphere is derived from a Greek word which means atmos vapor and sphaira means dots ..
so the atmosphere is a layer of material physics of gas that surrounds and protects the Earth., The
atmosphere together with the Earth's rotation and revolution around the sun.,

The atmosphere has a thickness of more than 650 km., Movement of air in the atmosphere is due to
the warming effect of the sun and the rotation of the earth. Rotation of the earth will cause the
movement of air time, so there was a difference in air pressure at various places which can cause
wind currents.

The atmosphere is essential for life on earth. This is because any weather event occurs at altitudes
from 0 to 10 km from the earth's surface. As the storms, hurricanes, and floods are very berpengarus
the activity of human life. With the atmosphere can also save the lives of sentient beings from harm
ultraviolet radiation emitted along the sun at noon on the day and prevent the loss of heat into
space at night. The atmosphere is also a barrier for the celestial bodies that move through it so that
most meteors will be hot and destroyed before it reaches the earth's surface.

How important we study the atmosphere for the survival of our common ..
Physics fun is not it??
Come together we save the earth ....

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