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					    E-Lock Go Paperless. Go Secure

E-Lock PDFeSigner
    E-Lock PDFeSigner

                      Digitally Sign & Email PDF files like
                              Form16’s/16a in Bulk


E-Lock PDFeSigner is desktop based bulk signing software that can apply legally
enforceable digital signatures on PDF files

PDFeSigner is an easy to use and install software that enables users to insert visible
eSignature in PDF files

PDFeSigner helps lowering costs, speeding up processes, going paperless and achieving
security and non-repudiation of documents.

Implementing and using PDFeSigner , helps organizations to achieve Compliance with
digital signature related laws and regulation like Indian IT Act 2000

                             Present Scenario

  Form 16’s/16a are generated using some software
  These generated Form16s/16a are then printed
  The printed Form16s are manually signed by the Authorized
  The signed forms are then distributed by hand or by courier, post etc.
   This entire process consumes lots of time, resources and involves large overheads
(in terms of paper, print & distribution cost)

      E-Lock PDFeSigner is a solution to these issues

                     What does Indian IT Law say

- The Indian Information Technology Act 2000 recognizes the use of Digital Signatures
as equivalent to Physical Signatures. Therefore, a digitally signed Form 16 / Form 16A
has the same legal validity as a physically signed one.

- In addition to this, as per Circular No. 2/2007 dated 21/5/2007 from the Income Tax
Dept, “The Central Board of Direct Taxes have, therefore, in exercise of powers under
section 119 of the Income-tax Act, 1961, decided for the proper administration of this Act
to allow the deductors, at their option, in respect of the tax to be deducted at source
from income chargeable under the head “Salaries” to use their digital signatures to
authenticate the certificates of deduction of tax at source in Form 16…”

-Further, Tax deductees are no longer required to file a copy of their form 16/ Form 16A
along with their returns to the Income Tax Dept. Hence the need for a paper-based Form
16/16A is eliminated

More Info Visit: http://law.incometaxindia.gov.in/dittaxmann/circular/cir2_2007.htm

                       E-Lock PDFeSigner

                         A One Stop Solution
for Digitally Signing Form16/16a or any PDF files & emailing them to
                            the recipients

                             PDFeSigner Features

  E-Lock PDFeSigner is a easy to use desktop software
  Inserts visible digital signature in the PDF files
  Digitally signs all the PDF Form16/16a in bulk
  Configures the placement / size / contents of digital signature in the PDF files as per
the requirement
  Inserts unique control numbers in each Form16/16a and maintains a log of control
numbers generated, which is mandatory by law.
  Emails the digitally signed Form16/16A to the recipients at once
  PDFeSigner signs the PDF files in native Adobe format. Signed PDF files can be
viewed and verified (just by clicking on signature block) using Adobe Reader without
needing any other verification utility

                          E-Lock PDFeSigner

E-Lock PDFeSigner Workflow

                             E-Lock PDF
   Input Folder                eSigner         Output Folder
                        Digitally Sign PDF     Digitally signed   Configuration
                         Files from input       PDF files will
      Original          Folder with user’s     be moved to this
   Form16/16a or         digital certificate        folder
  other documents
   in PDF format                                                  Send PDF files
                                                                  to the recipient
                                                                  email ids as an

                Benefits of using E-Lock PDFeSigner

Digitally sign and electronically distribute PDF Form16/16a or other PDF files in bulk
Legally compliant solution
Recipient can ‘verify’ the digitally signed PDF Files
 (Form16’s/16a) just by clicking on the signature block viewable
 through the adobe reader.
Hassle-Free Management of the Form-16/16a issuance process
Cost Savings!! – no paper,no print, no courier and logistics
 costs, fewer individuals involved in the entire process
Quick ROI
Easy to Use and Implement

          E-Lock PDFeSigner System Requirements

Win 2000 SP4 , Win XP SP2 or higher
Pentium Processor

           E-Lock PDFeSigner

         For information contact E-Lock
         Call us at +91 20 - 25560640 / 41

   Download software for evaluating, valid for 10 days at

                  Thank You!!


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