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									            Brief Biodiversity Summaries of Hudsonia Reports
            Prepared for the Town of Red Hook Biodiversity Assessment Training group

                            By Ryan Gardner, Hudsonia, February 2009

Hartwig, T., E. Kiviat, and A. Worley. 2007. Blanding’s Turtle Monthly Trapping
Surveys in the Towns of Clinton and Milan, Dutchess County, New York, 2006,
with Recommendations for Assessment Protocols. Report to the New York Natural
Heritage Program. Hudsonia Ltd., Annandale, NY. 18 p.

       Important species: Blanding’s turtle

       Important habitats: buttonbush pool, shrub and tree swamps, intermittent woodland

       Possible habitat for: pale alkali grass, shortawn foxtail, swamp loosestrife, five-angled field
       dodder, small white aster, spotted salamander, Jefferson salamander, marbled salamander,
       wood frog, spotted turtle, wood turtle, eastern ribbon snake, green heron, American black
       duck, wood duck, American bittern, pied-billed grebe

Kiviat, E. and E. Talmage. 2006. Common Reed (Phragmites australis) Bird and
Invertebrate Studies in Tivoli North Bay, New York. Report to the New York State
Department of Environmental Conservation Hudson River Estuary Program, Grant C301896.
Hudsonia Ltd., Annandale, NY. 13 p.

       Important species: great blue heron, least bittern, Virginia rail, eastern kingbird, marsh
       wren, bobolink, ruby-throated hummingbird,

       Important habitats: subtidal pools, tidal swamp, intertidal marsh

Stevens, G. and E. Kiviat. 1991. Biological Assessment of Parcels I and IV of the
Clermont State Historic Site, Town of Clermont, Columbia County, New York.
Report to Friends of Clermont. Hudsonia Ltd., Annandale, NY 38 p.

     Important species: Porella platyphylla (liverwort), bulblet fern, walking fern, squawroot,
     Robert’s geranium, Canada moonseed, eastern box turtle

     Important habitats: upland forest, ledges, hayfields and hedgerows, non-tidal wetlands, tidal

     Possible habitat for: Appalachian blue (butterfly), Virginia white (butterfly), red bellied snake,
     American shad, sharp-shinned hawk, Cooper’s hawk, common barn-owl, long-eared owl,
     Acadian flycatcher, eastern bluebird, bobolink, grasshopper sparrow, vesper sparrow
G, Stevens and E, Kiviat. 1991. Ecological Survey of the Camp Rising Sun Properties,
Towns of Red Hook and Clinton, Dutchess County, New York. Report to The
Louis August Jonas Foundation. Hudsonia Ltd., Annandale, NY. 49 p.

      Important species: walking fern, maidenhair spleenwort, ebony spleenwort, ostrich fern,
      club rush, yellow sedge, Ceratophyllum echinatum (aquatic plant of alkaline waters), Forsstroemia
      trichomitria (regionally rare moss), water-willow, leather leaf, pitcher plant

      Important habitats calcareous seeps, wooded swamps, circumneutral bog lake,
      circumneutral stream

      Potential habitat for: Blanding’s turtle, wood turtle, American bittern, pied-billed grebe,
      Virginia rail, wood duck, black duck, hooded merganser, beaver, river otter, mink, muskrat,

      Geology: shale, chert, possibly argillite and quartzite, dolostone

Kiviat, E. 1991. Montgomery Place Environmental Studies, Town of Red Hook,
Dutchess County, New York. Report to Historic Hudson Valley and Hudson and Pacific
Designs. Hudsonia Ltd., Annandale, NY. 97 p.

      Important species: walking fern, brown trout, wood thrush, veery, great crested flycatcher,
      scarlet tanager, pileated wookpecker
       (Note: Paper contains comprehensive list of all species found during study years)

      Important habitats: hemlock and hardwood mature forests, perennial stream

      Possible habitat for: bald eagle, red tailed hawk, Coopers hawk, osprey, American kestrel,
      eastern screech-owl, great horned owl, barred owl, long-eared owl, saw-whet owl, wood
      duck, ruffed grouse, yellow-billed cuckoo, fish crow, ovenbird, indigo bunting, purple martin

Kiviat, E. and S. Barbour. 1990. Proposed Dutchess County Landfill Site Wetlands,
Red Hook, New York. Report to the Town of Red Hook, Hudsonia Ltd., Annandale, NY.33p.
      Important species: silvery spleenwort, blunt spikerush, yellow sedge, woolly sedge,
      drooping bulrush, wood lily, downy ground-cherry, small white aster, fringed gentian,
      selaginella, mermaidweed, horned pondweed, slender leaved gerardia, mossy-cup oak,
      sundrops, willow aster, swamp birch, blazing star, Virginia rail, yellow-billed cuckoo, alder
      flycatcher, bobolink, wood duck, black duck

      Important habitat: wetland

Kiviat, E. 1986. Ecological Reconnaissance of Southlands Farm and Vicinity.
Report to the Town of Rhinebeck. Hudsonia Ltd., Annandale, NY. 9 p.

      Important species: winged monkeyflower,wild yam, sneezeweed, brown trout,
      mummichog, wood turtle, map turtle, belted kingfisher, osprey

      Important habitat: perennial stream, tidal mouth, ravine, fields

Kiviat, E. 1988. Preliminary Ecological Survey of the Spring Lakes Area, Towns of
Milan and Red Hook, Dutchess County, New York. Prepared for the
Cokertown/Spring Lake Environmental Association. Hudsonia Ltd., Annandale, NY. 13 p.

      Important species: forked chickweed, fingernail clams, wood frog, snapping turtle,
      common musk turtle

      Important habitats: lake, hardwood forest

      Possible habitat for: spring peeper, marbled and Jefferson salamanders, Blanding’s turtle

Kiviat, E. 1988. Turtle Survey of the Proposed County Landfill Site, East Kerley
Corners Road, Red Hook, New York. Prepared for the Town of Red Hook. Hudsonia
Ltd., Annandale, NY 15 p.

      Important species: Virginia rail, wood duck, yellow billed cuckoo, alder flycatcher, pileated

      Important habitats: wet meadow, buttonbush ponds

      Possible habitat for: spotted salamander, Jefferson salamander, wood turtle, spotted turtle,
      ribbon snake, northern harrier, black duck, Henslow’s sparrow, sedge wren, golden winged

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