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                         LNA Education Train the Trainer Program Criteria

        Pursuant to Nur 704.04 and 704.06, a sponsoring institution shall appoint and submit documents in
        support of the program coordinator, who shall have the responsibility and accountability for the program
        administration and for program instructors who shall have the responsibility for theoretical and clinical

        All program coordinators and instructors must be approved by the Board in compliance with 704.04
        which may include successful completion of a 12 hour Board approved Train the Trainer course.

        The purpose of the LNA Train the Trainer course is to ensure competency as a LNA Instructor.

        It is the expectation of the Board of Nursing that approved Train the Trainer Programs will, at a

        1. Identify three types of learning styles

        2. Demonstrate the process for reviewing and choosing a textbook and other teaching material for use in
           an LNA Educational Program

        3. Successfully prepare and teach one didactic lesson plan to other course participants

        4. Successfully prepare and teach one clinical procedure to other course participants

        5. Demonstrate the ability to provide other course participants with constructive feedback and

        6. Verbalize an understanding of the NH Board of Nursing Administrative Rule Nur 700 and LNA Scope
           of Practice

        7. Demonstrate an understanding of how to manage a classroom.

        This criteria is intended to provide the framework for current and future programs that wish to
        receive or continue approval as an LNA Education Train the Trainer Program.

        If you have questions, please contact Lori Tetreault, RN-BSN at 271-8282 or

TTT Program Criteria
November 10, 2010

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