; Laurie Truce, Indigo Group Founder, Sets the Bar
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Laurie Truce, Indigo Group Founder, Sets the Bar


Laurie Truce, Indigo Group Chair and Founder, has gained attention as an innovative professional

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									                Laurie Truce, Indigo Group Founder, Sets the Bar

Anyone who has followed the growth of property development in Australia has probably heard of the
Indigo Group. This group was responsible for the revival of the gorgeous beach front property at Burleigh
Heads. They transformed Dicky Beach's dilapidated Camp Cal into a magnificent community of beach
houses. And their list of accomplishments in the field of property development goes on and on, including
spectacular projects in residential, hotel refurbishment, hotel development, residential retail, planned
community, residential land, commercial, industrial, office, and office refurbishment. Their many triumphs
have also led to various impressive awards, including the 2008 International Property Award for Best

According to Laurie Truce, Indigo Group Founder and Chairman, the key to the success of the Indigo
Group is passion: for the project, and for the welfare of each client. Mitch Nielsen, Managing Director,
concurs. This dynamic team has developed a widespread reputation for tackling even the most ambitious
projects with ultimate confidence and expertise, transforming landscapes and neighborhoods, and adding
value to communities.

Laurie Truce and Mitch Nielsen have been identified as excellent examples of consummate
professionalism, combining technical expertise with personal involvement in the local community. They
both hold the highest of credentials in their fields, including architecture and engineering, and their degree
of professional experience is extraordinary. These two men have transformed the Indigo Group into one
of Queensland's top 20 privately-owned companies, with a staff of over 300 and approximately $3 Billion
in projects.

However, many people are just as impressed with the commercial successes of Laurie Truce and the
Indigo Group as they are with their community service. The Indigo Foundation provides over $100,000 to
local and regional non-profit organizations each year, and Laurie and Mitch are both directly involved in
various artistic, community-based programs.        Although the education, certifications, and direct
professional experience of Truce, Nielsen, and their staff are quite impressive, they have recently been
receiving even greater accolades for the way they demonstrate their commitment to the betterment of
Australia's landscapes and neighbourhoods.

About Indigogroup.com.au

Laurie Truce is the founder of the Indigo Group, and serves as its executive chairman. He is educated
and certified in both Architecture and Civil / Structural Engineering, making him one of the most qualified
property developers in the industry. With the help of Mitch Nielsen, he oversees a wide range of large-
scale property development and renovation projects in Australia. For more information, please visit

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