Charged Objects electroscope To Investigate Power

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					Matter Physics: Charged Objects electroscope To Investigate Power

Electroscope consists of two thin metal leaf are placed on the end of a metal rod. The other end of
the rod was usually mounted metal balls. To avoid the transfer of cargo into the air, the stem is
inserted into the glass.

Electroscope working principle as follows:
1. If you are not electrically charged electroscope, the leaves in the closed state. But when
electroscope touched on electrically charged objects then leaves will open.
2. increasingly touched the electrical charge, the greater the electroscope leaves open.

At neutral electroscope leaves furl. If there is a negative electrically charged object brought near, the
electrons on a metal rod driven into leaf electroscope, and leaves open. Meanwhile, when a
negatively charged object brought near the electrons on a metal rod moves to the knob, so that
leaves positively charged and the leaf opens.
Which is electrically charged electroscope can be used to determine the type of electrical charge. If
the objects are brought closer to the head causing leaf electroscope electroscope more open (repel
each other) means the electric charge on the electroscope head similar to the objects brought near.

When objects are brought near leaf electroscope causes more buds (mutual attraction), the electric
charge on the head electroscope not similar objects juxtaposed.

Electric charge on an object can be lost by emptying. Discharging electric charge can occur if there is
a way for the charge collected on a moving object to another object, or to earth. Discharging
electrical charge to earth is called earth. Discharging a large electrical charge and dangerous, such as
emptying the electric charge on the cloud in the form of lightning. So to prevent lightning strikes on
buildings or tall buildings installed lightning rods.

Answer the questions below.
1. What is the function of the electroscope?
2. Explain the working principle electroscope!
3. What is the function of a lightning rod?
4. Explain what is meant by emptying the charge!
5. How to position the leaves when brought near the electroscope charged objects similar and not

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