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									     Edward Tuccio

Experienced In Structuring
  Complex Real Estate
          Exceptional Qualities

He is dedicated to devising creative ways to become the
industry leader.

He has the exceptional ability to assess and quantify
opportunities and risks. He has extensive expertise in the arena
of commercial and residential real estate finance, customer
relations, portfolio management and many others.
At Tuccio Development, Edward J.Tuccio structured,
negotiated and financed deals with prominent banking
institutions and priced homes with top realtors.

He has strong skills in financial management, securing
financing for developments, marketing and contracting with
subcontractors and construction companies.

He maintains day to day contact with local management

while transactions are negotiated.
He also oversees all aspects of selecting development
team, building design, permitting and construction.

Edward J. Tuccio often finds time from his busy
schedule to contribute towards the social good.

He has been a JDRF member Fairfield County since
1998.He has been a member of JDRF since 1998.

  Successful Hockey Coach

He also ran the boys and girls club turkey trot. He likes playing
golf and has made a hole in one in Okemo VT in the year 2000.
He got the golf ball into the cup on the green with just one

He is also a successful Ridgefield Hockey Coach and Ridgefield
Baseball coach.
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