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									Benefits of Static Electricity

We can recognize the benefits of static electricity everyday life include:
a. clotting smoke
This tool serves to clean the ash particles of combustion gases in the chimney, thereby
reducing air pollution.
b. Painting a car
In the car painting before painted, sanded the car usually first, so rubbing and will generate an
electric charge. While the current electrostatic paint sprayer will spray, the droplets of aerosol
paint would rub the spray nozzle and the air so that the paint will be electrically charged
particle. As a result, the charge will be drawn to the car body and paint will stick to the car
body. This method is very effective, efficient, and low cost.
c. Photocopiers
The workings of this machine is based on the concept of static electricity, and optics. inside
the engine there are metal selenium (a photo conductor), that conduct electric current when
exposed to light and is an electrical insulator when in darkness.
d. laser printer
The tool consists of a photoreceptor drum, fuser, corona wire, laser, and toner. The working
principle of this device is the laser irradiation and heating process.
Introduction to the benefits of static electricity is very important in life to help people
simplify the job.
1. How is the beginning of the static electricity?
2. How do I work out of a laser printer that uses static electricity?

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