The Robert T. Stafford Act, P.L. 93-288 as amended subsection 302.(b)(2); 44 CFR
       206.42(a)(2);Chapter 31-9, Alabama Statutes; the State of Alabama Comprehensive
       Emergency Management Plan.


       Disaster Recovery Centers (DRCs) are set up to provide information and assistance to
       victims of a disaster. A DRC is a “local” place where disaster affected individuals
       (DAIs) or business owners who have suffered disaster-related losses can obtain direct,
       informational and referral services.

       In a major disaster when Jefferson County has received a Presidential declaration, a
       DRC will normally be established with responsibility jointly shared by Federal
       Emergency Management Agency (FEMA), Alabama Emergency Management
       Agency (AEMA), and Jefferson County personnel. To the extent practical, the DRC
       is staffed by representatives from each federal, state, and local program which has a
       responsibility to provide services to victims. The supervision of the DRC is provided
       jointly by FEMA, state, and county managers. Copiers, phones, and fax machines are
       provided by FEMA. The facility and equipment such as tables and chairs are provided
       by the county.

       The process of establishing a DRC is initiated through a recommendation by the State
       Coordinating Officer (SCO) to the Federal Coordinating Officer (FCO) on the
       number, type (fixed or mobile) and location of DRCs. Where FEMA and AEMA
       disagree on the need for a fixed-site DRC, the state may proceed to open the facility
       jointly with the county and operate independently of FEMA.


       This SOP covers the activities of the Jefferson County DRC Coordinator from the
       activities preceding the development of the recommendation on the number, type and
       location of DRCs through the close-down of the last unit and the debriefing of staff
       and after-action report.


       The Jefferson County DRC Coordinator is directly responsible to the Human Services
       (HS) Officer for the staffing, operation, logistics and close down of the DRC. The
       duties and responsibilities of the Jefferson County DRC Coordinator include:
         Working with the Jefferson County Emergency Management Coordinator to
          identify potential locations for DRCs within Jefferson County;
         Formulating a recommendation for the HS Officer on the number, type and
          location of the DRCs;
         Coordinating DRC staffing and logistics;
         Providing training for the county DRC managers;
         Ensuring that all DRC resources are tracked and returned or released at the time
          of DRC closure;
         Assisting the HS Officer with applicant inquiries after the DRCs are closed.


     A.      Phase One - Pre-event Preparations (Situation Permitting)

             1.     List local areas with potential for major damage.

             2.     Pull pre-identified DRC sites from the database for disaster-damaged

             3.     Prepare a copy of the pre-identified sites for the Advance Recovery

             4.     Contact county agencies to identify potential DRC managers and staff.

             5.     Prepare Preliminary DRC County Staffing Roster.

             6.     Brief personnel from participating county agencies on staffing
                    requirements for agency technical people.

             7.     Prepare preliminary list of logistical needs.

     B.      Phase two - Post Event Preparation

             1.     Finalize the list of areas for which DRCs are needed based on the
                    damage assessment reports received from the Preliminary Damage
                    Assessment (PDA) Team and submit to the Human Services Officer
                    for approval by the SCO and the FCO.

             2.     Upon approval, contact the FEMA Advance Recovery Liaisons and
                    request that the specific DRC sites be finalized.

             3.     Work with FEMA and state personnel to finalize the DRC site set-ups,
                    including movement for any mobile DRCs.

             4.     Finalize the staffing roster for county DRC managers and staff.
     5.    Coordinate with FEMA and state agencies to determine overall space
           and staffing needs.

     6.    Verify safety and security of building.

     7.    Provide information to FEMA and state Public Information Officers
           (PIOs) on DRC opening and closing dates and times of operation.

     8.    Arrange for signs to be posted to advertise location of DRC.

C.   Phase Three – DRC Operations

     1.    Coordinate with the State DRC Coordinator on managing daily DRC

     2.    Contribute to daily reports to Joint Field Office (JFO).

     3.    Ensure security and safety of staff and applicants.

     4.    Ensure applicant privacy is safe-guarded.

     5.    Provide information on local resources.

     6.    Maintain daily log of activities including DRC attendance.

     7.    Communicate to FEMA and State DRC Coordinators potential
           problems and issues.

     8.    Participate in conference calls.

     9.    Act as liaison between local, state, and federal personnel.

D.   Phase Four – DRC Close-out

     1.    Notify DRC staff and agencies of closing date.

     2.    Provide information of DRC closing to FEMA and State PIO for
           public release.

     3.    Ensure that closing date information is posted in DRCs.

     4.    Arrange for removal of exterior signs.

     5.    Ensure proper disposition of reports and records to JFO.

     6.    Ensure DRC kits are packed and returned to JFO.
     7.    Oversee breakdown of IT equipment.

     8.    Oversee breakdown of mobile facility (if any).

     9.    Conduct final meeting with DRC County staff for evaluations, thanks,
           and reassignments.

     10.   Ensure that facility is left in clean and orderly condition.

     11.   Forward final DRC Activity Report to JFO.

E.   Phase Five – After-Action Report

     1.    Complete all required written reports.

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