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									Proposal and

  Music Genres
   By Toshiba Hopkins
   1                                   Proposal
Toshiba Hopkins
Goals and Objectives
   Project Goal

   The goal of this project is:

   To create a captivating interactive environment that educates kids and pre teens on history of
   music genres.


   To achieve this goal, the project must:

   1. Must be educational on music genres history
   2. Audience attention must be maintain
   3. Child must be able to follow along and navigate application
   4. Must me kid friendly

   Proposed project:

I intend to make an interactive nonlinear application that educates kids and pre teens from
the ages of 6 to 13 on the history of music genres. The website will educate, entertain,
while opening the door and giving the resource for a music genres web community. This
website will feature a new genre every three to four weeks helping users stay current with
new information and history. The user will be immersed in a cartoon environment in
which they will encounter things that will interact with them. The goal of this project is to
get kid interested an involved in music and not so involved in current music artists. This
project will be a fun way of introducing children to many types of music genres and the
history behind them.

This project will be made using Flash to build the interactive interface. Illustrator and
Photoshop will be used to make the graphics. The audio will be done in ACIDE so that
sample of music can be used in the application. The project will take 13 week to get the
basic draft done. I plan to make this an on going project after school it done and
hopefully get it out on the market.

  1. The user gets to play and make music as they learn information about music. It
     becomes more of a game to the user when it is actually educating the user.

  2. The user needs to be interested in music.

  3. I have a love in music and feel people are more into music artists then the music itself. I would
     love to change that.

  2                    Documentation
  Target Audience

          My target audiences are male and female, kids and pre teens, from the ages of 6 to 13.
          These kids are very familiar with technology for they use computers and play video games
          on a daily bases. They are apart of the music and TV culture and spend at minimum 3
          hours a day devoted to one or both. They’re from middle class home and live in the inner
          city where they are very much informed about pop culture. These kids often mimic pop
          culture, music arties, and actors.

  User Persona

          Robert Smith- 10 year old boy, mid class, single family home, live in New York City

           Robert is very much into video games and the internet. His not active and is not an out
          door person. He spends most of his time watching TV, playing video games, and on the
          internet. His engrossed in rap and pop culture and try to find every bit of information on his
          favorite music artist.

   User Scenario

           Robert Smith is so into his favorite pop artist that he wants to be like him and make music
           himself. But he really don’t know too much about music he only know about the music is
           favorite artist has done. Robert picks up my product to find out more about music and
           music genres. When Robert finish the application he will have learns a lot about music. He
           ends up getting into other music genres also. He ends up have a better out look not music
           and not just music artists.


   The technological profile of the target audience is:

This group of people are more experienced and interacts with computers in a daily bases. They
are familiar with application and web technology on beginners and/or intermediate level.

   Content Details****

   The Specific content in project will be:

   There are many different types of instrument through out the website. There are also
   cartoon music note characters that represents a music genre give each genre

   Correlation to Goal******

   The content supports in the project goal in the following ways:

   All these things are associated with music while given a cartoon feel that make kids
   feel comfortable to play in and have fun.
   Indications of the project’s success

   The project will be deemed successful if the following are true:
   1. Must be educational on music genres history
   2. Audience attention must be maintain
   3. Child must be able to follow along and navigate application
   4. Must me kid friendly

   User Feedback

   Feedback on the project BEFORE it is turned in will be obtained by:

Terreon- I loved the colors that were being used or the navigation. Thinks the games
where fun.
Donovan- Love the navigation and how it movies up and down. He also likes the color


    Time available to complete project:

    14 Weeks


    Assets available to complete project:

    A Computer, Flash, Illustrator, After Effects, Photoshop


    Project Scope based on time and assets:

    14 Weeks

Production Guide
   Visual Specifics

   Color Palette

   List the primary colors and their RGB numbers

   Color Name         RGB Number
   BLUE               3300FF
   BLACK              000000
   ORANGE             FF6600
   RED                D10505
   YELLOW             FEFDBC
   BROWN              E9D6B8


   List the font usage, name and size

   Font Name                Font Size
   Times New Roman          Various Sizes
   Story Book               Various Sizes
   Typewriter               Various Sizes
   Arial                    Various Sizes

  3                                     Project
On Website 
On CD                index.html

  4                                     Credits

Project and Documentation Credits
          Toshiba Hopkins


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