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					                  MAN 4320 – Human Resources Recruiting and Selection
                   Performing Job Analysis & Writing a Job Description

Being able to gather job data from an analysis is one thing, being able to convert that data into a useable
Job Description is another. In order to understand this process, you will perform a job analysis on a
highly visible position. You will then convert your analysis data into a proper job description.

The purpose of this exercise is to allow the student to practice converting Job Analysis data into a Job

Working in teams, students will identify and document the essential functions of and qualifications to be
President of the United States of America. Students will have to combine primary research with other Job
Analysis techniques to obtain the data necessary to perform satisfactorily on this exercise.

Step 1 – Research the job of President.
Your first task is to find the document that lays out the responsibilities of President of the United States.
In case you were sleeping in high school Civics class, that document would be the Constitution. Find the
Article and Amendments that deal with the job of President and review what this “SOP” says about the
requirements and function of this job.

Step 2 – Perform a Job Analysis
You’ll have to be creative here since an audience with the President is kinda tough to get. However,
thanks to our open society and plethora of 24-hour news outlets, the comings, goings, and day-to-day
activities of the President are common knowledge. Watch the news, talk to people and read as much
information as you can find. Using the list of “data collected” from the Job Analysis lecture, gather as
much relevant data as you can. A worksheet is provided to document your analysis.

Step 3 – Organize your analysis data into Job Description content and create a Job Description
   1. Compile a list of tasks performed by the President.
   2. Organize the list by grouping and organizing the tasks into duties
   3. Create essential function statements by incorporating the 4 criteria discussed in class
   4. List the knowledge, skills and abilities needed for each essential function
   5. List the educational requirements for this job
   6. Describe all experiences that would help a person in this position
   7. Describe the physical demands of this job
   8. Describe the work environment of this job

Step 4 – Document your analysis
Turn in the following information:
    A cover sheet with your names, the name of the assignment, date, and “MAN 4320.”
    A completed Job Description worksheet
    Your completed Job Analysis worksheet
    A one or two page report covering data collection and description composition.
    A “bibliography” of sources used to gather your data.

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