Walking the Talk by fc5I79Nb


Unit C –Child Development

Competency 6.00 – Understanding the physical, emotional, social and cognitive development of
the toddler (ages one and two).

Objective 6.03 – Explain the impact of play and practices on the development.

RBT Level: B2

Literacy Strategy: Sticky notes can be used as a literacy tool when the teacher tells students
                   before they begin reading what she wants them to write. As they
                   read/listen/view or after they read/listen/view, students can write down the
                   information requested by the teacher. The sticky note, then becomes a way
                   for students “to hold” their thinking & have specific information to share with

Activity:          Give each student a 4 x 6 index card or a sticky note. Have students write six
                   terms on their card. Read from Parenting Rewards and Responsibilities pp.
                   432. As you read the information aloud from the text, students will write
                   down two words that describe the information you have read aloud. After the
                   information has been read, the students will then go back and give an example
                   of a toy that is a good example or a bad example of each category. Example:
                   Sensory - a good example would be a “See and Say” a child pulls a handle
                   and hears animal sounds.

After the one minute read, students can explain their choices in a class discussion.

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