Flexibility Lab by 7xS3ef


									Flexibility is the ability of a ___________to move through it’s ________________________. (1 pt)

The three components of the body that are involved in flexibility are (1.5 pts)

________________________, ________________________, _________________________

Check three benefits of Flexibility that would help you personally (1.5 pts)
____ Joint Health                   ____Protect against low-back pain and injuries
____Improve Posture                 ____Reduction of exercise muscle soreness
____Relaxation                      ____Potential relief of aches and pains
____Enhance range of motion ____Improve athletic performance
The four factors that determine flexibility are:

   1. Joint Structure
      A Joint is_____________________________________________________________(1 pt)

       There are __________ types of joints in the body (.5 pt)

       Name one type of synovial joint, where you can find it in the body, and it’s movement.

       _______________________________(.5)               _____________________________ (.5)
                      Name                                     Place in the body

       2. Muscle Elasticity & Length means……


      What training principle is used most when stretching for flexibility? ______________(.5 pts)

       3. Nervous System Activity does what for flexibility (1 pt)


       4. Uncontrollable Risk Factors (2 pts)

       How do they affect one’s flexibility?__________________________________________

F – How many days a week is needed to improve your flexibility? _________ to ________ (.5)
I – The intensity of a stretch should be until your muscle feels__________ but NOT _______(.5)
T – You should hold each stretch for _____to _____ seconds and do ____ to____ repetitions (.5)
T – ________________________________________________________________________(.5)

NAME_____________________________________________                              Per.___________
                                                                       FLEXIBILITY LAB 20 PTS
Directions: Do all of the tests. Write down your results. Look at the rating scales. Circle all the
tests you passed.

#1 Hamstrings/Lower Back Flexibility - Sit and Reach (1pt)
Take shoes off and sit on the floor. Place right foot flat against the box. Bend left leg and put next
to right knee, left foot flat on the floor. Put one hand over the other and slowly reach forward
keeping hands together. Hold for 3 seconds while partner measures. Right leg may not bend. DO
NOT REACH past 12 inches. Repeat on the other side.
                                                           Girls                      Boys
                                                    14           15            14            15
Left Side_________ Right Side_________
                                                    10”          12”           8”            8”

#2 Shoulder/Arms/Chest Flexibility- Zipper Test (1pt)
Raise your arm, bend your elbow and reach down across your back as far as possible. At the
same time extend your left arm down and behind you back, bend your elbow up across your back
and try to cross your fingers over those of your right hand. Pass or Fail

Left Side _______            Right Side ________          Passing: Touching fingertips behind back

#3 - Spine/Hips/Shoulder - Trunk Rotation (1 pt)
Stand with toes on the line. Extend the arm closest to the wall so your arm is straight and hand is
in a fist. Drop that extended arm. Take the opposite arm and twist back trying to touch the X in
the center of the wall. DO NOT MOVE YOUR FEET. Repeat on the other side. Pass or Fail

Left Side________            Right Side________          Passing: Touch center of target or beyond

#4 Hamstring/Hip Flexor Flexibility (1 pt)
Lie on your back on the floor. Hips must be on the X. Slowly lift leg closest to the wall. Keep both
legs straight. Continue to lift the leg until either the leg on the floor or the leg in the air begins to
lift off the floor. Put a ruler under lifted leg and measure the angle.

Left Leg Angle________       Right Leg Angle_______          High Performance          111 +
                                                             Good Fitness              80-110
                                                             Marginal Fitness          60-79
                                                             Low                       59 and Lower
#5 Lower Back -Trunk Lift (1pt)
Lie face down with your arms to your side, hands under thighs. Lift the upper part of your body
slowly off the floor. Do not lift past 12 inches. Look straight ahead. And measure the distance
your chin lifts off the floor.
                Your Score_________ Males/Females Pass 9”-12” Pass_____ Fail______

In which areas do you need to improve your flexibility? (1 pt)_____________________________
How might improved flexibility affect your daily activities? (1pt)____________________________

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