LTP Scholarship App 2012 by Osf3YB8


									April 13, 2012

Dear Reader,

Bedford’s community theatre group, Little Town Players, is offering a $1,000 scholarship to a graduating high
school senior who resides in the City or the County of Bedford.

The criteria that will be evaluated are: involvement in Little Town Players, academic standing, extracurricular
activities, financial need, and responses to the questions that are posed.

In order to be considered, the completed attached application and recommendation forms need to returned to:

                            Little Town Players
                            PO Box 437
                            Bedford, Va 24523
                            Attn: Lisa Butler

The completed application should be received no later than May 18, 2012. Please be aware that the candidate
must have two recommendations for this scholarship.

If you have questions or concerns, you may contact me at 540-586-4966.


Lisa G. Butler

Scholarship Chairperson, LTP Board of Directors
                                          LITTLE TOWN PLAYERS, INC.
                                       SCHOLARSHIP APPLICATION FORM

Name: ___________________________________________________________________________
Address: __________________________________________________________________________
City: __________________________________ State ____________________ Zip ______________
Email Address: ______________________________________________________________________
Home Phone: ______________________________ Cell Phone: _____________________________
School Now Attending: ___________________________________________ GPA: ______________
SAT Scores: Language _________________ Math __________________ Total ________________
Institution of higher learning you plan to attend: ______________________________________________
(Please attach a copy of acceptance letter.)

Do you hold a part-time job?           Yes         No
If yes, where do you work, what are your duties, and how many hours weekly do you work? (You may use a
separate sheet of paper.)
_______________________________________________________________________________                               -
What is your parent’s yearly income?

                   Under $25,000                   $40,000 - $60,000

                   $25,000 - $40,000               $60,000 and up
How many younger siblings are living at home with you now?         ________________________________
How many siblings are in college at this time?                     ________________________________
On a separate sheet, please share any extraordinary circumstances (such as medical expenses, family situations,
etc.) or other circumstances you would like us to know.

On a separate sheet of paper, please elaborate on the following:
        A. Describe any performing or visual arts experiences that you have had in either high school or
           community productions. Be sure to specify your participation with Little Town Players.
        B. List any other extra curricular or community activities in which you have participated.
        C. List any honors or awards that you have received.
        D. What are your future plans?
        E. Explain what role you feel the theatre plays in the life of a community.

** Include two (2) letters of recommendation from adults other than family members who can evaluate you.

                            LITTLE TOWN PLAYERS, INC.

Applicant’s Name _______________________________________________________________

The applicant is applying for a scholarship from the Little Town Players, Inc. As part of that application
process, the applicant is requesting that you provide a recommendation. We request that you supply
the information below. When you have finished, kindly place this form and you recommendation in a
sealed envelope with your signature across the seal. Return it to the applicant no later than May 9,
2012 so that it can be included with the application. Recommendations received in any other manner
will not be accepted.

Your Name ____________________________________________________________________

Your Position __________________________________________________________________


1. How long have you known the applicant and in what capacity?
2. Describe the applicant, including character, personality traits, communication skills, and personal
3. What is your evaluation of the applicant’s academic ability?
4. Are there any unique factors that make the applicant especially worthy of receiving scholarship
5. If you have worked with the applicant in a performing arts production, describe the applicant’s
   responsibilities and evaluate the degree to which those responsibilities were carried out (i.e., for
   an actor, it would be attending scheduled rehearsals, learning lines, following direction,
   developing a character; for a technician, it would be being on time to work, completing assigned
   tasks, taking direction; for a publicity person it would be contacting media, writing releases,
   compiling and editing a program, etc.).

Signature ____________________________________________ Date ____________________

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