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									       Year 8 Book 3 Topics and
         Assessment weeks

Term 1
Division and Multiplication
Know times tables.
Be able to multiply any two numbers together.
Know how to short divide using the ‘bus stop’ method.
Multiply and divide negative numbers.
Short divide remainders to achieve decimal solutions.

Add and subtract like fractions.
Add and subtract unlike fractions
Add and subtract mixed numbers

Know the order of operations
Calculate complex sums using BODMAS

ASSESSMENT 1 – Middle of Term 1

Simplifying Algebra
Collecting like terms and Expanding Brackets
Solving equations by trial and improvement
Construct equations

Solving Equations
Solve 2 step equations
Solve 2 step equations with fractional and negative
Solve 3 step equations including brackets on both sides
Solve any 2 or 3 step equation with fractional, decimal or
negative solutions

ASSESSMENT 2 - End of term 1
Term 2
Elevations, Loci and Bearings
Represent 3D shapes using plans and elevations
Be able to construct loci to represent situations
Understand and draw bearings

Multiplying decimals
Dividing decimals
Writing a quantity as a fraction of another

Find the nth term of a linear sequence
Generate a linear or quadratic sequence from the nth term

ASSESSMENT 3 – Middle of Term 2

Multiplying and dividing fractions
Multiplying and dividing mixed numbers
Understanding reciprocals

Find a given percentage
Increase/decrease by a given percentage
Use multipliers in order to increase/decrease by a
Calculate simple and compound interest

ASSESSMENT 4 - End of term 2
Term 3
Geometry and Measure
Use Pythagoras to find the hypotenuse
Use Pythagoras to find a short side
Know and understand the rules of congruency
Know the parts of a circle
Know and be able to use simple circle theorems

Indices and Graphs
Simplify algebra using multiplication and division with
Negative and fractional indices
Recognise and sketch quadratic graphs
Recognise and sketch cubic graphs

Round numbers to a given place value or decimal place
Round numbers to a given amount of significant figures
Estimate sums using rounding

ASSESSMENT 5 – Middle of Term 3

Understand where Pi originates from
Circle circumference
Circle area
Calculate the radius/diameter from the circumference/area
Arc length and sector area

Shapes and Volumes
Volume of prisms
Volume of a cylinder
Convert between metric units for area and volume
Similar triangles

ASSESSMENT 6 - End of term 3
Term 4
Scatter graphs and correlation
Two-way tables
Cumulative frequency graphs
Mean and mode from frequency and grouped frequency

Whole number enlargements from a centre of enlargement
Negative and fractional enlargements from a centre of

Labelling sides of a triangle
Using trigonometry to find a missing side
Using trigonometry to find a missing angle

ASSESSMENT 7 – Middle of Term 4

Drawing graphs using a table of values
Draw linear graphs using the gradient-intercept method
Draw linear graphs using the cover up method
Find the equation from a linear graph

Equations and Inequalities
Construct and solve linear equations
Solve equations involving fractions
Solve inequalities putting answers on a number line
Graphing inequalities

Standard Form
Convert between ordinary numbers and standard form
Calculate with standard form

ASSESSMENT 8 - End of term 4
Term 5
First three lessons on revision for EOY test

Fourth and fifth lessons are the end of year tests.

Revision and Investigations
Lessons used until the end of the year to revisit harder
topics and look at maths in context using functional tasks
and investigations.

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