Omaha Metro Chapter
                                      Membership Plan
                                   Program Year 2008-2009

Membership Goal 1
Expanding Membership

Objective: Make AGA the preferred professional organization in the government financial
management community.

Membership Strategies:
         Recruiting New Members.
               o Expand potential membership base to all government financial professionals.
               o Work with Universities and Colleges during student fairs to promote early
                  career members.
               o Give scholarships to area college/university students interested in careers in
                  Government/Nonprofit area. Support their earlier career membership
                  through funding from other member organizations.
               o Post recruitment posters at colleges, universities and state and local
                  government offices. Working with early career team of AGA to accomplish
               o Send letters to state and local government financial managers and the
                  legislature detailing the benefits of AGA membership.
               o Emphasize CGFM to attract members.
               o Invite prospective members to chapter events.
               o Send coupons to current members to bring nonmembers for free to meetings.
         Retaining Present Members.
               o Ensure that we are meeting members’ needs.
               o Contact all suspended members to remind them of the benefits of
               o Emphasize CGFM to retain members.
               o Hold drawing at monthly meetings for gift certificate to area restaurants.
               o Present chapter awards to members at year-end meeting.
               o Send coupons to members through the newsletter for discount rates to
                  monthly events.
         Continue to aggressively promote membership recruitment and retention programs
           with the National and Regional Coordinator of Membership, and Regional Vice-

Membership Goal 2
Enhancing Member Services

Objective: Deliver programs, products and services to meet customers’ and stakeholders’ needs.

Member Service Strategies:
 Communicate effectively through:
      o Website Improvements to provide timely information about the Chapter and
         the Association’s programs, activities, and news of the profession.
      o Develop an Internet list serve for e-mail communication to our members.
 Seek innovative ways to use technology to meet members’ needs. Updating web site
  to improve ways that members and nonmembers can find us.
 Support members with education and CPE available during the year.
 Review all policies and procedures and revise as needed.
 Publish a list of all awards and descriptions on paper and/or website.
 Publish a list of past presidents and award winners on paper and/or website.
 Publish the History Report.
 Monthly welcome letters or calls to new members - tell them dates and times of
  chapter events, welcome aboard, etc.
 Continue to promote a strong community service program by obtaining new ideas
  from the National and Regional Coordinator of Community Service, and Regional


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