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•   Objectives of the Seminar
•   Role of SD & DWH department
•   Areas & their significance
•   Types of statistics compiled & disseminated
   Objectives of the Seminar

To Create Awareness

      Awareness about the official statistics

      Opportunities for market-oriented research

       Access to relevant information/data required
       for analysis
       Objectives of the Seminar

Strong Statistical System

       Coordination among data compilers, policy
        makers, academia and researchers

       To harmonize data production with the users’

       Improvement in the quality of data through
         The Role of Statistics Department

 To provide reliable and timely information on economic,
  financial and monetary aspects to SBP for designing
  and monitoring its policies

 Timely and reliable information required by the
  government for policy formulations

 Information to international agencies as per our national

 To provide data to general users for reasearch
             Vision Statement

"The Statistics Department aspires to set and maintain the

highest standards of excellence in the compilation and

dissemination of efficient statistics."
          Mission Statement

"Our mission is to ensure timely dissemination of high
quality statistics for the monetary and macro-economic
policies leading to the prosperity of Pakistan"
Types of Statistics Compiled & Disseminated

      External Sector

      Banking and Financial Sector

      Corporate Sector

      Seasonally adjusted data

      Data compiled under International Standards and
       complies with GDDS & SDDS
           Significance of External sector statistics

 To provide information on supply and demand for foreign
  exchange required for FOREX management.

 Being responsible for Foreign exchange reserve
  management, the BOP provides flows and stock position at
  the end of each month.

 Trends in the Financial account help to assess future
  pressure on foreign exchange reserves of the country.

 The stock of FDI and portfolio data helps to analyze the
  vulnerability of the local market to external shocks.
          Significance of Monetary & Financial Statistics

 For effective monetary policy, the SBP needs to monitor the
  liquidity situation in the market.

 The monetary survey provides estimates of Mo, M1 & M2.

 Detailed data on credit to different sectors to see the
  performance of various sectors.

 WAR for deposits and advances by the banks.

 Performance of the corporate sector
 Significance of Banking Statistics

 Essential for effective supervision and monitoring
  of financial institutions

 To assess the performance & health of financial
 Data collection & processing methodology

 Online acquisition

 Electronic data acquisition

 Processing
        Online acquisition & processing


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                                       Statistics & DWH

                      MFSM Interface

              Data availability




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                   Reporting by banks

Bank enters data in the pre-designed format DFS through
Data Entry System (DES)

Status of each DFS can be checked (due, overdue, pending,
error list)

DES with built-in checks

DFS submitted to DAG portal and undergoes validation

A report is generated for each DFS, error list or accepted

DFS with error list resubmitted

Banks can submit a request for extension in due date
                       Data Portals

The DAG maintained by the ISD

Acquisition and validation procedures implemented in
consultation with S&DWH

Defines Data reporters, owners and users and provide

Users access the final data for further analysis through
                       Data processing

S &DWH extract the data in the form of predesigned
reports using OLAP tools

Accuracy of data checked at individual and consolidated

DFS either referred back or accepted and saved in DAG

DAG provides track of pending, overdue and submitted

Extend the deadlines

Desired statistics is compiled using OLAP

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