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TO: County historical commission (CHC) chairs and marker chairs
FROM: Larry Oaks, Executive Director
RE: Marker program transition update
DATE: July 1, 2006

The marker program transition continues on schedule. Although a few incomplete applications
had to be returned for additional work, most of the applications we received by the June 1
deadline included all the required components. As you can imagine, scores of applications came
in during the month of May, and at the end of the day on June 1 we had just over 100
applications in line to be evaluated. I’m happy to report that thanks to a concerted effort on
behalf of the marker program staff, all evaluations were completed by the end of June. The
marker team will now work on completing inscriptions and orders for all the remaining
applications in-house, as well as continue developing new program materials.

We anticipate we will begin accepting applications under the new program beginning in
November, in advance of the January 2, 2007 deadline. As you continue to work with marker
applicants in the meantime, please remember the following:
    Basic research and documentation requirements for marker applications will remain
       essentially the same, so concentrate on making sure the topics are well researched and
       fully documented.
    We will have a new application form, so please discard all previous forms and plan to fill
       out new forms to accompany application materials when they become available.
    Applications will only be accepted electronically under the new system, so if your CHC
       does not yet have an email address, please work to acquire one soon, and send the address
       to Egina Reyes at
    As approved by the members of the Texas Historical Commission and recommended by
       the Sunset Advisory Commission, the new program will include a non-refundable
       application fee for each marker application, in the amount of $100.00.

We are developing new program guidelines and training materials, and we will continue to
update you on a regular basis through correspondence and/or email postings to the CHC listserv
and notices on the THC web site. We also will offer a series of marker application training
workshops throughout the state; we will let you know the dates and locations for those training
opportunities soon.

I again offer my personal thanks to those of you who have offered us words of encouragement
during the transition phase. As always, we appreciate your positive support as our valued
partners in this important endeavor.

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