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                                          Course Syllabus 2012-2013
                                            Coronado High School

           Coronado High School will prepare its graduates to be problem solvers who will be able to seek,
                               analyze, synthesize, interpret and evaluate information.
              excerpted from the original CHS statement of “Expected Schoolwide Learning Results”

Instructor:    Ms. Katie O’Keefe
Voicemail:     N/A – please use email or send urgent messages through the front office
Room:          517 (Upstairs in the 500 Building)
Text:          Geometry by Larson, Boswell, and Stiff. McDougal Littell: 2004
Materials:     Please see class website.

Course Description

Geometry is a college preparatory course designed to provide a base for advanced study in mathematics.
Topics to be covered include geometric art, inductive reasoning, geometric constructions, lines and
polygons, congruence, circles, area, Pythagorean Theorem, volume, similarity, trigonometry, and
geometric proof. In addition, considerable time is spent reviewing introductory algebra concepts.


A high level of maturity and responsibility is expected. Students who do not meet these expectations
cannot master the subject matter and are a burden to the rest of the class. Unless an opportunity that does
not slow the class or the instructor presents itself during class, students are expected to arrange time
outside of class to resolve issues that are individual to them. This includes questions about grading,
attendance, and make-up work.

Specifically the following are expected at all times:
    Total cooperation and professionalism in class;
    Thorough preparation outside of class;
    Academic integrity in and outside of class


       CATEGORY:                        WEIGHT:                   GRADING SCALE:
       Memo                             Not for Grade             90% and above        A
       Participation/Homework           30%                       80-89.9%             B
       Quizzes                          20%                       70-79.9%             C
       Tests**                          50%                       60-69.9%             D
                                                                  Below 60%            F
       **Includes Midterm and Final Exam                          *Plus and Minus at my discretion

*I feel an obligation, and I reserve the option, to calculate final semester grades on an individual basis
when, in my professional opinion, the resulting grade more accurately represents a student’s achievement.
Changes to the grading structure are also possible in order to better support our educational objectives.
Extra Credit

It is critical that students keep pace with the material in this class. Therefore, in accordance with the
departmental policy, no extra credit will be allowed.

Homework Policy

Homework will be assigned on a daily basis. Assignments should take approximately 30-40 minutes to
complete and will be assessed for credit at the beginning of the period each day. Students must show
ALL LOGICAL WORK to complete each problem and it must be done in PENCIL. Work will not be
accepted that has frayed edges (i.e., torn from a spiral notebook). Students will be asked to redo
assignments that have not been corrected or do not follow the appropriate format. Students will have a
limited opportunity to ask questions and correct problems in class, therefore students who routinely need
extra assistance should seek additional support outside of class on a regular basis.

Students that copy from peers, the book, or examples in class may appear to have a strong homework
grade; however it is unlikely that those students will have mastered the appropriate skills to pass an exam.
Consistent practice and corrections on homework is the responsibility of the student.

Quizzes and Tests

Quizzes focus on concepts practiced during the current homework assignment and may be announced or
unannounced. In general, quiz make-ups will not be offered; however, students who are absent should
always come prepared to take a make-up exam. Only students with excused absences are eligible to be
exempt from a quiz. If the absence is unexcused the student will receive an automatic "zero." On
average, expect at least one short quiz per week.

Major tests will be given as we finish content units, trimesters, or semesters. Testing will almost always
be comprehensive and cumulative. There is no material in this class that is “OK” to forget. There will be
comprehensive examinations authored by the University of California and the San Diego County Office of
Education at the end of the second semester (May and June, 2008).


Students with an excused absence are responsible to manage and turn in all make-up work. Assignment
sheets are always accessible; therefore it is the student’s responsibility to track missing work. Homework
is never to be turned in to the front office. Students with make-up work must make prompt arrangements
to come in outside of class time to self correct their work and turn it in directly to the teacher. (They are
allowed one day for each excused absence.) No other late work will be accepted. Students and parents
should be familiar with CHS’s attendance policy. Students missing class due to planned absences
such as non-emergency doctor appointments or vacations, as well as school-sanctioned events such
as athletics, field trips and pep rallies are required to discuss make-up work BEFORE the absence
takes place. Students that do not make or follow through on these arrangements will receive a zero
“0” for that assignment/exam.

Make-up tests are given for trimester, semester, and comprehensive tests. Make-up tests are typically
NOT provided for unit exams. If the absence is excused, the student’s subsequent trimester exam
percent grade will replace the missing test score. If the absence is unexcused the student will receive a
"zero." As with quizzes, students who are absent should always return prepared to take the exam,
especially since test dates are subject to change. Score exemptions will be applied on an individual basis,
but it is imperative that students receive feedback; therefore students that are present on exam days are
ALWAYS expected to take exams, including new students.

AGAIN: If a test or a quiz happens to fall on a day that you have an unexcused absence, you will
receive a zero “0” for that test or quiz, NO EXCEPTIONS.

AGAIN: If you are absent on an exam day and the test gets postponed, you are still responsible for
taking the exam on the newly scheduled date, NO EXCEPTIONS.
Office Hours

This class is a student and teacher team effort, and each student has unique needs that may or may not be
met during class hours. I strive to make myself available as often as possible outside of class; however,
due to time constraints, lunch hours may need to be designated for non-instruction business such as
grading, department meetings, and collaboration. Please remember this is a voluntary program, and while
I do my best to give advanced notice of my availability, sometimes this is not possible. Alternative help
options such as NHS Tutoring are noted on the class website.

Contacting the Instructor*

Due to logistical constraints, I do not check Voicemail. The quickest and most efficient way to reach me
is via email at I attempt to answer emails as promptly as possible, but time
constraints and technology problems can arise. If several days have passed and you feel I have overlooked
your email, please consider resending it.

*Please remember to consult all appropriate references (website:, syllabus,
student) prior to contacting the instructor. Being mindful of this request will help free up time for
instruction, planning, and collaboration. Thank you.


Students should bring their Geometry textbook (a class set may or may not be available), sharpened
pencils, red pens, compass, protractor, ruler, calculator, and binder well stocked with lined, plain, and
graph paper to class each day. Due to school and personal budget constraints, emergency supplies will be
limited and not to be relied upon or considered a substitute for bringing supplies from home. A minimum
of a scientific calculator with trig functions (sin, cos, tan) is required. Graphing calculators automatically
contain these functions.

Easiest Way to Improve Student’s Learning & Grades (besides being engaged in class every day)

Parents who establish a routine of briefly inspecting their student’s homework every night will almost
certainly discover that this simple activity, accomplished, if necessary, in only a minute or two, will in
turn cause homework to happen on schedule, which will in turn cause learning to take place in sequence,
which will in turn cause grades to improve. Checking for completeness and organization is sufficient;
students are often supplied the correct answers (all odd answers are listed in the back of the book or via and assignment sheets are posted online. The time to find out that homework has not
been completed is before it is due. Remember, late work is not accepted.
Attendance & Re-admit Procedures
    The following Coronado High School Policies will be enforced:
          1. Our attendance policy (in accordance with Ed. Code 48205) stipulates that absences can ONLY be excused for the
              following reasons: personal illness; health department quarantine; medical, dental, optometric or chiropractic
              appointments; attendance at funeral services for an immediate family member; jury duty or any other court order
              requiring a personal appearance such as a subpoena; exclusion for failure to present evidence of immunization;
              observance of a religious holiday or ceremony; attendance at a SART or SARB (Attendance Review) hearing.
          2. Please report absences immediately by calling our attendance line (522-8907 x2094) the morning of the absence. All
              absences must be excused within 48 hours by direct phone call or note signed by a parent/guardian and delivered to the
              attendance clerk, Ms. Hopkins. EACH consecutive day of absence must be called in to be excused. After 48 hours, an
              unexcused absence is a truancy. Students may not turn in work or take tests due on the day of an unexcused absence. A
              student’s academic grade will be affected by unexcused absences. All Coronado High School teachers have an
              attendance clause in their grading policies— please see each individual teacher’s policy on makeup work and tests for
              excused absences as well.
          3. Students who plan to leave campus for a medical or court appointment must follow proper procedures or risk
              being marked truant. Students are required to bring a note signed by a parent to the attendance office, where an off-
              campus pass will be issued. Students are then excused to meet parents for pick up outside the front office. Any student
              leaving campus any time other than lunch must report to the office FIRST.
          4. When a student has had 14 single period excused absences in a school year, any further absences for illness must be
              verified by a physician with a doctor’s note or they will be unexcused.
          5. Students attending CHS-sponsored activities, field trips, exams, or sporting events are excused with permission of each
              individual teacher whose class the student will miss. It is the student’s responsibility to communicate with teachers in
              advance of such an absence and plan for tests, projects, and assignments scheduled for that day.
              SATURDAY SCHOOL
          6. Students with unexcused absences will be assigned Saturday School. Only Saturday School attendance can clear
              students’ unexcused absences.
          7. Students with five or more tardies will be assigned detention and/or Saturday School.
          8. Saturday School will be assigned as a consequence for behavior (in accordance with the District’s Discipline
              Guide) as well as to students with unexcused absences. Students can voluntarily sign up for Saturday School to clear a
              planned absence under (see #10 below) not excusable under Ed. Code (see #1 above), but approved by the
              administration. Students assigned to Saturday School will be issued a contract (signed by student and parent/guardian
              and turned in at Sat. School) and must plan and bring four hours worth of schoolwork to be completed. Saturday School
              is held twice monthly on average, on the CHS campus from 8 AM to 12 PM, and is proctored by CHS teachers.
          9. Students with unexcused absences not cleared by Saturday Schools will be considered ineligible for school
              activities such as dances, field trips, etc.
          10. Students who request an absence for any reason other than listed in #1 above are requested to exchange
              Attendance Saturday School or a Weekend Makeup Day for the planned absence, with approval from the
          11. California Ed. Code (37223; 37330) allows for Weekend Makeup Days to extend to any CHS curricular activities
              spanning four consecutive hours or more on a Saturday or Sunday, under the supervision of a CHS employee. These
              opportunities may include: CHS Athletic, CHS Club Sport, and CHS Band weekend field trips and competitions (no
              more than ten days); major CHS theatre productions or rehearsals; NJROTC field trips and competitions; preparation and
              planning for ASB activities (excluding time and attendance at a dance, for example);
              visual art studio time; departmental remedial study groups/sessions; test review sessions; study Hall/Saturday School;
              CHS community service events; CHS curricular field trips.
          12. Students making up a voluntary absence with Saturday School or an approved CHS weekend activity will be required to
              fill out a
              contract with verification from the sponsoring CHS staff member and parent and submit this to the administration.
              Weekend Makeup Days MAY NOT be exchanged for Saturday School assigned as a consequence for unexcused
          13. A student with a total of 10 unexcused period absences and/or period tardies will receive an attendance notice from the
              County. The student will be assigned a Saturday School and/or detention, and parents are notified. A student with a total
              of 24 unexcused period absences and/or period tardies will receive a 2nd attendance notice, and an additional assignment
              to Saturday School. Students become part of the CHS Attendance Support Program, which includes a referral to our
              CRG (Coronado Response Group) counselors. When a student has a total of 36 unexcused absences and/or tardies, a
              County Truancy Letter is generated and results in a referral to CRG and the SART (Student Attendance Review Team)
              Program. A mandatory SART meeting is held with the student and parent, and a SART Contract is created to improve
                    attendance. When a student has a total of 48 unexcused absences and/or tardies, a 2nd County Truancy letter is
                    generated. A mandatory SARB (School Attendance Review Board) meeting (a legal hearing) is held with the student and
                    parent. A SARB Contract is created. Failure to adhere to contract stipulations may result in a referral to County Court.
                14. Students who leave campus without a pass from the nurse or the attendance office, other than during lunch (or who do
                    not return from lunch), are truant and may be ticketed by the police for truancy, and will be marked unexcused for the
                    classes missed. They will also receive a Saturday School.


My policies are identical to the school-wide policies. Please review these carefully, as they need to be
followed to avoid substantial consequences.

  CHS Policy on Plagiarism and Cheating
           Plagiarism is the use of any idea, or phrasing of an idea, traceable to a single source, without proper
  acknowledgement. Plagiarism is also turning in someone else’s work as your own, or supplying your work to another
  student for them to use. Cheating is copying homework, web sites, class work, quiz or test answers from other students
  with, or without, permission. Students who work “together” should not have identical work, unless the assignment specifies
  one product from a pair or group of students. Academic dishonesty includes presenting, as your own work, material
  produced by or in collaboration with others, or permitting or assisting others to present your work as their own work
  without proper acknowledgement. Students should never copy work obtained from other written or oral sources with
  proper acknowledgement of the source.
           Cheating or plagiarism results or academic dishonesty will result in a zero for the assignment and a referral to the
  school administration where additional consequences may result. Parent(s)/Guardian(s) may be contacted. Such an
  incident may exclude a student from recognition at our annual Islander Awards and Senior Awards. Additionally, such
  incidents may be noted on a student’s permanent record and reported to colleges and universities to which a student applies.
                              My advice is not to make these mistakes in judgment – it can be quite a fall.

Honor Code
(An abbreviated version of one used by Brown University)

Academic achievement is ordinarily evaluated on the basis of work that a student produces independently.
A student who obtains credit for work, words, or ideas which are not the products of his or her own
efforts, is dishonest. Such dishonesty undermines the integrity of the academic standards of our class. My
students are expected to tell the truth. Misrepresentation of facts, significant omissions or falsifications in
any connection with the academic process are violations of the class honor code. A student’s name on any
exercise (e.g., a report, notebook, computer program, course paper, quiz, or examination) is regarded as
assurance that exercise is the result of the student’s own thoughts and study, stated in his or her own
words, and produced without assistance, except as quotation marks, references, and footnotes
acknowledge the use of printed sources or the other outside help. Work that is the result of collaboration
with another student must be clearly identified as such and is encouraged when not prohibited under the
guidelines of an assignment. Misunderstanding these guidelines will not be accepted as an excuse for
dishonest work.

A Final Word

Engagement in each day’s lesson is the single most important factor in determining a student's success in
class. It is critical that students be in class every day, therefore students should avoid missing class
for any reason that is not absolutely necessary. Elective medical and orthodontic appointments should
not be scheduled during this class period.

As educators, we work to enrich our students’ lives and optimize their opportunities. We aim to model
the highest level of integrity and professionalism possible. Thank you in advance for your shared support
and professionalism,
Ms. Katie O’Keefe

 Please print the SYLLABUS RECEIPT from the website and obtain the appropriate signatures.
            The syllabus receipt is due the day following your first day of attendance.

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