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					Name: Colin Scudds
Email: annascudds@eircom.net                        Fingal

                                                                                                      DUBLIN FINGAL | BAILE ÁTHA CLIATH FINGAL
Telephone: 087 9649659
Date              Start Time         End Time
                                                     Coastal & Marine
Sun 19th             14:00             16:00        Rock Pooling For Families
                                                    Come along to this event and have a go at rock
                                                    pooling. A family event where everyone can get
                                                    involved! Booking essential. Times to be
 Museums, Galleries & Collections                   Venue: Donabate Beach, Donabate.
National Maritime Museum Of Ireland                 Cost: €3 Per Person
                                                    Organiser: ‘OWLS’ The Children’s Nature
Come visit the National Maritime Museum of          Club
                                                    Name: Andrew (aka ‘Mouse’) Fleming
Venue: Maritime Museum, Haigh Terrace, Dun
                                                    Email: info@owls.ie
                                                    Telephone: 087 3299936
Cost: €5 Adults; €10 Families; €3
Concessions (Unwaged/OAP)                           Date                Start Time       End Time
Organiser: The Maritime Institute Of Ireland        Wed 22nd               10:00           12:00
Name: Linda Carroll

Telephone: 01 2800969
Date              Start Time         End Time        Folklore
Sat 18th–Sun 26th    11:00             17:00        Folktales Of Dublin
                                                    Storytelling session for all the family with
                                                    Brendan Nolan. Family event, all ages welcome!
                                                    Venue: Blanchardstown Library, Civic Centre,
                                                    Blanchardstown, Dublin 15.
 Events for Under 12’s                              Cost: Free
Bushcraft Skills For Children                       Organiser: Fingal County Council, Libraries
Learn the basic skills of Bushcraft: how to build
a shelter, find materials to build a fire, and      Name: Lilian Whelan
where to find water. Suitable for children aged     Email: lilian.whelan@fingalcoco.ie
6-12 yrs. Booking essential.                        Telephone: 01 8905531
Venue: Fitzsimons Wood, Kilcross Estate,            Date                  Start Time       End Time
Sandyford.                                          Sat 25th                 11:30           13:30
Cost: €3.50 Per Person
Organiser: ‘OWLS’ The Children’s Nature
Name: Andrew (aka ‘Mouse’) Fleming
Email: info@owls.ie                                  Genealogy
Telephone: 087 3299936
                                                    Tracing Your Family Tree With John
Date                  Start Time        End Time    Grenham
Thu 23rd                 14:00              16:00   Trace your family ancestors with the help of
                                                    this informative talk by John Grenham.
                                                    Venue: Malahide Library, Main Street,

                                           Cost: Free                                         medieval nunnery Grace Dieu. Also, a nature

                                           Organiser: Fingal County Council, Libraries        walk along medieval routeways to see the old
                                           Division                                           millrace and lots of wildlife. Please wear boots
                                           Name: Lilian Whelan                                and long trousers!
                                           Email: lilian.whelan@fingalcoco.ie                 Venue: O’Connors Pub, Ballyboughal.
                                           Telephone: 01 8905531                              Cost: €3 Per Person
                                                                                              Organiser: Ballyboughal Hedgerow Society
                                           Date                Start Time     End Time
                                                                                              Name: Ann Lynch
                                           Mon 20th               19:00         20:30
                                                                                              Email: lynchjustice@gmail.com
                                                                                              Telephone: 086 3638487
                                                                                              Date                 Start Time        End Time
                                           Tracing Your Family Tree With John                 Wed 22nd                15:00            16:30
                                           Learn more about how to trace your ancestors
                                           with renowned genealogist John Grenham.
                                           Venue: Rush Library, Chapel Green, Rush.           The Martello Heritage Trail Launch &
                                           Cost: Free                                         Talk On Howth Martello Tower
                                           Organiser: Fingal County Council, Libraries        A short talk about Howth Martello Tower,
                                           Division                                           including tour of the building and the Martello
                                           Name: Lilian Whelan                                Towers along Dublin’s coastline to launch the
                                                                                              new Martello Heritage Trail.
                                           Email: lilian.whelan@fingalcoco.ie
                                                                                              Venue: Howth Martello Tower, Abbey Street,
                                           Telephone: 01 8905531
                                                                                              (Off Harbour Road), Howth.
                                           Date                Start Time     End Time        Cost: Free
                                           Tue 21st               19:00         20:30         Organiser: Aileen O’Meara
                                                                                              Email: info@aileenomeara.ie
                                                                                              Telephone: 087 2239830
                                                                                              Date                 Start Time      End Time
                                           Tracing Your Family Tree With John
                                           Grenham                                            Tue 21st                11:00          12:00
                                           Learn about your ancestors with John
                                           Venue: Blanchardstown Library, Civic Centre,
                                           Blanchardstown, Dublin 15.                         The Jewel In Fingal’s Crown
                                           Cost: Free                                         Come, See, Listen & Hear, our story through
                                           Organiser: Fingal County Council, Libraries        the ages in vision and word. Guided tours of St.
                                           Division                                           Doulagh’s Church, Ireland’s oldest stone-
                                                                                              roofed church still in continuous use, and a
                                           Name: Lilian Whelan
                                                                                              centre of Christian worship from circa 6th c.
                                           Email: lilian.whelan@fingalcoco.ie                 See the church in all it’s glory in floral and
                                           Telephone: 01 8905531                              visual displays. Join us on Wednesday 22nd
                                           Date                Start Time     End Time        August at 8:00pm for a talk by Peter Harbison
                                           Thu 23rd               18:30         20:00         on ‘Images of St. Patrick’. Join us as we bring
                                                                                              you back in time.
                                                                                              Venue: St. Doulagh’s Church, Malahide Road
                                                                                              (R107), Balgriffin, Fingal.
                                                                                              Cost: Free (Donations for Restoration Fund
                                            Historic Buildings & Gardens                      welcome)
                                                                                              Organiser: St. Doulagh’s Church
                                           Grace Dieu Bridges Walk                            Email: buaghoduibh2002@yahoo.ie
                                           Eco-Historical walk looking at hedges, nunnery     Telephone: 087 6711547
    118                                    ruins, gravestones of the Abbess, and bridges of
Date               Start Time       End Time      Santry Community Garden Open

                                                                                                     DUBLIN FINGAL | BAILE ÁTHA CLIATH FINGAL
Sat 18th              12:00           18:00
                                                  Explore this 4-acre historic and beautiful
Sun 19th & Tue 21st 14:00             18:00
                                                  walled garden, with heritage orchard and
Wed 22nd              14:00           22:00       thriving kitchen garden. The plot has been
Sat 25th & Sun 26th 14:00             18:00       lovingly restored by volunteers who have
                                                  transformed it into a vibrant amenity for the
                                                  whole community.
                                                  Venue: Santry Community Garden, Santry
Family Arts & Crafts At Newbridge                 Demesne Public Park, Old Swords Road,
                                                  Santry Village, Dublin 9.
                                                  Cost: Free (Donations Welcome)
Please visit www.newbridgehouseandfarm.com
or our Facebook page for further details.         Organiser: Santry Community Garden
Venue: Newbridge House and Farm,                  Name: Donna Callan
Newbridge Demesne, Donabate.                      Email: santrycommunitygarden@gmail.com
Cost: Newbridge Farm: €5 Adults, €4               Telephone: 087 4112537
Children/Student/OAP, Free for Children 2 &       Date                 Start Time      End Time
under, €14 Family (2 Adults + 2 Children, €3      Sat 18th & Sun 19th 11:00               16:00
Additional Children); Special Rate to the
House for Heritage Week!                          Wed 22nd–Fri 24th       12:00           20:00
Organiser: Newbridge House and Farm               Sat 25th & Sun 26th 11:00               16:00
Name: Brenda Comerford                            Weekday openings 12:00 to 15:00 and 18:00 to
Email: info@newbridgehouseandfarm.com             20:00.
Telephone: 01 8436534
Date                Start Time       End Time
Sat 18th–Sun 26th      12:00           15:00
                                                   Local History
                                                  Skerries Mills Guided Tours
Heritage Sunday In Santry: A Walking              Special National Heritage Week reduction on
Tour Of Santry Park                               guided tours of Skerries Mills, including the
Heritage Sunday Stroll: A walking tour of the     Watermill, 4 Sail Windmill, and 5 Sail Great
Old Domville Estate at Santry Court.              Windmill. Weather and crop permitting there
Connections with the Guinness family              will be an exhibition of Vintage Harvesting on
explored. Local historian Gerry Cooley gives      the 26th August from 1:00pm approx.
his annual tour of Santry Park, formerly Santry   Venue: Skerries Mills, Skerries.
Court the seat of Lord Santry (1739). Gerry       Cost: €3 Adults; Free for Children
Cooley is a Dublin historian, tour guide and      Organiser: Fingal County Council
author working with Pat Liddy in Dublin. Not      Name: Ray Hunt
to be missed!
                                                  Email: info@skerriesmills.ie
Venue: Santry Park Fingal, Santry Village,
                                                  Telephone: 01 8495208
(Opposite Santry Resource Centre), Domville
Court, Old Coolck Lane.                           Date                 Start Time       End Time
Cost: Free                                        Sat 18th–Sun 26th       10:00           16:30
Organiser: Gerry Cooley
Email: gerrycooley@gmail.com
Telephone: 087 6672192
Date                 Start Time      End Time     Tar Isteach
Sun 26th                11:00          13:00      Members of the Historical Association will be
                                                  on hand to talk about St. David’s Church, and
                                                  the history of the area of Rolestown and
                                                  Oldtown. Ceol agus craic, tae agus brioscai. Car   119
                                           parking is limited.

                                           Venue: St. David’s Church, Kilsallaghan.
                                           Cost: Free (Donations welcome)
                                           Organiser: Rolestown/Oldtown Historical          Swords In Old Photographs
                                           Association                                      Photos of Swords from the early 20th c. to
                                           Name: Una O’Brien                                present day, illustrating how the town has
                                           Email: unatom@hotmail.com                        evolved over the years. Museum has displays of
                                           Telephone: 087 6365711                           artefacts, and books on local history, and a
                                                                                            genealogy service will also be available.
                                           Date                Start Time       End Time
                                                                                            Venue: Swords Museum, Carnegie Library,
                                           Sat 25th               15:00           18:00     North Street, Swords.
                                                                                            Cost: Free
                                                                                            Organiser: Swords Historical Society
                                                                                            Name: Bernadette Marks
                                           Skerries Guided Historic Walks                   Email: swordsmuseum@gmail.com
                                           Guided walks will explain the history of         Telephone: 01 8400080
                                           Skerries, with separate walks focusing on
                                                                                            Date                  Start Time      End Time
                                           archaeology and more recent history. Will also
                                           include singing of Mountains of Mourne at the    Sat 25th                 14:00            16:30
                                           Percy French seat on Red Island.
                                           Venue: Skerries, (Exact location of walks will
                                           be advised on www.oldskerries.ie).
                                           Cost: Free                                       Images Of Santry Past & Present
                                           Organiser: Skerries Historical Society           Gerry Cooley presents an exhibition of 30 of
                                           Name: Bob Laird                                  his original sketches, a model of Santry Village,
                                           Email: boblaird@gmail.com                        and rare old photographs including rare film
                                           Telephone: 087 2301415                           footage of old Santry from the 1950’s featuring
                                                                                            Santry Court House. The film footage also
                                           Date                 Start Time      End Time    includes the demolition of Santry’s Swiss
                                           Sun 26th                12:00           16:00    Cottages and Santry Court in the 1950’s.
                                                                                            Venue: Santry Resource Center, Domville
                                                                                            Court, Old Coolck Lane, (Turn at the Pine
                                           Talk On Phoenix Park Assassinations              Cost: €3 Adult; Free for Children
                                           & Trial Of Invincibles & A Horse                 Organiser: Gerry Cooley
                                           Poisoning Crime At Clonsilla                     Email: gerrycooley@gmail.com
                                           Public talk on incidents that occurred locally   Telephone: 087 6672192
                                           from 1882-1883 including the killings of Burke   Date                 Start Time      End Time
                                           and Cavendish by the Invincibles and a horse
                                           poisoning crime in 1887 at Clonsilla. Speakers   Sun 19th                 14:00          18:00
                                           Jim Lacey and Frank O’Connor.
                                           Venue: Blanchardstown Library,
                                           Blanchardstown Shopping Centre, Dublin 15.
                                           Cost: Free                                       The Westend: A Talk By Jim Monks
                                           Organiser: Fingal South West Heritage Society    A public lecture by Lusk Heritage Group, this
                                           Name: Jim Lacey                                  talk will be given by Jim Monks on the local
                                                                                            history of the Westend.
                                           Email: jimlacey@eircom.net
                                                                                            Venue: Rush Library, Chapel Green, Rush.
                                           Telephone: 087 2401308
                                                                                            Cost: Free
                                           Date                 Start Time      End Time
                                                                                            Organiser: Fingal County Council, Libraries
                                           Sat 25th                14:30           15:45    Division
                                                                                            Name: Lilian Whelan
Email: lilian.whelan@fingalcoco.ie
Telephone: 01 8905531

                                                                                   DUBLIN FINGAL | BAILE ÁTHA CLIATH FINGAL
Date                Start Time     End Time
Mon 20th               19:00         20:00

                                                  A unique Heritege Site in this
The Napoleonic Legacy Of Fingal                    pretty coastal town 30km
A talk by Kevin Thorp of Rush and                  north of Dublin off the M1.
Loughshinny Historical Society.
                                                  T fully restored windmills,
Venue: Rush Library, Chapel Green, Rush.
Cost: Free                                         a watermill and associated
Organiser: Fingal County Council, Libraries         millstones, mill race, sack
Division                                             hoists, and elevators.
Name: Lilian Whelan                                   Take a Guided Tour.
Email: lilian.whelan@fingalcoco.ie
Telephone: 01 8905531                              Refreshments available in
Date                Start Time     End Time          the Watermill Cafe and
Wed 22nd               19:00         20:00        Willow Terrace, featuring all
                                                  in-house baking & cooking.

                                                  The Craft Shop comes with
Rush Local History Talk
A local history talk by Paddy Ryan.               a recommendation from the
Venue: Rush Library, Chapel Green, Rush.           Crafts Council of Ireland.
Cost: Free
Organiser: Fingal County Council Libraries
Division                                                            skerries
Name: Lilian Whelan
Email: lilian.whelan@fingalcoco.ie
Telephone: 01 8905531
Date                  Start Time    End Time
Thu 23rd                 19:00        20:00

Around The Block From Kinsealy
Court                                             Open 7 days throughout
A 6 km relaxed family walk from Kinsealy           the year from 10.00am.
Court to Malahide Castle with a strong
historical flavour. To get a preview of the
history of the area visit:                              Skerries Mills,
www.drynamhall.org/history/ or
www.malahideheritage.com/ or
                                                    Skerries, Co. Dublin.
www.facebook.com/berni.swordsmuseum.                    el:
                                                       T 01-849 5208
Wear comfortable walking shoes and
                                                       Fax: 01-849 5213
appropriate clothes for whatever weather the
day might bring. If you have a hi-vis jacket       Email: info@skerriesmills.ie
bring it, and don’t forget a drink and a snack.    Web: www.skerriesmills.org
Venue: Start at Aspen Road/Birchdale Road                                          121
                                           Junction (Former site of The Russell-Cruise         Cost: Free

                                           Family Home), Kinsealy Court, Swords.               Organiser: The Transport Museum Society of
                                           Cost: Free                                          Ireland
                                           Email: scienceheritageireland@gmail.com             Name: William Kelly
                                           Telephone: 086 8401456                              Email: wkelly@oceanfree.net
                                           Date                Start Time      End Time        Telephone: 01 8480831
                                           Sun 19th               11:00          14:00         Date               Start Time   End Time
                                                                                               Sat 25th              12:00       17:00

                                            Museums, Galleries & Collections
                                           Historical Tours Of Glasnevin
                                                                                                Events for Under 12’s
                                           Cemetery With Resident Historian                    Warden Academy
                                           Shane MacThomais                                    Become a Nature Reserve Warden and help the
                                           Guided walking tours with Glasnevin Trust’s         ‘OWLS’ team spend the afternoon carrying out
                                           resident author and historian, Shane                duties of maintaining the reserve for the
                                           MacThomais, exploring the social and political      benefit of wildlife. This event is focused on
                                           history of Ireland. With over 1.5 million burials   young children aged 6 years and up who like
                                           Glasnevin Cemetery hosts a myriad of historical     wildlife and want to help care for them.
                                           burials. These special guided tours will take in    Booking essential.
                                           some of Ireland’s most significant historical       Venue: Ashtown ‘Wetland Meadows’ Nature
                                           figures such as Daniel O’Connell, Charles Stuart    Reserve, New River Road, Ashtown, West
                                           Parnell, Micheal Collins and Maud Gonne. This       Dublin.
                                           tour offers a unique insight into both the social   Cost: €2.50 Per Person
                                           and political history from the last 150 years.      Organiser: ‘OWLS’ The Children’s Nature
                                           Venue: Glasnevin Museum, Finglas Road,              Club
                                           Dublin 11.                                          Name: Andrew (aka ‘Mouse’) Fleming
                                           Cost: Free                                          Email: info@owls.ie
                                           Organiser: Glasnevin Museum                         Telephone: 087 3299936
                                           Name: Anne Hendrick
                                                                                               Date                  Start Time       End Time
                                           Email: booking@glasnevintrust.ie
                                           Telephone: 01 8826550                               Mon 20th                 14:00            17:00
                                           Date                   Start Time       End Time
                                           Sat 18th & Sat 25th       15:30            17:00
                                                                                               ‘Wild Kidz Day’
                                                                                               An opportunity for children to go truly wild in
                                                                                               the outdoors. This event involves climbing,
                                                                                               making craft objects, and getting wet and
                                            Transport                                          muddy! Booking essential. Suitable for children
                                           Open Day Trams, Buses & Commercial                  6-12.
                                           Vehicles For Photo Opportunities                    Venue: Turvey Park & Allotment, Donabate.
                                                                                               Cost: €5 Per Person
                                           A collection of large commercial vehicle items,
                                           including trams, buses, military, fire              Organiser: ‘OWLS’ The Children’s Nature
                                           appliances, etc. from 1880s to 1980s. Some          Club
                                           items will be displayed outside for better          Name: Andrew (aka ‘Mouse’) Fleming
                                           viewing and very good photo opportunities.          Email: info@owls.ie
                                           Venue: National Transport Museum, Howth             Telephone: 087 3299936
                                           Castle/Deerpark Hotel, Howth.
Date                  Start Time       End Time

                                                                                                         DUBLIN SOUTH COUNTY | BAILE ÁTHA CLIATH THEAS CONTAE
Tue 21st                 14:00           17:00
                                                      ‘Hidden Perspectives’: Exploring
                                                      Irish Myth
                                                      An exploration into Irish myth for all the
Pirates Of Portrane                                   family, featuring storytelling, workshops, film
Calling all pirates! There be treasure to be          screenings, performances, readings and music.
found at this fun event. Games and activities         Presented by Bard Mythologies and Alive-O
along the beach; playing pirate games and             Productions, who run Irish myth workshops
challenges whilst searching for the hidden            for actors, writers, and directors at the Pearse
treasure. Prizes at the end for everyone.             Museum on an on-going basis. A full
Booking essential. Times to be arranged.              programme for the day will be announced
Venue: Portrane Beach, Portrane.                      nearer to the event. Booking is advisable.
Cost: €4 Per Person                                   Venue: Pearse Museum/St. Enda’s Park, Grange
Organiser: ‘OWLS’ The Children’s Nature               Road, Rathfarnham, Dublin 16.
Club                                                  Cost: Free
Name: Andrew (aka ‘Mouse’) Fleming                    Organiser: Pearse Museum/St. Enda’s Park
Email: info@owls.ie                                   Name: Brian Crowley
Telephone: 087 3299936                                Email: brian.crowley@opw.ie
Date                  Start Time       End Time       Telephone: 01 4934208
Sat 25th                 13:00           15:00        Date                  Start Time        End Time
                                                      Sat 25th                 10:30            16:00

South County Dublin                                   Music Of The Harp With Mary
 Archaeology                                          An evening of harp music and song by Mary
                                                      O’Donnell. Booking essential.
Dig It! An Introduction To                            Venue: Pearse Museum/St. Enda’s Park, Grange
Archaeology For Children                              Road, Rathfarnham, Dublin 16.
Dig it! An introduction to archaeology for            Cost: Free
children 8-12 years old. Booking essential as         Organiser: Pearse Museum/St. Enda’s Park
participant places are limited, but all are free to   Name: Brian Crowley
watch.                                                Email: brian.crowley@opw.ie
Venue: Rathfarnham Castle, Rathfarnham,               Telephone: 01 4934208
Dublin 14.
                                                      Date               Start Time     End Time
Cost: Free
Organiser: The Office of Public Works                 Wed 22nd              19:00          20:00
Name: Catherine O’Connor
Email: catherine.oconnor@opw.ie
Telephone: 01 4939462
Date                 Start Time        End Time        Genealogy
Sat 25th                 12:00            13:30
                                                      Genealogy Workshop
There will be an additional workshop at
                                                      Learn how to trace your family roots with
3:00pm                                                genealogist Paul Gorry in this two part
                                                      workshop. Booking is required.
                                                      Venue: County Library, Library Square,

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