SKILLS 4 COMMUNITIES
                             EMPLOYMENT OPPORTUNITIES

Skills4Communities is a social enterprise operating from a central location within Hull and
delivering training and return to work initiatives.
The organisation has seen a steady growth over the years of operation, growing year on
year at a significant rate.

Our vision is to become a place where people of all cultures and backgrounds can learn
and work together and the provider of choice for:
   1. Individuals seeking to unlock their true potential for employment and social
   2. Employers seeking to improve their business performance through workforce
   3. Start up and existing businesses seeking support and growth; and
   4. Mainstream service providers, local authorities and employers to effectively engage
      with the BME community including migrants, refugees and asylum seekers.

We are now looking for experienced, motivated, confident and smart employees,
committed to achieving excellent outcomes for our service users and fund/contract
managers and helping the organisation achieve its vision.
The tasks/duties will be challenging but rewarding.

Job Title: Office Manager (CRB)
Location: 265 Anlaby Rd, Hull North Humberside
Responsible To: Operations Manager
Responsible for: Receptionist & Admin Assistants
Length of Contract: Subject to funding &performance, contract is intended to be
Salary Inc: £16,440
Hours: 37.5/WK
Experience: Finance & HR

Deadline: 1st July 2011

The post holder is required to ensure that Skills4Communities’ offices are able to operate
smoothly, and to provide an administrative service for the Senior Management Team

The post holder is expected to be highly organised with people skills, finance, and
payroll including HR and some contract management experience; proactive in identifying
and recommending areas for improvement, be self motivated and show initiative and
flexibility, taking responsibility for initiating and checking their own output.

Main Duties and Responsibilities

  This position comprises two roles, namely Finance and HR

  On the Finance side the successful will be expected to successfully undertake following
    Plan and monitor budgets, payroll system, prepare quarterly management accounts
      and yearly accounts, income and expenditure and general book keeping using Sage
    Correspond with Charity Commission, Companies House, treasurer and auditors,
      prepare and submit annual returns and accounts
    Support and manage accounts for our various contracts/funds, request payments
      and monitor performance against set targets
    List cheques received prior to banking.
    Prepare cheques for signatures.
    Prepare monthly bank reconciliations.
    Check BACS transactions, reconciling remittance advices with invoices.
    Assist with credit control, checking aged debtors and chasing debtors for payment.
    Assist with cashflow, updating the cashflow spreadsheet with actual transactions.
    Assist with sales order processing and providing other support to the Operations
      Manager as needed.
    Assist with archiving the finance records.
     On the HR side, the successful will be expected to undertake following tasks:
     Schedule & monitor staff time table, deal & record staff absences, holidays and time
       off In lieu together with payroll using Sage HR and a payroll system
     Take control of the day to day schedule of programmes available; liaise with
       trainers, advisors, trainees and other relevant people from time to time.
     Schedule staff and committee meetings and take minutes, undertake preparations
       for and organise AGM
     Register and Assess the needs of participants, visitors and Signpost them to various
       services/departments available at the centre
     Log relevant e-mail accounts for internal referral to appropriate people and prompt

General Duties

   Being responsible for monitoring and maintaining stationery supplies and office
    provisions, developing procedures, controlling stock, liaising with staff re:
    requirements, generating orders, liaising with suppliers to ensure best price is sourced,
    checking off deliveries.

   Being responsible for attending Senior Management Team / Board meetings and taking
    the minutes, typing up minutes and issuing them to all relevant parties.

   Developing office systems and making improvements where necessary to ensure best
   Assisting the Operations Manager with operating financial systems including petty cash,
    invoices, purchase orders, payment requisitions and claim forms in line with S4C
    financial policies and procedures and funders/contract managers’ Financial Regulations
    using applications including Sage Accounts
   Dealing with enquiries relating to operations/services at the Centre
   Maintaining customer/learner recording mechanisms for tracking purposes for users of
    the service
   Establishing and maintaining manual and computerised filing systems
   Being responsible for opening and recording all incoming post and allocating to
    departmental managers appropriately.
   Assisting service delivery teams with filing, maintaining customer contact by phone, e-
    mail or post, scheduling appointments/meetings and sending reminders to both
    colleagues and service users, tracking both customers and employers, maintaining and
    updating vacancy bulletins.
   Developing necessary knowledge of services on offer at the centre, by external
    partners and other providers to ensure clients are referred onto appropriate services
   Assisting service delivery teams with identifying opportunities through newspapers,
    the Internet, business directory and cold calling, partnerships and offering services to
    both employers and potential service users
   Arranging and servicing a variety of meetings, dealing with or referring arising
    operational issues and taking necessary follow up actions
   Contributing to the development of administrative systems to achieve optimum
   Processing and maintaining statistical records relating to the various projects
   Processing customer/learner documentation
   Overseeing the purchase, installation and maintenance of any telephone equipment.
   Developing and maintaining the website
   Advising on the design and production of publicity and promotional material
   Maintaining an easily accessible library of press cuttings, photographs and publications
   Assisting the Operations Manager with Managing individual staff performance and

   Actively promoting equality of opportunity and the widening participation agenda in
    line with the funder’s and the organisation’s Equal Opportunities Policy

   Continuing his/her own personal and professional development as required for the role

   Implementing and complying with the organisation’s Health and Safety Policies.

   Operating and encouraging a client focused culture to designated standards of service,
    ensuring client feedback is appropriately reported.

   Using the necessary in-house communications systems, including e-mail, telephones,
    faxes, reprographics etc., to ensure prompt and effective responses to clients,
    employers, and staff and partner organisations.
 Able and willing to work outside normal office hours when reasonably required.
 Able and willing to undertake training and development as agreed.
 May be required to visit various sites across the contract area
 Current, full driving licence
CORE SKILLS                                              ESSENTIAL   DESIRABLE   MoA

Ability to communicate effectively in English                                   A/I
Ability to use Sage applications and range of ICT
office related software for production of a variety of                          A/I
documents, reports, management accounts etc…
Ability to establish and maintain a range of
administrative and quality standard procedures.                                 A/I
Ability to manage and motivate staff                                            A/I
Ability to prepare and maintain relevant statistical
information.                                                                    A/I
Ability to create and maintain effective working
relationships.                                                                  A/I
Ability to Implement continuous improvement
strategies                                                                      A/I


Microsoft Office Software                                                       A
A range of clerical/administrative and financial
systems and procedures for projects/contracts                                   A/I
Business Administration qualification at Level 2 or
above                                                                           A/C


Finance & HR                                                                    A
clerical/ administrative functions                                              A/I
ICT office related software & Sage applications                                 A/I
Working to deadlines and targets                                                A/I
Maintaining professional standards                                              A/I
Creating and maintaining effective working
relationships                                                                   A/I
self and/or team development                                                    I
METHOD OF ASSESSMENT (MOA)               A = Application Form
                                         I = Interview
                                         C = Certificate

 Application Method:
 Application pack available from
 Or a request with CV to

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