CW 4 WtVolSummary by DVfdoh


									                                                     Weight or Volume Summary Worksheet - CW 4
Project Name:                                                                                                            Date:
Project Location:
Project Manager:
Waste Hauler:
                                           C                           D
                                               Insert Totals Below                                 Compliance Method (check only one box)
  Worksheets by page #                  Diverted                   (Disposed)                             Volume                       Weight
        Worksheet 1                                                              Notes:
        Worksheet 2
        Worksheet 3

    Grand Totals:
Step 1 - Insert totals from Weight or Volume worksheets in Column C and/or D.
Step 2 - Add each Column down and enter grand totals in the boxes provided.
If Column C is larger than Column D Compliance with the 50% waste reduction requirement is achieved.
The signature below represents that the information provided on this form is true and correct and certifies that I have tracked construction
waste during the course of this project and that a minimum of 50% of the total waste has been diverted for either reuse or recycling.
Company Name: (general contractor, subcontractor, or homeowner)

Responsible Person's Name:                                                       Responsible Person's Signature:

CSLB License:                         Date Signed:                               Position with Company or Title:

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