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					                                                                      License Fees and Liability Insurance                                   How Do I Get a Contractor License?
field                                                                                                             Minimum
                                                                         Type of License           License       Single Limit                License application requirements:
                                                                                                     Fee          Insurance
                                                                                                                                             1.   Submit a complete license application form to the
                                                                      Class A                        $150        $1,000,000                       Larimer County Chief Building Official
                                                                      Class B                        $125        $1,000,000                  2.   Pay application fee (cash or check)
                                                                      Class C                        $100        $1,000,000
                                                                                                                                             3.   Provide valid proof of US citizenship accompanied by
                                                                      Special Single Trade           $75          $300,000                        a valid form of photo ID
                                                                      Jobbers                        $75          $300,000
                                                                                                                                             4.   Certify that you will employ only building
                                                                      Mechanical                     $75          $300,000
Building Contractor Licensing                                         Gas Piping                     $75          $300,000
                                                                                                                                                  subcontractors and workers who have demonstrated
                                                                                                                                                  to the company a lawful presence in the US
                                                                      Electrical                              exempt                         5.   Provide a valid and current license issued by another
                                                                      Elevator/Conveyance                     exempt                              county or municipality in the state of Colorado that
                                                                      Mobile Home Installer                   exempt                              was obtained by receiving a passing grade on a
                                                                      Plumbing                                exempt                              nationally recognized examination approved by the
                Building Department                                                                                                               International Code Council and accepted by the
                   200 W. Oak Street                                  License Issuance                                                            industry; or
                        3rd Floor                                     Within seven (7) business days after a complete                             Achieve a passing grade on the International Code
                 Fort Collins, CO 80521                               license application is submitted, the Chief Building                        Council (ICC) exam related to the type of license
                                                                      Official will issue a license, a provisional license, or a                  being applied for (or its nationally recognized
                      970-498-7700                                    written statement of license denial.                                        equivalent as determined and approved by the
                                                                                                                                                  Building Official)
                    Fax: 970-498-7667                                 License Term
                                   Licenses are effective for twenty-four (24) calendar                        Class A, B, or C Contractors License requires proof of
              contractor_licensing_resolution.pdf                     months after the date of issuance.                                          three (3) successfully completed projects or proof of
                                                                                                                                                  two years experience in the contractor’s field
                                                                      License Re-application
                                                                      Contractors holding licenses may apply for a new
                                                                      license within three (3) calendar months prior to the                       Jobbers & Special Contractor - In lieu of an exam,
   Effective September 1, 2009, building                              expiration of the license.                                                  Jobbers or Special Contractors must provide proof of
   contractors are required to be licensed to do                                                                                                  three (3) successfully completed projects in their
                                                                      Unresolved Building Code Violations                                         specialized field or show proof of two years full time
   work in unincorporated Larimer County.
                                                                      Contractors holding a valid County license who apply                        equivalent experience working for a contractor in
                                                                      for a new license must resolve any sign code or                             each specialized field
   The Contractor Licensing Program is created                        building code violations older than 90 days.
   to protect the public health, safety, and                                                                                                 6.   Provide proof of current insurance coverage
   welfare of the citizens of unincorporated                          Types of Contractor Licenses                                                • Workers' Compensation Insurance as required
   Larimer County.                                                       • General Contractor                                                       by the State of Colorado
                                                                         • Mechanical & Gas Piping Trade Contractor                               • If self-employed, see CRS State Statue definitions
   The licensing process will require that building                      • Jobber Contractor                                                        8-40-202
   contractors demonstrate they are competent                            • Specialized Trade Contractor                                           • General Liability Insurance provided on ISO Form
   in the general construction trades or practices                                                                                                  1998. Proof of insurance shall be accompanied by
                                                                      License Application Forms                                                     Certificate of Insurance listing Larimer County
   in which they are engaged, and that they                                                                                                         Building Department as a Certificate Holder
   maintain current insurance coverage.                               In person        200 W. Oak Street, 3rd Floor                                 requiring ten (10) days notice for ‘NON-PAYMENT
                                                                                       Fort Collins, CO 80522                                       OF PREMIUM’ and 30 days advance written notice
                                                                                       Mon – Fri 8:00 am - 4:00 pm                                  of policy changes or cancellation
                                                                      By fax           To request a faxed copy of the                                Certificate of Insurance must be signed by an
                                                                                       application call 970-498-7667                                 authorized agent of the Insurance Company
                                                                                                                                                     In the event the required insurance is revoked or
                                                                      Online                                       cancelled the contractor license is revoked upon
                                                                                                                                                     receipt of notice.

                                                            The handout is a summary of the requirements for Building Contractor Licensing.
         The complete Building Contractor Licensing regulation is available online at or in the Larimer County Building Department.
Types of Contractor Licenses                                Frequently Asked Questions                                  Contractor Licensing Exams

Class A – This license entitles the holder to contract      Q   Who is required to be licensed?                          ICC International Code Council
for the construction, alteration, tenant finish or repair   A   If you are doing work on a building which                Contractor/Trades Licensing
of any type of structure permitted by the                       requires a building permit and you are not a             ICC Reservation Center          1-800-275-8301
International Building Code or the International                homeowner doing work on your own home, then
Residential Code. ICC Exam #N11                                                                                          For paper-and-pencil testing, you may obtain an
                                                                you need be to licensed by the County or the
                                                                                                                         application by contacting ICC.
                                                                State. A County license is not required if you’re a
Class B – This license entitles the holder to contract          plumber, electrician, elevator installer, or             Phone      1-888-422-7233
for construction, alteration, tenant finish or repair of        manufactured home installer.                             Web
commercial buildings and single-family or multi-family
dwelling buildings, not exceeding three stories in                                                                       Pearson Vue Exam Schedule
height as permitted by the International Building           Q   How long does it take to process my application
                                                                and get a license?                                       For computer-based testing, contact Pearson VUE.
Code or the International Residential Code.
ICC Exam #N12                                               A   Within seven (7) business days after a complete          To schedule an exam, you will need the 3-digit
                                                                license application is submitted, the Chief              exam number (shown on the inside front cover
Class C – This license entitles the holder to contract          Building Official will issue a license, a provisional    under Types of Contractor Licenses).
for construction, alteration, or repair of one and two          license, or a written statement of license denial.       To Schedule Exam                1-877-234-6082
family dwellings and accessory buildings, as permitted                                                                   Register online
by the International Building Code or the                   Q   Do I need a contractor license to build a house          [Prepayment is required for all examinations]
International Residential Code. ICC Exam #N13                   on my own property in unincorporated Larimer
                                                                County?                                                  Testing Locations
Gas Piping – This license entitles the holder to
perform any gas piping work as permitted by
                                                            A   No, a person who acts as the contractor for the          Colorado Springs VUE
                                                                construction of a new residential dwelling (no           1045 Garden of Gods Rd Unit F
International Fuel Gas Code or International
                                                                more than once within any 24-month period) on            Colorado Springs, CO 80907
Residential Code. ICC Exam #N33
                                                                that person’s own property does not require a
                                                                contractor license.                                      Denver VUE
Mechanical – This license entitles the holder to                                                                         5340 S. Quebec St., Suite 115 N
provide any work in the heating, ventilation, and air                                                                    Greenwood Village, CO 80111
conditioning fields as permitted by the International       Q   I’m a plumber, do I need a Contractor License
Mechanical Code, International Fuel Gas Code or the             from Larimer County?                                     Greeley VUE
International Residential Code. ICC Exam #N29               A   No, plumbers are licensed by the state of                5754 West 11th Street #203
                                                                Colorado and plumbing work on most projects              Greeley, CO 80634
Jobbers – This license entitles the holder to provide           will be covered by the general contractor’s              Wheat Ridge VUE
non-structural remodels on commercial and                       license. However, if you do work which is not            4251 Kipling Street, Suite 100
residential structures with a total value of not more           covered by the general contractor, such as boiler        Wheat Ridge, CO 80033
than $5000, as permitted by the International                   replacement, you must register and obtain a
Building Code or the International Residential Code.            permit from the County. You will also need to
                                                                show us your master plumbing license and
Special – This license entitles the holder to perform           business name license at that time.
work in one or more specialized trade such as: barns,
carports, decks, detached garages, fireplaces,
                                                            Q   I work for a flooring company, do I need a
gazebos, greenhouses, masonry veneer, patio covers,
patio enclosures, porches, porch enclosures, radon
                                                                contractor license to install flooring?                           Building Department
mitigation, re-roofing, re-siding, sheds, signs, solar      A   If you are doing work such as, painting,                              200 W. Oak Street
panel systems, spas, sunrooms, swimming pools,                  papering, tiling, carpeting, cabinets, countertops                         3rd Floor
wind generators, and wood stoves as permitted by                and similar finish work, there is no building                       Fort Collins, CO 80521
the International Building Code , the International             permit required and therefore, no contractor
Residential Code or Larimer County Land Use Code.               license required.                                                           970-498-7700

                                                                                                                                           Updated July 31, 2011

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