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									TERM 4 2012

                                                                            All teachers prepare for the transition of students, utilising
ASSESSMENT AND ANALYSIS                                                     the Ultranet as appropriate to ensure that 2013 teachers
                                                                            have access to:
                                                                            – data from literacy and numeracy assessments
                                                                                 undertaken in 2012, including NAPLAN
                                                                            – significant observational notes
                                                                            – samples of students’ work, representative of their
                                                                                 literacy and numeracy knowledge and skills
The school leadership team supports all teachers to
                                                                            – copies of student learning plans and intervention
maintain an assessment schedule to ensure individual
                                                                                 participation, if applicable.
student learning is monitored, including:
– individual student assessment in all dimensions of
                                                                            At the end of Term 4, the school leadership team works with
   English and Mathematics to take place by all relevant
                                                                            all teachers to identify patterns of growth for students using
   teachers during classes, including work in Learning
                                                                            student report data for a sample of individuals and cohorts
   Tasks and eXpress Space of the Ultranet. Early years’
                                                                            from July to December.
   teachers can administer and analyse the Mathematics
   Online interview as needed over the school year.
                                                                            The school leadership team is encouraged to investigate
                                                                            the use of the Student Mapping Tool to track the progress
                                                                            of students, especially those ‘at risk’ of disengagement
– all teachers moderating selected student work samples
                                                                            from learning.
   (writing) at least once during the term as part of
   Professional Learning Teams, with focused discussion to
   enable consistent, fair and reliable assessment.
   Selected tasks must allow students to demonstrate                        PURPOSEFUL TEACHING
   different levels of achievement.
– all teachers of mathematics moderating selected
                                                                            Data-informed learning and teaching plans are developed
   work samples at least once during the term as part
                                                                            to provide differentiated, focused teaching and
   of Professional Learning Teams or Domain teams, with
                                                                            open-ended learning challenges for all students.
   focused discussion to enable consistent, fair and reliable
   assessment. Selected tasks must allow students to
                                                                            The school leadership team ensures that students identified
   demonstrate different levels of achievement.
                                                                            as well-below expected levels for English and Mathematics
                                                                            are further assessed, using targeted assessment tools
The school leadership team works with all teachers to
                                                                            outlined in Key Characteristics of Effective Literacy
analyse student data, using the Ultranet as appropriate.
                                                                            and Numeracy Teaching P–6 and 7–10.
Where possible, the focus will be on student growth
between assessments. This information informs planning
and instruction for the rest of 2012 and planning for 2013.
                                                                            This data can be used to further differentiate classroom
                                                                            instruction and to link classroom learning with student
                                                                            intervention programs in literacy and numeracy, as required.
The school leadership team ensures that teachers use
                                                                            The school leadership team ensures that teachers
data collected for all students as a starting point for
                                                                            identify students well-above expected levels for English
making an on-balance judgment of student achievement. To
                                                                            and Mathematics and learning plans are developed
this they add knowledge built from:
                                                                            and monitored to provide suitable learning challenges
– daily interaction with students
                                                                            for these students.
– student responses to learning tasks, including those in
    the Ultranet
                                                                            The school leadership team supports teachers to access
– diagnostic assessment tasks
                                                                            planning and instructional advice, including relevant
– moderation of student work.
                                                                            required teacher knowledge and literacy and numeracy
                                                                            focus, as provided in the Key Characteristics for Effective
Additional information on student reports is available at                   Literacy and Numeracy Teaching P–6 and 7–10.
                                                                            Additional teaching support is available:
The school leadership team leads analysis of
                                                                            – the English Developmental Continuum
2012 NAPLAN data and provides a summary to
all staff, to cohort, individual student and item level.
Whole-school discussion informs planning for student
                                                                            – the ESL Developmental Continuum
learning. The VCAA supports NAPLAN data analysis.
                                                                            – the Language Support Program
The school leadership team continues to support all
teachers to focus on high-quality literacy and numeracy
                                                                            – the Wannik Education Strategy for Koorie Students
teaching. This includes building students’ capacity in:
– literacy comprehension and knowledge of text types, to
                                                                            – the Mathematics Developmental Continuum.
   support them in responding to the NAPLAN
– demonstrating their knowledge and skills in English
   and Mathematics.

Literacy and numeracy 6–18 month strategy: P–10 improvement schedule for school leaders                                                      1
TERM 4 2012

                                                                            –   developing a process for monitoring students who are
WHOLE-SCHOOL PLANNING                                                           identified as no longer needing intervention in literacy
                                                                                and numeracy and supporting their continued growth
                                                                                within the classroom program.
                                                                            –   assessing the intervention programs offered in 2012
                                                                                against the student needs already identified for 2013
The school leadership team ensures school accountability
measures for 2012 are complete. This includes:
                                                                            –   committing to evidence-based intervention programs
– developing and submitting the draft of the 2013 Annual
                                                                                that meet the identified student literacy and numeracy
   Implementation Plan, which includes one-year literacy
                                                                                needs for 2013. This also includes supporting their
   and numeracy targets. These targets, from the School
                                                                                establishment by committing to the prescribed intensity
   Strategic Plan and based on 2012 student learning data,
                                                                                of the intervention through staffing, allocation of space
   need to be suitably challenging and focus on continued
                                                                                and professional learning.
   improvement for all students and accelerated
                                                                            –   reviewing procedures for monitoring student progress,
   improvement for students below expected levels of
                                                                                ensuring classroom teachers are receiving all data and
                                                                                professional learning required to support intervention
                                                                                within the classroom
                                                                            –   working with all Student Support Groups and teachers
– updating the School Strategic Plan, if necessary, to
                                                                                by monitoring progress of all students who have
   take into account changes to environment or data
                                                                                individual plans and reviewing short-term literacy and
– analysing the parent opinion survey data at a leadership
                                                                                numeracy goals.
   and school level, available at
   asp                                                                      PROFESSIONAL LEADERSHIP
– for schools in year of review, continue the planning
   cycle, which includes planning for a new School
                                                                            The school leadership team ensures the professional
   Strategic Plan following completion of review–this should
                                                                            learning required during Term 4 stays focused on student
   also support the achievement of specifically identified
                                                                            needs and meeting the goals of the Annual Implementation
   goals and targets within the network strategic plan.
                                                                            Plan. This includes:
                                                                            – reviewing the 2012 Professional Learning Teams and
                                                                                strengthening the structures for 2013, ensuring a focus
                                                                                on the learning needs of students
                                                                            – providing regular opportunities for leaders and teachers
                                                                                attending regional, network or system professional
                                                                                learning to share their learning across the school
The school leadership team ensures a school-wide focus
                                                                            – continuing to work with individual teachers to ensure the
on literacy and numeracy improvement by:
                                                                                literacy and numeracy focus of their Performance and
– leading 2012 NAPLAN data analysis at an individual
                                                                                Development Plans are aligned with the targets set in
    student and item level. The VCAA supports NAPLAN
                                                                                the Annual Implementation Plan
    data analysis.
                                                                            – preparing teachers for 2013 classes by developing
– reviewing 2012 and identifying actions and roles for
                                                                                teacher knowledge in literacy and numeracy through the
    2013 within this strategy with key leaders, including
                                                                                Key Characteristics of Effective Literacy and Numeracy
    the coordinators of Literacy and Numeracy, English,                         Teaching P–6 and 7–10 resources
    Mathematics, ESL, Special Needs, Curriculum and
    Student Wellbeing
                                                                            – using the Whole-school Advice on the Equity Guidelines
– collaborating with teachers, and using 2012 student data
                                                                                website to support the setting of high expectations of all
    in literacy and numeracy, to jointly determine
                                                                                learners, and recognising the specific learning needs of
    professional learning needs for 2013
                                                                                students from low socioeconomic backgrounds
– working with coaches, if applicable, to review school-
    wide literacy and numeracy coaching in 2012; and
    planning for implementation in 2013, including identifying
                                                                            – continuing to explore resources provided by Wannik, the
    teachers to be coached.
                                                                                Victorian Education Strategy for Koorie Students, to
                                                                                support Koorie students in literacy and numeracy. These
                                                                                resources should be reflected in their individual learning
                                                                            – using a range of ESL resources to assist in curriculum
The school leadership team continues to review the whole-
                                                                                planning for ESL students across all domains
school plan for student literacy and numeracy intervention.
This review includes:
– ensuring all intervention programs are evidence-based
                                                                            – continuing to use the information provided by the
   and are implemented with the prescribed intensity
                                                                                VCAA on the Victorian implementation of the Australian
– reviewing the progress of students already participating
                                                                                Curriculum to frame professional learning and 2013
   in literacy or numeracy interventions to ascertain if the
                                                                                course planning in English, Mathematics and literacy
   intervention program is making a difference. This
   includes the students who participated in the Year 1
                                                                            – working with teachers coached in 2012 to build and
   literacy intervention, such as Reading Recovery, and
                                                                                consolidate professional learning and to share learning
   ESL students who received explicit ESL instruction.
                                                                                with colleagues. Where appropriate a school-based
– planning for students who still need intervention
                                                                                coaching model may be developed to further support
   or support in literacy and numeracy in 2012
                                                                                teacher professional learning.

Literacy and numeracy 6–18 month strategy: P–10 improvement schedule for school leaders                                                     2
–   accessing a range of DEECD online resources to                          STIMULATING AND SECURE LEARNING ENVIRONMENT
    support teachers in continued development of
    their literacy and numeracy knowledge, including:                       The school leadership team prepares for Term 1 2013 by:
–   the English Developmental Continuum                                     – using the 2013 literacy and numeracy focus to                      inform staffing and classroom arrangements, including
    urces/english/englishcontinuum                                             the provision of time and space for literacy and
–   the ESL Developmental Continuum                                            numeracy coaching                   – planning for, and resourcing, safe and engaging learning
    urces/ESL                                                                  environments for every student, including ensuring that
–   the Language Support Program                                               the daily two-hour literacy block and the one-hour                      numeracy block from Prep to Year 4 is planned for and
–   the Mathematics Developmental Continuum                                    resourced                   – planning for, and resourcing, the 2013 whole-school
    urces/maths/mathscontinuum                                                 assessment schedule, including the timely analysis of
–   the Research Monographs presented by the                                   student learning data and the relevant professional
    Victorian Literacy and Numeracy Secretariat                                learning                 – ensuring that the school’s Student Engagement
    riat/resources.htm                                                         Policy is up-to-date and understood by all members of
–   and the Victorian Early Years Learning and                                 the school community.
    Development Framework.                                                                          agement


The school leadership team strengthens structures
in place to partner with families in supporting literacy
and numeracy education. This includes:
– accessing the resources provided on the Literacy
    and Numeracy website
– utilising strategies from the Families as Partners
    in Learning website to strengthen family
    engagement in their child’s learning
– celebrating the completion of the Premier’s Reading
– continuing to enact the school’s literacy and numeracy
    communication strategy, including promoting the parent
    brochures and resources through the school newsletter
    and end-of-year events
– providing parents new to the Ultranet with introductory
    information, including login details, and utilising the
    Ultranet to support ongoing communication about
    individual students.

The school leadership team strengthens structures in
place to partner with early childhood education and care
services in supporting literacy and numeracy education.

Literacy and numeracy 6–18 month strategy: P–10 improvement schedule for school leaders                                              3

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