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									SAFE SYSTEM OF WORK for Authorised Users                                                                 Compressed Air (CA)
              Hazards                                         Potential Harm                                              PPE
     Embolism caused by CA                                        Death
    piercing skin and entering
           blood stream

  Objects/particles blown into                           Injury to/ loss of eye(s)                                Safety glasses

Slips, trips and falls over airline                             Broken bones                                       Safety Shoes

Injury to another person in the
           work area

Safe Working Practices
         Use eye wear with side shields.
         Wear protective clothing gloves and ear protection (if deemed necessary).
         Ensure that there is only one airline in the immediate area when using CA.
         Disconnect any tools from the hose when changing parts.
         Turn the hose off at the valve to stop it instead of trying to kink the hose.
         Make sure that the air tool is properly attached to the hose before using it.
         Know who to report any suspected defects to.
         Ensure that the hose doesn’t come into contact with sharp edges and get torn.
         Keep the cylinders closed with any caps in place when not in use.
         Eye protection is worn by anyone within 7 metres of an airline user.

Personnel Must Never:
         Aim CA at themselves or at another person.
         Wear loose clothing, jewellery or have long hair loose, as it can be blown into machinery.
         Use CA to clean down their clothing as air can enter the body via a small cut.
         Engage in horseplay or any practical jokes involving CA.
         Allow kinks to get into the hose when coiling it after use.
         Let hoses cross walkways as they can become damaged or create a trip hazard.
         Lift air tools by the cord.
         Use CA to transfer flammable liquids.
         Leave out an airline – it must be put away to avoid causing a trip hazard.
         Use an airline without a trigger nozzle or similar

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