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					                                  First Draft of Paper
                           American Race Relations Fall 2008

                                     Grading Rubric

Introduction 1.5pts. For your topic give us some background information and familiarize
the reader with the issue. This part of the paper should elaborate on the topic, providing
details about your specific topic.

Literature Review/body of paper 5 pts. Use first person to discuss any action, experience
or idea that YOU have. Did the student use course material in a way that indicates they
have kept up with readings and/or understand key course concepts? Do they use the
literature to effectively back statements/arguments? Do they use concepts, ideas, quotes
from the texts and then thoroughly explain what they mean? Did the student give a good
over-all summary of the literature or experience they had? Did they use the field notes to
analyze a course concept or uses the field notes to illustrate a course concept? (Service-

Conclusion 1.5pts. Did the student do a good job of paraphrasing main arguments and
summarizing the overall paper?

Grammar 2.5 pts. - -is it clearly written and well organized?
     -Is it free of grammar/spelling/style errors?

Bibliography 2.5pts. -minimum of 8 for topic paper/ 3 for Service-Learning
       -Included Course textbooks in the bibliography
       -Must be social science research.
       -they all need to be academic and appropriate for the study.
       -used the same citation style throughout?
       -is it alphabetized and correctly formatted?
       -do not include URL for the article

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