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					DAV Gift Planning News and Tips
& New Guardian Society Member Appreciation
Spring 2011
Vol. 14, No. 1

 Is DAV Included in Your Estate Plans?
     Allow us to honor you through the
          DAV Guardian Society!
 T  his newsletter goes out to a variety of
 DAV members and friends, includ-
                                               or other estate plan, we want you to
                                               feel wonderful during your life-
 ing some who have inquired about              time, so please let us know. What’s
 naming DAV in their estate plans.             more, allowing us to include your
 Many others are Guardian Society              name within this newsletter, as a
 members: those who have informed              new Guardian Society member,
 us we are included in their estate            can inspire others to follow in your
 plans, and those who have funded              footsteps. Think of it as a way to
 charitable gift annuities — a way to          magnify the good you are already
 give to the DAV and retain a fixed            doing for disabled veterans!
 income for life, with tax advantages,
 for one or two individuals.                   For those who would like to keep
                                               their future gift plans private, just
 Sadly, too many of the caring in-             call or write; we still want to thank
 dividuals who create bequests and             you in a quiet way and offer you
 other estate gifts go unrecognized            our Guardian Society appreciation
 until it is too late. We regret learning      package. We will also add “Anony-
 we are about to receive an estate             mous” to our next newsletter name
 gift from caring supporters we                listing and only you will know we
 never knew and never thanked. If              are referring to you.
 you have included DAV in your will                                  Continued on page 4

     Maybe your life has been ordinary, but those who remember favorite organizations
     and charities in their estate plans truly elevate their lives to the extraordinary.
     You have the power to change untold lives. Your compassion for disabled
     veterans can live on long after you leave this world.

     If you do include us in your estate plans, or already have, please be
     sure to let us know. Extending our appreciation to you through the
     Guardian Society is the least we can do.

     In addition to honoring you as a new Guardian Society member within
     this newsletter, we will send you the society’s engraved
     certificate of appreciation, as well as a special lapel pin and
     window decal. We can also send you our estate planning
     folder if you are just beginning your future planning.

     Please contact us today at 1-800-216-9802.
      Your Will Won’t Work Well When . . .
1. It’s out of date. How old is your will? Have you reviewed it in the last three
years? If not, chances are it could use some attention. A number of personal
factors can affect your will, such as changes in income, employment, family
size or marital status. External factors such as new federal or state laws can also
require the revision of your will. Have any of the following things occurred in
the last few years?
• Death of spouse or                    • Children or grandchildren
  family member                           less dependent
• Serious illness in family             • Desire to change guardian
• Move to another state                 • Change in giving interests
• Executor or trustee can’t serve       • Purchase of life insurance
• Marriage or divorce                   • New out-of-state property
• New business venture or               • Purchase of home
  promotion                             • More property in joint names
• Birth of children or                  • Major change in finances

2. It’s legally invalid. Your will can contain all the information you think
you want, and not be worth the paper it’s written on. This is more likely
to be true if your will is old, or if you used generic forms from a stationery
store. A will can be invalid if it is unsigned or witnessed improperly.

There’s just no substitute for having a competent attorney involved. In
the short run, it may cost you a bit more, but it will certainly provide
greater peace of mind and possibly deliver your survivors from a nightmare.

3. It conflicts with other plans. Your will should be coordinated with
your other estate transfer documents. For example, insurance proceeds
and brokerage accounts pass outside the will to the named beneficiaries.
Pension funds are also distributed outside the will. A will that truly works
well will take all of these other assets into consideration.

4. It fails to fulfill your desires. Your will should accomplish exactly what
you want. Do you want your children to receive their inheritance all at
once, or at intervals? Do you want to include DAV or other charities, for
a percentage of your estate, or a set amount?

Is it time to redo your will? If so, we urge you to make an appointment
with your attorney as soon as possible. You should be satisfied and confident
about your estate plan.

Our gift planning staff members, Judie List Sweeney and Kati Yockey, are available
to chat with you and offer an attorney referral if needed. We can review bequest
options, tell you about other giving possibilities, and send you our complimentary
estate planning folder. Please call us at 1-800-216-9802, or clip and return the
enclosed postcard to let us know of your interest.

        Meet Three of Our Guardian Society Members

Carrie Leyh, Gig Harbor, Washington
Type of gift: DAV is a beneficiary
              of my will.
Why do you support the DAV? For love,
gratitude and respect of our soldiers
and their families who sacrifice of
themselves to keep my loved ones safe
and my country free. Most of the men
in my family were or are veterans. I just
truly appreciate the sacrifices strangers                                     Carrie Leyh
have suffered and endured on my                 Hobbies: Hiking, kayaking, archery,
behalf. They are always in my prayers.          community service, and music.

Howard Ganther, Mauston, Wisconsin
Type of gift: DAV is the beneficiary of
              my annuity
Veteran service and injury: Front lines
of Korea, 1951-1952; broke a leg and
injured my back; have struggled with
pain ever since.
Why do you support the DAV? Several                                     Howard Ganther
times per year, the DAV Transportation
Network gives me rides to the Madison
                                                How I hope my gift will help someday: To
VA hospital, 70 miles away, and I am so
                                                help provide more rides and vans for
grateful. This way, I drive two miles into
                                                the DAV’s Transportation Network.
town and they take me there and back.
Without this program, I would have to           Hobbies: DAV chapter involvement in
find a friend to take me each time.             the recent past.

Walt and Moneen Lang, Green Valley, AZ
Type of gift: DAV is named in our trust.
Veteran background: USMC July 1950 to
July 1954. After boot camp graduation in
September, 1950, half of our platoon was
sent to combat training and were then
deployed to North Korea in December,
1950. The few who returned home paid
the “price” of war and have been helped                          Walt and Moneen Lang
so much by the DAV over the years.              How we hope our gift will help someday: By
Why do you support the DAV? We read the         knowing the DAV will continue to aid
DAV’s publications and know the good            the men and women, during the future
work you do. Our gift to you is our way         years, who have worn the uniforms of our
of saying thank you to veterans for their       country.
service to our country. It’s the smallest       Hobbies: Family, volunteering, and
thing we could do.                              supporting local veterans’ projects.

Is DAV Included in Your                    or would you like us to revise
Estate Plans?                              your certificate for any reason?
Continued from front                       Would you like additional pins
                                           or window decals? Just let us
No matter who you are, we                  know!
would love to hear from you.
We want to learn why you
care so much about disabled
                                           IRA Charitable
veterans, answer any questions             Rollover Extended
you may have about our
work, and explain how your                 This federal provision allows
future gift — large or small               those 701/ and older to make an

— can make a world of                      outright gift of up to $100,000
difference in the lives                    per year, directly from an IRA to
of America’s heroes: the                   a qualified charity, without
250,000 disabled veterans                  paying tax on the income
and their family members who               distribution. Don’t miss this
we help in a typical year.                 special opportunity, available
                                           now through December 31,
                                           2011. Please call us at
                                           1-800-216-9802 for more
If You Are Already                         information prior to contacting
a Guardian Society                         your financial institution.

Member                                     Charitable Gift
Perhaps you have received our              Annuity Rates Change
appreciation package (Guardian
Society certificate of appreciation,       Charitable gift annuities provide
lapel pin, and window decal)               a wonderful way to give to the
but do not remember seeing                 DAV and retain a generous,
your name in this newsletter. If           fixed income for life – partly to
so, please contact us and we will          largely tax-free — depending on
gladly run your name again in              one’s age. Donors can also claim
the next newsletter.                       a one-time charitable deduction.

Would you like to pay tribute to           Effective July 1, 2011, gift annuity
someone special through your               rates have changed for many
estate gift plans, by way of an            ages. Single life rates for those
“In memory” or “In honor of”               75 to 78 are now .1 percent
name designation? If so, just              higher; for those 79 to 90+, the
let us know. We will send you a            rate has gone up .3%. Two-life
new Guardian Society certificate           rates are higher for many age
and run your name again in the             combinations as well.
next newsletter, along with that
individual’s name. (See Guardian           If you would like to receive a
Society name listing within this           printout of benefits based on
newsletter for examples.)                  your age(s), please contact us. We
                                           look forward to talking with you.
Finally, have you misplaced your
Guardian Society certificate,

      New DAV Guardian Society Members
                         Sept. 1, 2010 - July 1, 2011

Anonymous                                 Georgia LeCates
Patricia Barnes                           William Lechmanski
Kurt E. Behlen                            Robert Loya
Carlton Blake                              In memory of Lafayette Escadrille
  In honor of Mayer Smith                  and Ysmael Loya
Liz Blest                                 Victor and Donna Luna
Beryle Boyd                               Henry L. and Mary Markison
  In memory of Solomon Boyd               Nathan A. Marks
Joan Bullen                               Paul V. Marx
  In memory of H. Jay Bullen              George Meinke
Boyd B. Campbell, Jr.                     John and Elizabeth Mirto
Pat Clark                                 William and Lorraine Morten
Thomas K. Cornell                         Harold and Doris M. Mitchell
James J. Creedon                           In honor of Gary Burns
  In memory of Harold Schreck             James L. Mowry
LeRoy and Elsie Cyriacks                  Eugene Norton
Paul De Marco                             Margaret Ochwat
Santa DiMarco                             Richard Olney
  In memory of Thomas J. DiMarco          Joe and Maria Panicello
Anne Dinnan                               Leslie and Dahlia Parker
  In memory of Thomas Sullivan            Agnes Perlman
Bill and Judi Doran                       Robert Perron
George and Regina Engle                   Ed Plottke
Sue Ellen Evans                           Oneeda J. Reeves
Laurence R. Fox                            In memory of Paul W. Reeves
Dino Francioli                            Larry M. Resnick
  In memory of Master Sargeant Siro       Michael Roberts
  Francioli                               David and Nancy L. Rogers
Orie Frazer                               Robert Seidman
Ellie Gearhardt Johnston                   In honor of Ken Weiner
  In memory of William P Gearhardt        Mona Semerau
Sarah Ann George                          John R. Shively
Helen German                               In memory of Louise Jeanne
Velma Goldhagen                            and John Michael Shively
  In memory of James & Harriet A.         Evelyn Shorter
  Gottlof                                  In memory of Jay Melvin Shorter
Steven Goudy                               and Edward Joseph Przekota
Betty Gould                               Hyman Siegel
Stanley and Dilys Hale                    Glenn T. and Mi Smith
  In honor of Greg Reed                   Virginia Stewart
Mark R. Hanneke                            In memory of James H. Stewart
Dorothy M. Harbiger                                     .
                                           and Hubert F & Laura D. Williams
Robert Havrilla                           David A. Swanson
George Hedrick                            Stanley A. Trakul
Aaron Jenkins                              In memory of Michael Yergovich
Tom and Theresa Johnson                   Paul E. and Lois Van Valkenburgh
Andrew Kasparian                           In memory of CAPT Franklin Van
Martin Katz                                Valkenburgh
  In memory of Florine Katz               William R. Vida
Jack and Yvonne Key                       Cecil and Hildegard Weeks
Richard Kilmain                           Gary and Sharon West
Alan and Anne Kimbell                     Marilyn Wetherington
Ila J. and Robert Konsesky                 In memory of James R. Wetherington
  In honor of Robert Konsesky             Harold Whitney, Sr.
Dale L. Kuhl                                                  .
                                           In memory of Rita F Whitney
Arlene Larwa

DAV Gift Planning News and Tips
New Guardian Society Member Appreciation

                  Judie List Sweeney,                    Kati Yockey,
                  Chief Gift Planning                    Sr. Gift Planning
                  Officer                                Representative

For More Information
We look forward to talking to you about special gift opportunities that
can leave a lasting legacy of your compassion for disabled veterans.
Please call, write, or return the attached postcard to learn more.

Web site:


                                        Visit our web site:
                                        to find many more estate
                                        planning articles, and to
                                        calculate the benefits you would
                                        receive from a gift annuity.

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