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									Hiring Illegal Aliens
by Erica Barnett
KLRT FOX 16 (Arkansas), November 25, 2006
Some Arkansas businesses are listed on a website involving the issue of
illegal immigration. The site, Wehirealiens.com, gives the names of 2,000
companies in 47 states that allegedly employ illegal immigrants.

Fed up with businesses that hire illegal immigrants, some concerned
Americans are turning to the internet. The California-based website lists
2,400 hundred companies in 47 states that allegedly employ undocumented

“The idea is to put the pressure on the employers. Right now the employers
are the magnet that drives the illegal aliens across the country,” says Jason

Wehirealiens.com allows people to report suspected violators anonymously.
The site warns people to verify the accuracy of their statements because
they are being forwarded to federal authorities. The process concerns some
immigrant rights advocates.

“I believe that it's a form of vigilantism,” says Jerry Gonzalez.

Jerry Gonzalez is executive director of Galeo, the Georgia association of
elected officials.

”Its encouraging people to take the law into their own hands; we need a real
solution for our failed federal immigration policy. And we need to do it in a
comprehensive way the restores the rule of law,” says Gonzalez.

The creators of wehirealiens.com say what they're doing is no different than
a neighbor calling 911 after witnessing a crime.

“This is the same as you or I going into the local police department and
saying ‘you know I saw something suspicious. I don't know what to make of
it, but here's what I saw.’ And when we do that, we're doing our civic duty,”
says Mrochek.

While congress continues to debate the next steps in immigration reform,
private citizens from both sides are already taking action, from last
summer's immigrant marches to citizen border patrols on the internet.
For a list of the Arkansas companies mentioned on the site go to: We Hire Aliens.

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