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									                       Welcome to Broxtowe Women’s Project Limited

Thank you for expressing an interest in becoming a trustee of Broxtowe Women’s Project Limited and
joining its Management Committee.

The information in this pack seeks to help you

      Become more familiar with BWP Ltd and the work that it carries out
      Understand the roles and responsibilities of a trustee
      Understand who cannot be a trustee

We hope that by reading through this and asking questions you may decide you want to become a
trustee and join the Management Committee of BWP Ltd Information is included in Section 4 of this
pack on how to do this.

The pack includes the following information:

Section 1 Broxtowe Women’s Project Limited

      BWP Ltd aims and objectives
      BWP Ltd services and beneficiaries

Section 2 Being a trustee

      Trustee information
      Responsibilities of a trustee
      Skills and experience needed

Section 3 The organisation

      BWP Ltd’s staff team and areas of work
      Safeguarding the organisation

Section 4   What happens next

      Joining the Management Committee

Appendix 1 Who cannot be a trustee

Appendix 2 Structure of the organisation

Section 1
Broxtowe Women’s Project Limited Aims and Objectives
The Charities objectives are:

To provide and promote for the public benefit services directed towards the prevention of domestic
abuse and support of persons who have suffered such abuse.
The following definition of Domestic Violence & Abuse has been adopted by the group to mean:

“Domestic violence & abuse can happen to any woman, regardless of her age, race, sexuality or
disability. Domestic violence & abuse is about power and control and can be physical, sexual,
emotional, financial or mental abuse. It is usually perpetrated by a man towards a woman and can
take place in any close or intimate relationship. Domestic violence & abuse is rarely a one – off event
and tends to increase in frequency and severity over time”

1. To provide support to women experiencing/surviving domestic violence & abuse through
   information, leaflets and other means of contact within Broxtowe borough

2. To work in partnership with and provide information to voluntary and statutory agencies supporting
   or in contact with women

3. To raise awareness of domestic violence & abuse and its impact on women and women and
   children locally and nationally through publicity, seminars, training or other types of information

4. To support the on-going work of the Domestic Violence Strategic Partnership in Broxtowe

5. To work within the general principles of Women’s Aid Federation of England and to reflect the
   views of women survivors

Activities of our organisation
1. We provide an outreach service to support women in making their own decisions, for example,
seeking refuge, solicitors, police, access to benefits, housing and health services.
2. We provide a support service to women who are survivors of domestic violence & abuse in their
own home or in a safe, confidential venue, dependent on a risk assessment.
3.   We run a telephone support line for women every weekday between 10am – 1pm except Bank
4. We provide support and information to any agency working with or in contact with women and
produce a quarterly newsletter which is distributed to over 180 organisations and individuals.
5. We provide support and information to any agency working with or in contact with women.
6. We provide a children’s outreach service and work in partnership with schools and relevant
children’s services to ensure children have access to appropriate support.
7. We provide short awareness sessions to a range of community groups and agencies for example
housing and homelessness teams, youth workers, faith groups, women’s groups, G.P.s and health
workers etc.
8. We provide regular training opportunities for a wide range of voluntary, statutory and private
organisations on Domestic Violence Awareness – supporting women and children, Challenging
Domestic Violence - Working with Male Perpetrators, and Civil Remedies.
9. We support the Broxtowe Domestic Violence Network Practitioner’s meetings.
10. We produce information leaflets for women and agencies that are distributed widely.
11. We carry out specific awareness raising in schools, children’s centres and health clinics.
12. We have mobile displays and leaflet racks that are taken out to a range of public places and
community venues or groups in Broxtowe.
13. We have a comprehensive website that offers advice and information to service-users, individuals
and agencies
14. We offer opportunities for volunteers who can assist the Project in a variety of ways either through
aiding the development of the Project by sitting on our management committee or through working at
the Project to help deliver our service.

The area we work in
Broxtowe Women’s Project Limited outreach service concentrates on the North of Broxtowe area and
Stapleford where services are scarcer. Working in partnership with other providers, we ensure that the
whole of the Broxtowe Borough has outreach support available for women experiencing domestic
violence. Our awareness work is also largely aimed at agencies and community groups providing
services in the North of Broxtowe and Stapleford, however, we do participate in work across the whole
The training that we co-ordinate is open to any individual or agency working in Broxtowe borough and
we aim to arrange it at varying venues across the whole district in order to provide an accessible

Service-users /beneficiaries of our service
There are no exclusions and each woman is treated on an individual basis. Our criteria are therefore
as follows:
     Women who have experienced physical, emotional, sexual or economic abuse.
     Women who have experienced domestic violence that want to remain in their own properties
        and access support to explore feelings and concerns around the abuse.
     Women who are planning to leave a violent relationship and need support to access refuge.
     Aftercare service to women who are leaving refuge or supported housing scheme.
     Women who have past issues of domestic violence and are not able to move forward with their

Service-users – agencies and community groups
We support agencies and community groups through offering publicity, information, training,
awareness sessions and mobile display.
We also encourage agencies to participate in the Broxtowe Domestic Violence Network (BDVN)
Practitioner’s group which we support alongside the Broxtowe Domestic Violence Prevention Officer.
We ensure that all members as well as other community groups can contribute to and receive our
quarterly newsletter so that they have the latest news and updates.

Links with other Projects
The Project has positive links with various domestic violence services including the County and City
refuges and outreach and children’s services.
There are regular referrals made to and from Women’s Aid Integrated Services (Nottingham) which
offers a 24-hour freephone service and central link to refuges across the city and county. Both our
phone lines give out their 24 hour freephone number to ensure that women receive the service they
need when we are unavailable.

Section 2      Being a trustee


Broxtowe Women’s Project Limited is registered as a company limited by guarantee and has full
charitable status. The trustees of BWP Ltd form its Management Committee and bear the ultimate
legal and financial responsibilities of all the activities of the organisation. As a company limited by
guarantee our trustees have their personal liability limited to £10, providing that they have acted
within both Charity and Company law and any laws or legislation pertaining to the running of the
organisation e.g. employment law. They need to have made decisions together as a Management
Committee and their decisions have been taken in the best interests of the organisation. Our trustees
have to be registered with both the Charity Commission and Companies House.

Not everyone can become a trustee. Please read through Appendix 1.

Trustees have responsibility for controlling the management or administration of the charitable
company. This applies equally to being a member of a steering group or a co-ordinating group.
Whilst the trustees’ liability is limited, it is very important that they work effectively together, act
properly, seek and take advice and make informed decisions together. In this way the trustees will be
meeting its responsibilities to the organisation. Please see Safeguarding the Organisation P 10

BWP Ltd is an organisation that works to support women experiencing domestic violence and
therefore the organisation is an all female organisation including the trustees. Membership of BWP
Ltd however is open to any organisation that has a female representative or individual woman who is
supportive of the aims and objectives of the organisation.

Important Decision
Joining Broxtowe Women’s Project Ltd and becoming a trustee is an important decision. Ideally it
should be rewarding experience for both yourself and for Broxtowe Women’s Project Limited.

We want to benefit from the skills and experience that you will bring and equally you will hopefully gain
from developing new knowledge, skills and experience by being on the Management Committee. We
hope you will have a feeling of satisfaction from contributing and taking part in the organisation. The
Management Committee and the staff work as a team to meet new challenges together and celebrate
the success and support each other through more difficult times.

The following information, descriptions of roles and expectations are to give you an accurate picture of
what you are considering committing to.

We think becoming a trustee is a Great Opportunity!

As a trustee you have the opportunity to:

      To get really involved in Broxtowe Women’s Project Limited

      Contribute to the leadership and direction of the organisation and its policies, practices and
      Gain new skills and knowledge, working with a diverse group of individuals

Management Committee Meetings

      Meetings take place every second Wednesday of the month in the evening, normally for two
      You will receive the minutes, financial and project reports approximately one week before the
       meeting for you to be able to read and prepare
      If you miss three meetings without an apology we will contact you to see if you are ok and still
       wish to be on the Management Committee
      The Project Manager attends each meeting and is accountable to the Management Committee
       through the Chair.
      Staff members attend meetings on a quarterly basis

Support and Training

As a trustee you will be encouraged/expected to undertake:

      Induction training and information to cover the background of the organisation and the work of
       the Management Committee.
      Basic Domestic Violence Awareness training
      Equality and diversity training
      Opportunities for development training for Management Committee members
      Any other training that will contribute to the effectiveness of your Management Committee

Commitment Expected

BWP Ltd ask that all trustees

      Be objective, honest and able to deal with issues of a confidential nature
      Use their specific skills, knowledge or experience to contribute to sound decision making, in
       the best interests of the organisation and not the individual
      To treat matters within the organisation as confidential and abide by the decisions taken.
      To give two hours a month for the Management Committee meeting and a few hours six
       weekly or quarterly to serve on one sub-committee
      To let the Chairperson know of any development that may result in direct conflict of interest
       with decisions taken by the Management Committee.


BWP have a policy to ensure that Management Committee members have their out of pocket
expenses reimbursed to cover the cost of travel to and from meetings, telephone, stationery or other
pre-approved costs

Annual General Meeting [AGM]

The AGM takes place each year normally in the month of November during the day. It usually lasts for
two hours and is held over the lunchtime period. We encourage every Management Committee
member to attend. Election of Board/Trustee members takes place each year.

                               BWP Ltd Trustee – Description of role

Because of the responsibility that a trustee takes on, it is very important that they have a clear
understanding of their roles and responsibilities. The following is a summary of the roles and
responsibilities of a trustee to enable BWP Ltd. to be an effective and responsible organisation

Vision and Leadership

      To be committed to the vision, mission and values of the organisation
      To keep informed of the activities of the organisation and the wider issues that effect its work
      To ensure that the work of the organisation is monitored and evaluated
      To assist with strategic direction, including agreeing and monitoring strategic plans

Accountability and Legal Responsibilities

      To ensure that BWP Ltd works within its constitution
      To ensure that BWP Ltd works within the law , including Charity Law and Company Law
      To ensure that BWP Ltd makes efficient use of its resources, in particular that all monies are
       applied to its objects, agreed plans and budgets
      To ensure that risks to the organisation , staff, volunteers and service users are at an
       acceptable level and are effectively managed
      To be accountable to the membership, funders and other stake holders
      To seek external advice or specialist help to ensure any decisions taken are fully informed

Staff Management

      To be familiar with the staff names, staffing structure and each persons work role
      To understand
      To ensure that BWP Ltd is a responsible employer and adheres to its policies and external
      To effectively support and manage the Project Manager
      To assist with the recruitment and selection of new staff members

Financial Management

      To understand the financial position of BWP Ltd
      To ensure that BWP Ltd’s finances are properly managed
      To ensure that BWP Ltd operates within its agreed accounting policies
      To contribute to fundraising strategies
      To ensure adequate financial resources and to manage lack of resources appropriately
      To ensure that BWP is properly insured against all reasonable liabilities

What BWP are looking for in a trustee –

Qualities, skills and experience

Many women have lots of skills/experience of running a home and/or working at their jobs that
relate to very well to the overall management of an organisation.

      You will probably have experience of managing a household budget and/or bank account
      you may know what it means to be a paid employee/volunteer
      you will probably look at how comfortable/safe your home or workplace is
      you probably insure your home and contents
      you may be a survivor of domestic violence

These are all valuable skills and experience that you could use to help run the project.

We are looking for women who have, or are able to:

      A commitment to BWP
      A willingness to learn
      A willingness to devote some time and effort
      An ability to respect confidences
      Be impartial and fair
      Be able to communicate well
      Get on with different people
      Think creatively
      A willingness to listen, ask questions, debate and make decisions in the best interest of the
      Understanding and commitment to the organisations objectives
      An awareness of women’s issues
      An awareness of diversity issues
      Work in an empowering way with all of the BWP team

Section 3              The Organisation

Staff Team and areas of responsibility
BWP Ltd currently employs 8 staff members:

1 Project Manager [32 hours] whose role is:
To oversee and co-ordinate the overall service delivery. She provides supervision, appraisal and
training and development support to all staff. She ensures the Project develops effective and
appropriate mechanisms to incorporate the views and experiences of women. She is responsible for
developing and maintaining positive inter-agency links with Women’s Aid groups and other relevant
voluntary and statutory agencies e.g. Housing, Police, Social Services, health etc, in order to improve
the service to women and children facing violence and abuse. She represents Broxtowe Women’s
Project Limited at committees, forums and other meetings as appropriate. The manager oversees the
maintenance and security of the Project’s premises.

1 Part-time Service Development Officer [15-20 hours] whose role is:
To take the lead in developing and implementing policies and procedures and other quality assurance
measures with support from management members and paid workers. She leads in identifying funding
sources and with the preparation and submission of funding applications for BWP’s services. She also
participates in the development, maintenance and implementation of a funding strategy for the Project
alongside Management committee and other key representatives.

2 Part-time Outreach Support Workers [20 hours and 21 hours] whose roles are:
To work as part of the team and to provide outreach support; ongoing emotional support to women;
information; and practical support to assist women to access other support services and help. To liaise
with local agencies and professionals to develop a good working relationship and network. To be
committed and be sensitive towards needs of women and others, non-judgemental and to respect
confidentiality at all times. Also to work within the ethos of the project’s policies and responsibility set
out in the job description. They are responsible for spending time with volunteers as part of their rota
duties supporting them in tasks relating to outreach and awareness work. In addition some of their
work may include awareness raising work in schools and other services. The awareness side is about
delivering basic awareness -raising sessions on domestic violence to the local community, this can
include faith groups, health professionals or college students amongst a wide range of agencies,
organisations and groups. Dispelling the myths about domestic violence and raising the profile of the
project are the underlying aims of the sessions.

1 Part-time Outreach and Volunteer Support Worker [24 hours] whose role is:
This post is as above but with the additional role of involvement in the recruitment, support and
development of volunteers.

1 Part time Outreach Support Worker– children and young people [25 hours] whose role is:
To meet and work with children enabling them to work through their experiences of domestic violence
and to provide a support plan that includes developing strategies for managing a child’s negative
feelings and emotions. To support the parent/carer in understanding and coping with their children’s
feelings and resulting behaviours in a positive and supportive way. To provide telephone support,
information and signposting. To liaise and network with appropriate agencies and forums, both
voluntary and statutory in order to support children and promote the service.

1 Part-time Information and Support Worker [20 hours] whose role is:
To provide telephone support to women experiencing domestic violence – this may be current cases
one off cases or waiting list cases. The post also co-ordinates the Project’s displays ensuring they are
set up in local community venues. She is also responsible for ensuring that BWP’s range of publicity

is made available in a wide range of community venues. This post is responsible for spending time
with volunteers as part of their rota duties - supporting them in tasks relating to outreach and
awareness work.

1 Part time Office and Finance Co-ordinator [30 hrs] whose role is:
Managing the general daily administration duties of the project. This includes covering the admin
phone line, office emails, in and outgoing mail distribution, ordering stock, equipment, maintenance
and any other work requested by the other workers. The post has day to day responsibility for health
and safety. The post is also involved in supporting volunteers with admin related tasks. Other jobs
include statistical monitoring, collation and distribution of the BWP Newsletter, arranging agency
training, distribution of Project information, ensuring policies, files and information are up to date. The
finance work involves preparing budgets for the Project, use of Quicken and Excel for accounting,
monitoring of expenditure in line with the budgets and funders; monthly and quarterly reports for
workers and management members; attending funding sub group meetings and preparing budgets for
funding applications; day to day payments including staff pay.

We also have capacity for 5 volunteers. Volunteers attend the office base on a weekly basis assisting
with admin, outreach follow up and awareness tasks. They are also encouraged to assist with
community based work such as awareness raising workshops and attendance at local children’s
centres sessions. We provide them with access to training, support group sessions and one to one
sessions focusing on their progress and development.

Safeguarding the Organisation

Broxtowe Women’s Project Limited works hard to ensure that the organisation is properly run and
managed, able to deliver high quality services to the community, able to meet targets and
funder’s requirements and to follow different legal requirements.

The Management Committee works closely with the Project Manager and staff team to put
policies and procedures in place to help safeguard the organisation. These policies and
procedures are reviewed annually by a `Quality Assurance` sub-group that meets quarterly/bi-
monthly. BWP has a regular briefing sheet from Community Accounting Plus on employment law
and includes changes in various legislation that may mean we need to change a policy to reflect
the new legislation.

The following are an example of some of the policies and procedures in place.

Child Protection
Comments and complaints
Confidentiality and Disclosure
Equal Opportunities
Finance Manual System
Health and safety
Induction Policy
Lone Working
Protection from Abuse
Recruitment Policy
Service User Charter
Volunteer Policy

Broxtowe Women’s Project Limited have other sub-groups, which are made up of trustees, the
Project Manager and advisor[s] where necessary.

At the moment the working Sub-groups are:

      Finance and Funding
      Equality and Diversity
      Quality Assurance
      Health and Safety

From time to time there are other sub-groups that are set up for a short while for example

Management Committee Information

BWP Ltd. has collated all the information that relates to the running of the organisation for the
current and potential new trustees. This includes all policies, procedures, agreements, insurance,
job descriptions etc.

All trustees are asked to take this folder home and familiarise themselves with all the documents.
This is an important part of the process to help safeguard each individual trustee.

Section 4             What Happens Next?

This will depend on what you have decided after reading through this information.!

      You may want to talk to an existing trustee to discuss any concerns or extra information
       that you need. This can be arranged by contacting the Chairperson and/or Project

      You may want to attend a Management Committee meeting. This can be arranged by
       talking to the Chairperson and/or Project Manager.

      You may not want to take it any further in which case this would be good to know as you
       may have some feedback for us on why you do not want to take it further.

Joining the Management Committee

If you want to join the Management Committee then you will be invited to meet with a trustee
before attending your first Management Committee meeting. You will be given copies of the
constitution, the Annual Report and copies of the minutes of the last three meetings and the
trustee will be happy to answer any questions.

At your first Management Committee meeting we will spend time at the beginning of the meeting
to introduce you to everyone. We are conscious that it will take at least three meetings before we
expect you to get to know everyone and to build up your knowledge.

We will give you the dates for the next two Basic Domestic Violence Awareness training courses
and hope that you will be able to attend one of these within 9 months of joining the committee.

We will link you to a Management Committee member who will be available for any information or
issues that you may want to talk about in between Management Committee meetings.

We send information out to all Management Committee members on opportunities for training
that BWP know about that is relevant.

We will give you a contact list of all the current Management Committee members and we will
arrange with you how you want to receive the minutes of meetings and reports. This can be
through the post to your home address or we can email them to you. Paper is available to collect
at a Management Committee meeting for you to print these off.

Volunteer expenses sheets are available at each meeting for you to claim your transport costs.

We would want you to take away the Management Committee folder to become more familiar
with the policies, procedures, job descriptions, and insurance etc that help to safeguard the

Appendix 1    Who cannot be a Trustee

No one under the age of 18 can be appointed either as a charity trustee or as a nominee

Some people are disqualified by law including anyone described in section 72[1] of the 1993 Act.
This includes :

      Anyone who has been convicted of an offence involving deception or dishonesty, unless
       the conviction is spent;
      Anyone who is an undischarged bankrupt;
      Anyone who has been previously been removed from trusteeship of a charity by the Court
       or the Commissioners for misconduct or mismanagement; and
      Anyone who is under a disqualification order under the Company Directors
       Disqualification Act 1986.

It is normally an offence to act as a charity trustee or a nominee while disqualified unless the
Charity Commission give a waiver under section 72[4] of the 1933 Act.

Whilst Broxtowe Women’s Project Limited is not specifically a children’s charity we would follow
the Charity Commission’s disqualification of individuals under the Criminal Justice and Courts Act
2000 from holding a trusteeship or position in the organisation that has committed any offence[s]
against a child[ren].

Further guidance can be found in the Charity Commission `Responsibilities of Charity Trustees`

                                           Appendix 2
                   Broxtowe Women’s Project Limited Staff Structure

                            Management Committee / Board of Trustees

                    Project Manager (8 hours) + Senior Co-ordinator (24 hours)

 Office and      Service       Women’s Service Women’s Service    Children’s          Information and
Finance Co-   Development          Outreach     Outreach and   Service Outreach       Support Worker
 ordinator       Officer       Support Workers   Volunteer     Support Worker            (20 hours)
 (25 hours)    (20 hours)        (2 posts: 20  Support Worker     (25 hours)
                                  hours + 21     (24 hours)

                                                 Volunteers: 5
                            (1 volunteer per day volunteering for 3 hours per week)


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