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									PT101 Photography 1

                     course provides an understanding of principles as applied to all
Course Description: This
phases of photography. It covers instruction in photo optics, camera equipment, film and
paper emulsion, photographic chemicals, filters and lens attachments, lighting,
composition, and exposure control.
Course Prerequisite: None

Major Topics of Study:

The adjustable 35 mm camera and its functions
Film Development
Black & White print processing
On-camera filers
Photographic composition
Digital imaging

Student Learning Outcomes
        At the conclusion of this course, the student will:
    1. The student will be able to properly operate the camera including:
        -load and rewind film properly
        -set the shutter and aperture to produce negatives of normal density/exposure
        -adjust the focus ring to achieve sharp focus
    2. Given instruction and demonstration, the student will follow outlined procedures to
        produce properly developed negatives.
    3. Given instruction and demonstration, the student will produce photographic prints using
        standards of exposure and contrast.
    4. Students will be exposed to a number of established composition theories and will
        produce works incorporating aspects of these choices.

The class will consist of lectures, demonstrations, in-class lab time, and critiques for each

For Photography majors, Photography, 8 edition by London and Upton is required.
For non-photography majors: A Short Course in Photography 6 edition by Barbara London and
Jim Stone is the required textbook.
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Photography 1

    B&W films – Either Kodak Tri-X (400 speed), Plus-X (125 speed), T-Max 100, T-Max 400
        or any of the Ilford Delta B&W films. You will need approximately 15-20 rolls for the
        entire semester. Avoid the following films meant for C-41 (color) processing: Kodak
        Black and White Select and Ilford HP2.
    Photographic Paper – Either Kodak RC Polyconstrast or Ilford RC Multigrade 8x10
        sheets your choice of glossy, matte, or luster/satin/pearl surface. You will need
        approximately 100 or more sheets for the semester. 25 sheets per pack can be bought.
    Three ring binder/notebook with loose-leaf paper for notes and handouts, all negatives
        and proof sheets.
    33mm Negative Preserve sheets – one for each roll of film processed.
    Dust removal device – either canned air, an anti-static cloth, or an anti-static brush.
    1 CD-RW for digital images.
    9 ½” x 12 1/2 “ manila envelopes in which you will hand in projects for grading
    Later in the semester you will need: Mounting board, drymount tissue and utility knife with
        blades – this will be discussed at that time.
    I recommend wearing rubber household gloves while processing film.
    I also recommend dedicating a small hand towel for the class.

Some Places You Can Get Materials
The College Bookstore
Danella Photographic, 410 James St., Utica 732-8442 (closest to college)
B&H Photo 420 Ninth Ave., NY, NY 1-800-947-7785 or
Freestyle Photographic Supplies 1-800-292-6137 or

Grading Procedures
Evaluation of your projects will be based upon technical, aesthetic, and conceptual
accomplishments. In terms of technical issues and technique; my expectation is tat all
assignments will be well executed, neat, precise, and accurate. Aesthetic evaluation will include
visual issues such as composition. Conceptual evaluation will include the creativity, uniqueness,
and meaning of your projects.

Beyond evaluation of your assignments, grading will be based on:

Participation in critiques and class discussions
Overall participation in class and attitude
The completion and presentation of all projects

Grading will be based upon a point system at the end of the semester the final grade will be
determined by calculating the percentage of acquired points in relation to the total possible points.
A=90-100%; B=80-89%; C=70-79%; D-60-69%; F=below 60%
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Photography 1
Overall grading is broken down into the following percentages with the largest portion of the
grade based upon your actual photographic assignments.

50% of the grade will be based upon the total points of assignments 1-3 and upon the 2 quizzes.
25% of the grade will be based upon the final portfolio.
25% of the grade will be based upon participation in class discussion, critiques, lab time, and
upon overall attitude and involvement in the class as well as attendance to critiques.

A reflects outstanding work and involvement in the class, an A shows an excellent level of
B reflects good work and involvement in the class, a B still reflects an above average, high level
of achievement.
C requires all work to be competently completed, a C reflects an average level of achievement.
D work is unsatisfactory and/or incomplete, a D reflects a below average level of achievement.
F is failure to meet minimum requirements of the course.

Late Project Policy
Deadlines are expected to be met. There will be no excuses accepted for late projects. There
will no excuses accepted for late projects. Assignments turned in up to one week after the
deadline will lose one letter grade, no assignments will be accepted later than one week beyond
the deadline, deadline dates and the date beyond which I will not accept projects will appear on
assignments sheets so that you will be very clear about them.

Incomplete Grade
As stated in the student handbook: “A grade of “I” (Incomplete) may be assigned when a student
has not completed a small portion of a course for reasons beyond his or her control. Subject to
approval by the instructor’s department head, the instructor will establish the time limit for
completion of the outstanding work in consultation with the student.” I will not give out
incompletes unless your situation meets the above guidelines. If you are sick or have other
serious problems that prevent you from being able to complete the class you must contact the
Department of Art and let them know what is happening with you.

Last Day to Withdraw from Classes
Also note that if you intend to withdraw from any course you must do so this semester before or
on Tuesday November 9 to receive a W on your transcripts rather than an F for the course.

Attendance will be taken at the beginning of each class session, students are expected to attend
all classes including scheduled lab sessions and critiques. After two absences the student’s
overall average will be lowered one or more letter grades based upon additional absences.
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PT101 Photography 1

Lateness Policy
It is important that you arrive to class on time; if you are late up to the first 20 minutes of class
four times it will then equal one absence. If you are more than 20 minutes late to class you will
automatically be marked as absent.

When possible please inform me ahead of time if you will be late or absent from class. You can
contact me at my office, leave a message on my voice mail if I’m not there, e-mail me or you can
contact the department secretary and leave a message with her (792-5446). If you miss class
you are responsible for the materials missed and to be completely prepared for the following
class session. I strongly recommend your coming to see me during office hours when you’ve
missed class – it’s unfair to the other students when I have to take a great deal of time out of
classes to catch you up on missed material.

Food for thought: You will be receiving the bulk of instructional information you need to succeed
in this course in the first 4 weeks of class. After that time, although I will still be teaching you new
things you will begin to spend more time in the lab and be interacting with me, one on one, more
often. Try not to miss any of the classes in the first four weeks of this course; just missing one
class during this period of time will put you seriously behind. Take your vitamin C, eat well, get
your sleep, and come to class!

Quizzes will be based upon lecture material and assigned readings; I will hand out review sheets
to prepare you for each quiz. There will be no makeups for missed quizzes. The quiz dates will
be announced and appear on the weekly schedule. If a test is missed a grade of 0 will be

Students must bring final prints and all contact sheets for the assignments to each critique.
Attendance to critiques is mandatory, absence from a critique without a valid excuse will
negatively effect your grade – you MUST come to talk to me if you miss a critique don’t assume
I’ll just let it slide.

Final Portfolio
The students will be expected to present a portfolio consisting of 15 finished prints of which 10
should be neatly mounted and spotted. Along with the portfolio students are expected to bring
their binder of all negatives, proof sheets, and work prints neatly organized and presented. The
final portfolio will be due the last class date.
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Photography 1

My Expectations
As a student in this course I expect you to:

       Attend and participate in the course weekly
       Meet all deadlines
       Participate in all discussions and critiques
       Produce assignments with accuracy and precision
       Ask questions whenever there is something you don’t understand, you are not sure of, or
        you want to know more.
       Take responsibility for your side of your progress through this course.
       Let me know how I can help if you are in need of more input or assistance than I have
        already provided or if you feel like you are struggling.
       Learn something new.
       Have fun.

My hope is that the course will prove to be an enriching experience for you!

Disclaimer: The above procedures and policies are subject to change, in the event of extenuating
circumstances, or at the discretion of the instructor.

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