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					AcuDoc Winter News                                                                                               January 2008
                                                                                                                 Volume 1, Issue
                                  Ellen Teeter, AcuDoc NOW at Alternative P
                                  /6080 26th St W, Bradenton, FL 34207 941-727-1500

                                  Ellen Teeter, AP Joins
                                  Alternative PT
BEAR TURNS is a good
qigong for the winter months.      Ellen Teeter, AP is proud to announce she is     working along side master herbalists at
                                   joining Andrzej Strzalkowski, PT, and the        Tortoise Clinic; one of the busiest Oriental
Try it and be gentle, relax
                                   licensed LMT’s on staff at Alternative PT to     medicine clinics in the Southeast.
and smile.
                                   offer Oriental medicine modalities to the
1. Adopt a wide, low leg                                                            Andrzej Strzalkowski, PT is a Florida Board
stance. Angle the feet about                                                        of Physical Therapy licensed practitioner. He
45 degrees. Bend your knees        Alternative PT was founded by Andrzej            was born in Poland where he received his
and sit as if lowering yourself    Strzalkowski, PT and has been at 6080 26th       degree in physical therapy. He has studied
onto a stool, be comfortable       St West in Bradenton since 2001.                 many modalities to help him understand
no lower than thighs parallel                                                       manipulative therapy including studying with
                                   Teeter is a Florida Board of Acupuncture
to floor (most of you will                                                          John Wernham, a 99 year old Osteopath in
                                   licensed practitioner, She is a native
laugh at being that low, just                                                       England, and receiving his degree in
                                   Floridian and received her diploma in
be comfortable, bend the                                                            Osteopathy from the Canadian School of
                                   Oriental medicine in 1999 from the Florida
knees a little). Have the                                                           Osteopathy in 2005.
                                   Institute of Traditional Chinese Medicine in
hands above the shoulders as
                                   St Petersburg. After several years of practice   Cont’d on pg 2…….
if holding trays of food, the
arms come out from                 she went on to receive further training
shoulders with the elbows
bent at 90 degrees. Allow the
tailbone to sink towards the
floor relaxing the low back.       Winter: A Time to Warm and Store
2. Slowly turn from your
                                   Winter is a time of resting, consolidating our   drive out the cold by their warming and
waist to the left, exhaling.
                                                                                    pungent nature.
Keep stance fixed and              energy and storing essence.
immobile, only turning from                                                         Here is the list:
                                   Warming spices and richer foods can be
the waist. It’s as if you are      consumed now.                                    SWEET POTATO               TURNIP
sitting on that stool and                                                           ONION                      SHRIMP
turning without changing           The Winter Diet
                                                                                    NUTMEG                     CHICKEN
your sitting position. No          The cold dry winter season in Florida has
                                                                                    SQUASH                     MUTTON
strain, turn only as far as        arrived. In Chinese Medicine we equate
comfortable. Inhale as you         "catching a cold" as exactly that. When cold     CAPERS                     GINGER
return to forward facing.          invades our body we feel chilled, have a         GARLIC                     CINNAMON
Now turn to other side             runny nose and often a headache. We also         COCONUT MILK
exhaling, inhale back,             have an aversion to going outside and to be
                                                                                    Winter is a time for quiet contemplation.
continue slowly turning side       in the cold and the wind.
                                                                                    Animals and plants tend towards hibernation
to side while keeping the hips     Acupuncture and Chinese herbs help to drive      to protect themselves from the draining
and knees stable.                  out the cold and phlegm easily.                  effects of the weather. Modern Life tends to
Remember to exhale as you          There are foods on your shelf at home that       keep us more active through this time.…..
twist, inhale as you come                                                           Cont’d pg 2……
back to the front.
                                  cont’dcont’d….==== to condense
                                  ….Our body’s energy wants                         practiced form of complementary and
                                                                                    alternative medicine in the world. It is also
    Ellen Teeter
                                  c go inside leaving the surface more              the most scientifically tested. Tai Chi is one
                                  vulnerable to invasion by cold. Joints,
     Acupuncture                  ligaments and muscles stiffen and can             of the most well known and popular qi
      Physician                   become painful if invaded by the cold. Our
                                  defensive energy is also deeper allowing us       Experimental evidence suggests that qigong
                                  to catch more colds and flu.                      may be an effective complimentary therapy
                                  Qigong is a great activity for any time and       for chronic pain, stress, asthma, arthritis,
                                  some exercises are more appropriate in            diabetes, headaches, gastro-intestinal
                                  winter. Pronounced “chee gung”, it is a self-     disorders and chronic fatigue. It has shown
Now Located At                                                                      effectiveness against cancer and heart
Alternative PT                    healing and preventive aspect of Chinese
                                  medicine, as well as a powerful and               disease—the two major killers of our age.
6080 26th St W                    enjoyable way for healthy people to enhance       See the Bear Qigong on page 1 for a very
Bradenton, FL 34207               their vitality and well being.                    good winter exercise. It strengthens the legs
                                  Literally translates as “vital force” (qi) and    and tones and loosens the waist.
Phone:                            creating akill (gong), qi gong are systems of
941-727-1500                      gently exercise, breathing techniques, and
                                  meditation. With more than 90 million
E-Mail:                           practitioners, qigong is the most widely

                                 Teeter joins Alternative PT cont’d …
Custom Medicinal                 Ellen Teeter, AP offers the full power of         of Oriental Medicine they are safe and
Prescriptions for                Oriental medicine to her patients. She uses
Health and Longevity             acupuncture, qigong exercises, dietary            Andrzej Strzalkowski, PT’s focus is to
                                 therapy, and whole Chinese medicinals in          remove restrictions in the body to open up
                                 prescribed combinations to support the            blood and energy circulation. He works at
                                 body’s proper function and self-healing           the level of the joints, muscles, and fascia
                                 ability.                                          (the connective tissue surrounding all the
                                                                                   organs, muscles and bones) to bring relief of
  We’re on the Web!              Tonic medicinal herbs have been used in
                                                                                   pain and vitalize internal organs.
                                 Asia to tonify Essence, Vitality and Spirit.     They boost energy, enhance mental abilities,      The combination of physical therapy,
                                 promote healthy aging and ultimately can          massage, acupuncture and traditional Chinese
                                 help us to reach our fullest human potential.     medicinals offer patients alternative paths to
                                 When prescribed according to the principles       optimal health and vitality.

                               Alternative PT
                               6080 26th St W
                               Bradenton, FL 34207

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