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									                             Transfer Model Curriculum Worksheet

CCC Major or Area of Emphasis: ___Philosophy____________________
CSU Major or Majors:                   _Philosophy______________________
Total units__18______           (all units are semester units)

Degree Type (indicate one):            AA-T__X _     OR     AS-T_____
“Core” Courses:        2 courses (6 units minimum)
Title (units)          C-ID Designation         Rationale
Required: Choose 1 course or 3 units minimum from:
Symbolic Logic* (3)             PHIL 210                         CSU GE A3
Introduction to Logic (3)**     See example                      CSU GE A3
*For any college that does not offer Symbolic Logic, Introduction to Logic may be
substituted with the understanding that most transfer institutions will require
Symbolic Logic for the major.

Required: Choose 1 course or 3 units minimum from the following:
Intro to Philosophy (3)         PHIL 100                         CSU GE Area C2
Intro to Ethics (3)             PHIL 120                         CSU GE Area C2

List A: Select 1 course (3 units) minimum from:

Any course not selected from above OR
History of Ancient Phil.   PHIL 130                              CSU GE Area C2
History of Modern Phil.    PHIL 140                              CSU GE Area C2
Or any CSU transferable course in Philosophy which has been articulated to fulfill Area

List B:
Select 3 courses (9 units minimum) from the following:

Any course(s) not selected from List A Or
Western Civilization I (3)      HIST 170                         May also fulfill area C or D

Western Civilization II(3)      HIST 180                         May also fulfill area C or D

Introduction to Philosophy      See example                      May also fulfill area C or D
of Religion(3)**
Introduction to Social and          See example                         May also fulfill area C or D
Political Philosophy (3)**
Any CSU transferable course that has been articulated to fulfill preparation for major Or
Any CSU transferable course which has been articulated to fulfill Area C2

All courses must be CSU transferrable. Local degrees aligned with the TMC must be
constructed such that no more than one course can be taken that is not articulated as
either major preparation or general education.

**Course descriptor to be developed

Catalog Descriptions

Introduction to Logic (3)
This course introduces the principles of valid reasoning with emphasis on deductive logic. The course
must include a study of formal techniques of sentential logic. The course may also include a treatment of
inductive reasoning, language, or fallacies. (C-ID PHIL 110 draft)

Introduction to Philosophy of Religion (3)
An introduction to philosophical thinking about religion, with an emphasis on issues central to traditional
monotheism. This course teaches how to critically examine arguments concerning the origin of religion,
the existence of God, the historicity of miracles, the veridicality of religious and mystical experience,
the existence of spirits or souls, the possibility of life after death, the equal validity of all religions, and
other topics. (Skyline College)

Introduction to Social and Political Philosophy (3)
Major philosophical issues surrounding the nature of society and justifications for the authority of the
state. Focuses on how the concepts of the common good, individual rights, liberty, equality, and
democracy relate to notions of justice, private property and the legitimate use of state power. (Sierra

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