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									What’s The Point?
SharePoint 2010

      Bob Brennan
Integrated Manufacturing
      Systems, Inc.

   Background
   SharePoint Platform Overview
   Tech Bits
   New Ways Of Thinking
   Tools
   Live Look
   What is SharePoint?

    A First Impression…
   Ask The Experts

           Personal Answer

Tool Suite that makes and manages web
 sites as a vehicle for collaborative sharing
 of important group knowledge.
Microsoft’s Answer
               Tech Stack

   Windows Server 2008 R2 (64 Bit)
   Internet Information Services IIS-7
   SQL Server 2008
   SharePoint 2010 Enterprise Server
   Progress OE (DB, WSA, ProxyGen, OEMgt)
   Java Servlet Engine – TomCat
   Java Development Kit (JDK)
           Progress Interfaces

   Web Services

   ODBC

      Controlled Versus Wide Open
            New Way Of Thinking
   Lists
       Tables Persisted in SQL Server
       Live Update to Source

   Web Parts
       Re-Useable Objects – Normally Data Bound
       Standard – User Defined in SP Designer
       Complex– Developer Defined in Visual Studio
          VS2005                                VS2008                         VS2010

  F5 Deploy Debug         Sequential Workflow     64 bit support       Multiple Visual Designers
  Win SP Packaging        State Machine           Win SP View Better   Packaging and Deployment
  SP Sol Gen              Workflow                Separate Package     Project & Item Templates
  Win SP View                                     sCommand             Team Found. Svcs Intgrate
  Vis.Studio Extensions                           Command Line Build   Extensible Projects & Tools
  for Win Share Point

        VSeWSS                                       VSeWSS 1.3

2001 … 2007                     2008                     2009                     2010
Business Analyst/Process            Designer/IW/Power User   Professional developer
       Designer            Import

         Office Applications

Design       SharePoint
                    Describes the schema and data
                    access capabilities of an external
                    data source and its behavior
                    within Office and SharePoint
                    *formerly known as BDC Entity

                                          External Data
 Content Type


SharePoint (Thin)
        Single machine Dev Environment                             Client-Server Environment
        Create reusable External Content Types                        Compose solutions (no code) that
        that provide custom integration logic to                      connect to existing Sql Server databases
        virtually any data source using .Net code                     and .Net Objects
        Author thin and rich client UX as reusable                    Implicitly author thin and rich client UX
        components                                                    for External List and InfoPath Forms
        Create Office Add-Ins in Visual Studio

                         Developer                                       Power User
  Visual                           Import &            IT
  Studio                           Configure         Admin
SharePoint     Produce                               Environment
 Designer                                                                                  “Live”
                                               Export, Import
  SDK                                           & Configure                              Connection

                                                                         SharePoint Server
                                                                        (Shared, Dev/Prod)
             NO CODE*               CODE

Power User              Developer   Advanced Developer
                                                       • Create reusable
                                                        components (UI parts,
                                                        ECTs, actions)

             Simple              Intermediate                Advanced

                      NO CODE*                                CODE

Power User                                 Developer            Advanced Developer
   SharePoint Server

                       Data Aggregation

Web Service             Any Database
SharePoint Server                    Office Client

               Connect to Outlook

                                      BCS External
                                       Data Cache

         Data Aggregation



            Bob Brennan
Integrated Manufacturing Systems, Inc.
           (603) 424-0109

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