Hamlet Act Summary

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					Act 1 Summary
 Barnardo---guard
 Francisco---guard
 Marcellus---guard
 Horatio---Hamle’ts friend
 Ghost
 Barnardo and Francisco have seen a ghost twice
 Marcellus brings Horatio to confirm sighting;
    Horatio skeptical
   Ghost appears; looks like dead King Hamlet; it
   There’s talk about Denmark’s political
    problems—Fortinbras of Norway
   Enter ghost again; Horatio tries to speak to it;
    ghost exits again
   Morning comes; Marcellus and Horatio will tell
    young Hamlet about it
 King Claudius
 Queen Gertrude
 Cornelius/Voltemand---messengers sent to Norway
 Laertes
 Polonius
 Hamlet
 Marcellus
 Horatio
 Formal appearance made by Claud and Gert (kind of a
  business meeting/mourning period/wedding celebration)

 King sends Corn. And Volt. to Norway to inform King of
  Norway about is nephew Fortinbras

 King gives permission for Laertes to return to France

 We meet Hamlet who is scolded for his “unmanly grief”

 King tells Hamlet NOT to go back to Wittenberg (college)
 Hamlet left alone for first soliloquy: contemplates suicide
  and reveals feelings about mother’s marriage and
  father’s death

 Enter Horatio and Marcellus to report about the ghost;
  say it looked like dead King

 Hamlet will meet them that same night between 11 and

 Scene ends with Hamlet alone believing in “some foul
 Ophelia
 Laertes
 Polonius
 Laertes says goodbye to Ophelia

 Tells her to guard her heart against Hamlet

 Polonius gives “sound advice” to his

 Exit Laertes; Polonius confronts Ophelia about Hamlet

 She defends her relationship as honorable

 Polonius scolds her and tells her to stop seeing Hamlet

 Ophelia “shall obey”
 Hamlet
 Marcellus
 Horatio
 Ghost
 Hamlet meets Horatio and Marcellus outside castle

 Hamlet tells them about Claud’s partying ways

 Enter Ghost; wants Hamlet to follow him and Hamlet
 is willing

 Horatio fears for Hamlet’s safety

 Hamlet will follow the ghost despite objections

 “Something is rotten in the state of Denmark”---
 Marcellus; Horatio and Marcellus will follow
 Hamlet
 Ghost
 Marcellus
 Horatio
 Ghost speaks to Hamlet ; confirms he is Hamlet’s father

 Wants Hamlet to seek revenge against Claudius for his
  “foul and unnatural murder”

 Claud poisoned his brother in the ear while he was
  sleeping in the orchard

 Warns Hamlet not to harm mother only Claud

 Hamlet will obey the command

 Makes Horatio and Marcellus swear to keep tonight a
  secret; they do

 Hamlet will put “an antic disposition on”

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