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									                                            Job Description

Job Title:                           Senior Practitioner – Concurrent Planning

Service:                             Adoption and Permanent Families Service

Project:                             Concurrent Planning

Reporting to:                        Concurrent Planning Team Manager,

Supervisory responsibilities:        None

                                     Grade K: £31,215 – £39,084, inclusive of inner London
Salary Range:

Purpose of the Role:

To provide a child-centred, comprehensive service to babies and young children, their families
and carers referred to the project, including:

   Promoting permanence planning for children under age 24 months by:
           1. provision of placements with dually approved foster carers/ adopters;
           2. support to parents and relatives of children in placement to assist in plans for
           3. Completing viability and other assessments of parents and relatives of children
              referred to the project.

   To develop a specialist area of expertise and responsibility within the team as agreed with
    the team manager.

Main Duties & Responsibilities:

   To receive initial enquiries from prospective concurrent planning carers, and provide

    information and training about the process.

Owner: Adoption & PFS
Created: November 2005
Revised: May 2011
Issue: 3
   To assess prospective concurrent planning carers as adopters and foster carers, and present

    their application to Coram’s Adoption and Fostering Panel.

   To work with Local Authorities in considering children referred to the project and

    identifying a suitable placement.

   To provide information for the care plan and to be available to give evidence in court if


   To be involved in planning introductions, making and supporting placements.

   To be involved in arrangements for contact between children in placement and their


   To make assessments of the parents and relatives of children referred to the project.

   To support the return to the care of parents or relatives in accordance with court directions.

   To support arrangements for the child to be adopted by the carers in accordance with

    court directions.

   To provide post-adoption support to all parties after the making of an adoption order.

   To participate in training for Local Authority staff and other professionals re concurrent


   To represent Coram as appropriate in dealings with other statutory and voluntary agencies

    and in Court proceeding.

   To maintain and constantly update personal skills and knowledge to ensure best practice

    and to pass on to others practice experience gained.

   To keep abreast of Coram policies and procedures and legislation and guidance, including

    Coram’s safeguarding policy.

Owner: Adoption & PFS
Created: November 2005
Revised: May 2011
Issue: 3
   To maintain case records and provide other reports that may be required to a high

    standard including Court Reports, reports to Panel etc.

   To participate in supervision, team meetings and consultation with agency advisers.

   To engage with the research and developments being undertaken within the team and the

    wider organisation.

   To promote equal opportunities and to strive to achieve anti-discriminatory, child-centred

    practice in all aspects of the work undertaken.

   To carry out any other duties as requested by the Concurrent Planning Team Manager.

Owner: Adoption & PFS
Created: November 2005
Revised: May 2011
Issue: 3
                                      Person Specification

Skills & Experience


   A professional qualification in social work, and registration with the General Social Care


   Substantial, demonstrable experience within adoption, either of preparing applicants for
    adoption and/or of working with looked after children and placing them for adoption;
   Experience of working within a Local Authority during care proceedings, including court
    work and foster care;
   Experience of assessing parents and making care plans for children.


A demonstrable ability to:

   Communicate well in writing and orally with people from a wide range of backgrounds;
   Work in partnership with users, both adults and children, to identify and build on their
   Organise work efficiently and effectively;
   Keep records and files in exemplary order;
   Work as part of a team;
   Use supervision and consultation appropriately.

Knowledge Base:

   Statutory framework for child protection and permanence planning;
   Statutory framework for adoption;

Owner: Adoption & PFS
Created: November 2005
Revised: May 2011
Issue: 3
   Child development, including babies’ neurological development;
   Attachment theory and the implications for infants aged under two years.


   A belief in the right to family life for all children;
   A commitment to achieving permanence for children within their timescales;
   A belief in children’s right to feel safe and cared for, and a commitment to implementing
    Coram’s safeguarding policy;
   A commitment to promoting equal opportunities and to achieving anti discriminatory
    practice in all aspects of work;
   A commitment to provide high quality practice and to contribute to the maintenance of the
    project as a centre of excellence.

Owner: Adoption & PFS
Created: November 2005
Revised: May 2011
Issue: 3

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