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					                           ASCE MICHIGAN SECTION
                                Meeting Minutes
                                December 7, 2000

President Jim Hegarty called the meeting to order at 5:30 PM

In attendance: Jim Hegarty (JH), President
               Richard Skalski (RS), President-Elect
               Don Mercer (DM), Past President
               Jim Grant (JG), Treasurer


The agenda was revised to add the following items:

               i) “Top Ten Project Recognition” under Old Business
               d) “Annual Meeting 2001” under New Business
               e) “MCE Reimbursement” under New Business

RS moved to approve the agenda as amended; DM seconded.
Motion passed.


RS moved to accept the Meeting Minutes of November 2, 2000; JG seconded.
Motion passed.


JH shared correspondence on the following issues:

   National Committee on Diversity and Women in Engineering
   Letter from Bob Bein offering Dr. Schwartz (National President-Elect) as speaker at any
    ASCE events
   Younger Member Committee reimbursement policy and approval form
   Excellence in Journalism Award – Certificate of Merit to Elizabeth Slowik (Grand Rapids
    Press) and Kathy Barks Hoffman (Associated Press)
   Request for resolution in support of Tom Jackson for National President-Elect 2001-2002
   Response from Dearborn Inn-Marriott regarding “engineer” nomenclature, and MSPE
    correspondence to Marriott requesting clarification of “engineer” description

DM shared a Thank You card and letter from Delon Hampton regarding the 2000 Annual

RS shared a 150th Anniversary planning board brochure with guidance criteria for media support.
                                                                                      Meeting Minutes
                                                                                     December 7, 2000
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RS moved to table the Treasurer’s Report until next meeting with Frank Meyers; DM seconded.
Motion Passed.


a) Mackinaw Scholarship:

   JH discussed the ASCE customized print of the Mackinaw Bridge for distribution to fund the
   Mackinaw Scholarship. 1000 prints are currently available, and 100 are signed by the artist.
   Donations greater than $1,000 (“Founders”) would receive a signed version, while donations
   greater than $250 (“Patrons”) would receive the print with a seal.

   JH distributed a list of preliminary “Patrons” and corporate donors for consideration.
   Additional names and companies are requested, such as all past presidents (Section and
   Branch), all current/former Mackinaw Bridge Authority members, all Michigan
   Technological University civil engineer alumni, and other civil engineer alumni.

   JH requested $1,250 to frame 25 prints that would be exchanged for $1,000 or greater
   donations. RS motioned to provide the additional funds required; JG seconded.
   Motion Passed.

b) Annual Meeting 2000:

   RS indicated that we are still waiting for the final report and budgets from the Southeastern
   Branch. It is anticipated that Kamran Qadeer will share status at the next meeting.

   JH would like better coverage by the Michigan Contractor and Builder. This subject will be
   discussed at a later meeting.

c) Web Page:

   JH acknowledged that the page looks good and commended the efforts of Steve Chizek and
   Rhett Gronnevelt. JG indicated that he still needs to provide a picture for the web page.

d) SPAG Grant WM Branch:

   JH has no report.

e) District 7 Director Candidate:

   The Michigan Section is responsible for providing the next District 7 Director. DM indicated
   that there is a selection committee that includes past presidents and directors. The committee
   has until March 2002 to nominate two people for the District 7 Director position. DM will
   write up an advertisement to be published in the Michigan Civil Engineer (MCE).
                                                                                       Meeting Minutes
                                                                                      December 7, 2000
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Steve Chizek (SC), Vice President joined the meeting at 6:20 PM.

f) 150th Anniversary Committee Report:

     RS passed around the media guidance brochure provided from ASCE national, and indicated
     that mailings will be sent out to schools advertising the photo contest/program.

g) MCE Status:

     JH raised the concept of creating an editorial advisory board for the Michigan Civil Engineer
     (MCE) publication provided by the Michigan Section. The advisory board would consist of
     members from the Michigan Section Board of Directors. The role of the board is to provide
     editorial support toward the MCE format and its associated articles.

     JH, SC and JG volunteered to participate on the advisory board. JG will chair. JH offered
     the following suggestions for MCE articles:

        Michigan Top 10 Projects ceremonies
        National Public Relations awards
        National/Zone models that can be developed from Michigan branches
        Photos and text from the annual awards issued to companies for projects that advance our
         profession and the quality of life

h) Speaker’s Bureau:

     JH complimented SC for the web page development that allows electronic access to the
     Speaker’s Bureau. Two new subjects have been added to the bureau. Eventually, hot links
     will be developed by SC to provide biographies and/or e-mail access to speakers of each

i)   Top Ten Project Recognition:

     JH attended the Monroe Avenue Water Filtration Plant ceremony, and indicated that there
     was excellent press coverage at the event. JH will develop a letter for board review and
     comment as follow-up to compliment the award.

     JG indicated that additional contact has been made through Frank Hayden at the City of
     Detroit Water and Sewerage Department (DWSD). JG is attempting to motivate a
     recognition ceremony with DWSD.

     SC will get photos to JH from presentations that he attended. SC also indicated that the
     Ambassador Bridge and Ford projects remain for recognition.


a) National Meeting Report:
                                                                                    Meeting Minutes
                                                                                   December 7, 2000
                                                                                         Page 4 of 4

   JH reported that the national meeting was very worth while, and that ASCE national has
   requested guidance from the Michigan Section. ASCE national would like to apply the
   model developed from our Top Ten Project program.

b) Partnering with Michigan Society of Professional Engineers (MSPE):

   Jerry Belian of MSPE has contacted JH. Jerry would like to initiate a partnering charter
   between ASCE Michigan Section and MSPE. JH has received the charter, and will meet with
   Jerry to discuss details of the partnering agreement.

c) Life Members:

   JH has received certificates for Life Members within the Michigan Section. JH will write
   letters to each member congratulating them, and acknowledging each individuals honors.

   RS would like each individual to be recognized at the Branch level also by the current Board
   of Directors.

d) Annual Meeting 2001:

   SC indicated that a date has not been established yet. JH suggested September 20 & 21,
   2001. SC will investigate availability of accommodations on these dates.

   SC informed that ACEC and Congressman David Bonior staff has offered participation. JH
   reminded that Bob Bein has offered Jerry Schwartz’s availability for events. JG offered to
   investigate availability of Mt. Everest speaker.

e) MCE Reimbursement:

   JH raised the issue of reimbursement for all of the work that goes into the MCE. The board
   as a whole agreed that the reimbursement is not adequate, nor is it reflective of the
   commitment that Frank Meyers puts towards it.

   SC motioned to approve additional reimbursement on the order of $1,000 to Frank and Carol
   Meyers to honor their commitment and efforts; RS seconded.
   Motion Passed.


The next meeting is scheduled for January 11, 2001 in Lansing.


RS moved to adjourn; SC seconded.
Motion Passed.

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