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					The benefits of data and information on weather and climate

After studying this chapter students are expected to have the ability to: Describe the benefits of data
and information on weather and climate for the aviation sector, shipping, agriculture, maritime and
fisheries as well as health

Did you know that the weather and climate information are needed in many sectors, including:

a. Flight
Accurate information about the weather becomes a very important for the aviation and shipping all
over the world not least in Indonesia. Good weather conditions is necessary and required for the
purpose of taking off, landing and flight / landing aircraft, because the weather conditions will
greatly affect the wind direction, air pressure, visibility and temperature around the existence of an
airplane. Pilots who fly the planes need to know the weather conditions such as wind speed and
direction blowing, clouds, rain, thunder storms, wind blur, smoke, forest fires, volcanic dust, and so
on. That is why in every airport is a useful meteorological stations to monitor the weather and
provide the necessary flight information. Departure airport weather information received prior to
take-off or landing, among others will be used to determine from which direction the plane will take
off or landing. This is related to the wind direction at the airport at the time, in which aircraft take
off or landing in the opposite direction to the direction of the wind.

b. Cruise
Weather information is ongoing and good weather forecasts are needed as one consideration in
planning operations. As in aviation, weather information is also very necessary given the wind
direction, wave height and sea shipping safety itself.
In addition to the climatological information can be made when planning a cruise done, which route
will pass, what equipment is needed, and so forth.
For transports of goods, in addition to the safety of marine weather information is used for
protecting transported goods, because goods can be damaged by certain marine weather
conditions. For example, goods can be damaged by very low temperature exceeds the dew point;
hygroscopic goods can be damaged by high humidity, the goods can be damaged by wind and sea
waves sparks. Therefore marine weather information is not only the extreme right; conditions
ekstrempun very necessary to determine the appropriate protection techniques to the range and
nature of the goods transported
C. Agriculture
     Agricultural activities are also closely related to weather and climate. Lack of water availability
could affect the occurrence of drought and vice versa if the excess water can cause flooding. For the
agricultural element of weather and climate information is important rainfall, radiasimatahari, air
temperature, humidity and wind.
     Given that agriculture is very diverse region, as well as the nature of the weather and the
climate, it is necessary to weather and climate information that is specific farm location. In addition
to relating to the location, plants require different weather in each phase of life. Therefore weather
information for agriculture need to be adjusted to the phase of activity and types of plants, such as
for agriculture padi.Untuk utilize weather and climate information in agriculture required a
comprehensive understanding.
d. Marine and Fisheries
Deep-sea fish finder basically has three sections of activities, namely shipping activities to the
location of fishing activities on-site arrests, and activity after activity arrests. Therefore the fish
finder must first know the location of a potentially much desired fish; necessary for that marine
weather information as required for life dimakksud fish. Then the necessary information regarding
the condition of the sea to the fishing location, the weather conditions at sea catching locations to
prepare equipment and capture techniques, and how long the weather conditions allow marine
fishing activities to do, and subsequent marine weather information after arrests activities to
safeguard the results -catching results.
For fishing activities in the sea near the coast and the sea breezes information onshore wind and
ocean tides is helpful to set a time at sea and ashore.
Weather information is also needed in marine exploration activities, such as oil drilling and maritime
industries. Ongoing weather information and forecasts are needed to establish the operating plan of
industrial activities and activities related to the activities of the maritime industry, to determine the
response and alternatives to avoid or reduce the risk due to the weather.
e. Health
Along with poor sanitation and poor management of water resources, climate change resulted in an
increase in the spread of infectious diseases such as avian influenza, leptospirosis, diarrhea, vomiting
and typhoid, malaria, and even Dengue (Dengue Hemorrhagic Fever).
Several studies have shown that the life cycle of the virus spreading disease is highly influenced by
weather and climate. These factors include air temperature, humidity, rainfall, solar radiation, wind
speed and direction.
Therefore weather information can be used to anticipate this.

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