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									  Curriculum Map
  Teacher: Mellott                                     Department: English                                   Course: English I
Month         Essential            Content                   Skills                  Assessments           ELA Standards       Resources
/ Year       Question(s)
Aug.     How does Ancient      Epic poetry     Demonstrate the MLA heading            Formative          Writing Standards    The
20-      Greek art relate to   The Odyssey     and works cited format                                    3-9                  Odyssey
Sept     the literature?       nonfiction                                       Narrative Essay
27th                                           Demonstrate Cornell Notes                                 RL Standards for     Dictionary.
         How were other        Greek                                            Socratic discussions     Lit. &               com
         writers influenced    prefixes/       Create a vocabulary notebook                              Informational Text
         by Greek              suffixes                                         Board game               1-3                  Everyday
         Mythology?            Connotative     Organize a formal outline                                                      Writer
                               Denotative                                                                SL Standards 1.
         How does              Epic simile     Formulate questions using                                 A-d                  Easy Writer
         literature teach us   Metaphor        higher level questions                Summative
         lessons about         Imagery                                                                   L Standards 1-b,     Oklahoma
         “real-life?”          Pathos          Collaborate on a group project   Weekly Vocab. words      3-a, 4, and 5        Digital
                                                                                and tests (WOW rubric)                        Prairie
                               Narrative       Compose narrative essay                                                        Library
                               Essay                                            Pretest and benchmark
                                               Conduct research and             test                                          “Siren
                               Prep., noun,    compose writing assignments                                                    Song”
                               adjective,                                       Independent Research
                               adverb, and                                      Assignment                                    Sentence
                               appositive                  Strategies                                                         Composing
                               phrases.                                                                                       for High
                                               Gist                                                                           School
                               discussions     “Stump the Teacher”
                               circles)        Socratic Circles

                               Greek art       4 corners
                               relating to
                               literature      Cornell Notes

                                               Weekly Review Stations

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