Project Transformation New Chapter Letter of Intent by 7xS3ef


									             Project Transformation New Chapter Letter of Intent Instructions

Thank you for your interest in starting a new chapter of Project Transformation! Launching a
new Project Transformation program is an exciting and challenging endeavor. We are very
interested in expanding this ministry in a sustainable way to reach our mission of engaging
young adults in purposeful leadership and ministry, supporting underserved children and
families, and connecting church to communities in need.

Our vision is for Project Transformation to be a respected national model through which leaders
emerge, communities change, and lives transform. It is our intention to develop a network of
Project Transformation chapters throughout the country by partnering with conferences of the
United Methodist Church. Each chapter will enter into a broad Trademark Agreement with
Project Transformation and will share the same mission statement and core program
components, but will have separate legal status, staff, and board leadership with the oversight
and assistance of a planned national staff and Board of Directors.

The first step toward starting a new chapter is to submit an initial Letter of Intent that includes
the following:
     A list of the preliminary Core Leadership Team, which could include a combination of
        conference staff, clergy, lay leaders, business and community leaders and community
        members. One person must be designated as the primary contact and ‘Lead Champion.’
     A description of the support from the local United Methodist Conference including the
        primary contact who will sign a Letter of Intent on behalf of the Conference.
     A list of potential community housing options (We recommend a partnership with a
        United Methodist-affiliated college or university, if available.)
     A list of potential site churches including basic demographic data on the community
        immediately surrounding the church.
     A conference map

The Letter of Intent should be signed by the Lead Champion and a representative from the local
United Methodist Conference, and submitted to Project Transformation, ATTN: Eric Lindh, 547
E. Jefferson Blvd., Dallas, TX 75203. Project Transformation’s Board will review the Letter of
Intent and notify the applicant of our decision to partner with the Core Leadership Team in the
development of a new Project Transformation chapter.

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