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									Problem solve of electric current, potential difference / voltage, resistance electricity, power and

Here are some questions that discusses stais power and dynamic power.
Choose the answer below correctly!
1. the wire conductor of electric current will flow when the following factors, except ...
a. electric potential
b. source voltage
c. electrical potential difference
d. electrical charge flowing

2. electric current flows from the ...
a. low potential to high potential
b. high potential to low potential
c. Strong low current to high current strength
d. Strong high current to low current strength

3. the voltaic element that acts as the positive pole is ...
a. zinc metal
b. lead peroxide
c. reciprocal
d. copper

4. including the following secondary elements are ...
a. voltaic elements
b. element leclance
c. accumulator
d. battery

5. acid used in the accumulator as the electrolyte is ...
a. citric acid
b. nitric acid
c. sulfide acid
d. sulfuric acid

6. a device has a resistance of 150 ohms electrified 0.05 A, then the potential difference is ...
a. 3 V
b. 7.5 V
c. 75 V
d. 300 V

7. Three resistance 12 ohms respectively. If barriers coupled with a variety of ways that are not
possible successor obstacles ...
a. 8 ohm
b. 18 ohm
c. 10 ohm
d. 36 ohm

8. four elements arranged in parallel each air GGL 1.5 V and 0.5 ohm resistance therein. GGL and the
total resistance of the array is ...
a. 1.5 V and 0.25 ohm
b. 1.5 V and 0.125 ohm
c. 6 V and 0.125 ohm
d. 6 V and 2 ohms

9. to move 2.5 C of electric charge required energy of 12.5 J. So the potential difference is ...
a. 15 V
b. 10 V
c. 5 V
d. 0.2 V

10. an electrical appliance installed on the voltage of 220 V. If electrified 500 mA for 5 minutes, then
the electrical energy required ...
a. 300 A
b. 500 A
c. 30 000 A
d. 500 000 A

11. a written solder from the factory 220 V - 60 W. When the appliance is switched on for 4 minutes,
the electrical energy is ...
a. 240 A
b. 880 A
c. 14 400 A
d. 52 800 A

12. an electric light reads 40 W, 220 V. This means that the light ...
a. has power 220 V, voltage 40 W
b. electrified to 5.5 A
c. has a 40 ohm resistance
d. use energy 40 J / s at a voltage of 220 volts

13. in a household there are 4 lights 20 W, 2 lamps 60 W and a 60 W TV lit every day for 4 hours. So
the cost to be paid for 1 month (30 days) if the price of 1 kWh = $ 0.075
a. $ 2.34
b. $ 3.25
c. $ 3.75
d. $ 4.20

14. power tool that can convert electrical energy into heat energy is ...
a. neon lights and electrical solder
b. fan and TV
c. soldering irons and electric
d. electric drill and fan

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