Basic Listening Speaking Viewing Representing Rubric

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					            Speaking, Listening, Viewing, and Representing—Basic Rubric
Academic                          D                            C                            B                              A
        Effort                    1                            2                            3                              4
SPEAKING             speaks inappropriately        attempts to use            appropriate volume,          ability to engage audience
                      in volume, tone, pace,         appropriate volume          tone and pacing for           with exceptional speaking
                      or timing for many             and tone, sometimes         audience                      ability, flexibly using
            Mark      audiences                      adjusting to audience      makes eye contact             volume, tone and pacing
                     eye contact avoided or        sometimes makes eye        appropriate gestures to       for effect
                      too intense for                contact appropriately       audience                     eye contact sensitively
                      conversational partners       gestures sometimes         vocabulary generally          adjusted to audience and
                     gestures inappropriate         appropriate                 well developed for            situation
                      for audience                  vocabulary somewhat         grade level and              takes risks to extend
                     vocabulary needs               simple for grade level      pronunciation correct         vocabulary and make it
                      development                                                for most words                more precise
           Effort    avoids speaking in class      needs much                 speaks appropriately,        recognizes how to extend
                      or continually speaks          encouragement to            and makes an effort to        speaking to enhance
                      out inappropriately            speak out in class or       add to discussions in         learning and makes an
                                                     sometimes speaks out        class                         effort to take reasonable
                                                     inappropriately                                           risks
LISTENING            rarely follows oral           usually follows oral       follows oral                 follows instructions
            Mark      instructions the first         instructions                instructions                  consistently, reflects and
                      time they are given           attempts to make eye        consistently and              asks further questions or
                     makes little or no eye         contact with speaker        actively listens to peers     makes comments to
                      contact with speaker          some distracting            and teacher                   enhance learning
                     distracts speaker and          behaviour to speaker       usually makes eye            eye contact with speaker is
                      other listeners                or to other listeners       contact with speaker          consistently appropriate
                                                                                 appropriately                encourages others to listen
                                                                                avoids distracting
           Effort  plays with objects              tries to avoid             usually avoids               is consistently aware of
                        during listening time or    distractions to others       distractions to others       being ready to listen and
                        talks                       while listening              or self while listening      avoids distracting self or
VIEWING              does not respond to           attempts a response to  identifies with, makes          extends viewing response
           Mark      viewed material in a            what has been viewed,      comparisons and/or             by making new personal
                     way that is meaningful          but may need some          responds personally to         and critical connections
                     for the grade level             assistance to be able to   what has been viewed          reflects and asks further
                                                     identify key elements      in expected patterns           questions about what has
                                                     of viewed material                                        been viewed
                     avoids viewing task           reluctantly participates  willingly participates in     willingly participates in
                     is distracted easily           in viewing                 viewing                        viewing
                     from viewing task              may need reminders to  commits to viewing               encourages peers to stay
                                                     stay on task               task                           committed to task
REPRESENTING  representation is              attempts                         communicates through         representation shows deep
                      unclear and does not     representation of                 representation to suit        understanding of subject
            Mark      reflect the purpose of   learning but purpose is           audience                      and purpose
                      the assignment           somewhat unclear or              representation reflects      considers several forms
                     represents learning in   incomplete                        purpose of learning           and techniques
                      one, somewhat sketchy  represents learning in            uses a variety of            selects form best suited to
                      form                     one form                          techniques & forms            purpose
                     representation is       representation simple            representation has           representation has clear
           Effort     incomplete or messy      and may have gaps or              some detail or design         design and detail
                     follows stereotypical    inconsistencies                   appropriate to project        appropriate to project
                      pattern from others or  follows a common                 representation has           representation has clear
                      media                    pattern                           some originality and          originality and exceptional
                                                                                 visual appeal/impact          visual appeal/impact

       November, 2006                                                         J. Fladager, W. Sawatzky, Regina Public Schools
     Speaking, Listening, Viewing, and Representing—Basic Rubric

November, 2006                           J. Fladager, W. Sawatzky, Regina Public Schools

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