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Elevators and Lifts for Commercial and Residential Buildings


Elevators and lifts are designed to improve accessibility in multistoried buildings. These are safe and are available in different styles and designs.

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Elevators and Lifts for Commercial and Residential Buildings

If you are an architect, designer or builder, you would need to buy elevators
and lifts for indoor and outdoor purposes in commercial as well as
residential settings. Elevators and lifts have been accepted as an integral part
of modern lifestyle. These lifts and elevators are practical accessibility
solutions that find great use in commercial buildings and residences. They
can effectively address the mobility issues experienced by old and physically
challenged individuals.

                                       Besides         providing            secure
                                       transportation for people, these are
                                       also   best   suited   for    transporting
                                       furniture, groceries, laundry and heavy
                                       goods from one floor to another. Lifts
                                       and elevators are widely used in
                                       commercial establishments such as
                                       hospitals, schools, railway   stations,
churches, and lodges.  Leading elevator suppliers offer various advanced
models for home and commercial applications.

Benefits of Installing Elevators and Lifts

Home elevators as well as commercial elevators can be installed in existing
as well as new buildings. The installation procedure is simple. Most of the 
models can be installed in minimum space. Advantages of installing lifts
and elevators include:
Elevators and Lifts                                         Call: (212)775-0080

    • Enhanced mobility solution
    • Adds up to 10% to the overall value of your home or commercial
    • Easy to install and easy to maintain
    • Can make your lifestyle much more easier
    • Provides safe and comfortable ride

Equipped with a Wide Range of Features

To provide a safe and comfortable ride, elevators and lifts including
residential elevators and stair lifts are incorporated with enhanced safety
features including emergency stop control, emergency alarm and light, slack
rope safety system, hand rails, interlocks for doors, power backup facility,
recessed gate pocket and lots more. Other features (some of them optional)
available in commercial and residential elevators include: digital   floor 
indicator, automatic operating systems, in-cab alarm, telephone jack, one
touch screen controls and modular rails.

Wide Variety of Residential and Commercial Models Available

With the increase in demand for elevators for home and commercial
applications, leading elevator suppliers including ThyssenKrupp Access,
Savaria and Federal Elevator provide various advanced models of elevators
with various features. Most of the models feature various technical options
suiting miscellaneous residential and commercial needs.

Professional elevator suppliers also provide other mobility solutions such as
wheelchair lifts, vertical platform lifts, ramps and dumbwaiters that best suit
Elevators and Lifts                                               Call: (212)775-0080

various home and commercial applications. They also provide excellent
installation and maintenance services. You can choose from a wide range of
elevator models with standard and optional features according to your
budget, taste and needs.

While looking for elevators and lifts, it is necessary for you to choose an
elevator supplier that can meet all aspects of your accessibility needs. An
online search would provide information about the reliable suppliers of
home elevators and stairlifts. You can also get the details regarding elevator
suppliers by exploring their websites.

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