Liquid Ethylene by DVfdoh


									                                        Sales Specification

Product: Liquid Ethylene                                                               Specification:        02004
                                                                                       Effective Date:     05-Mar-07
                                                                                       Version:                3
                                                                                       Pages:                1 of 1

        A1. This specification has been revised and replaces Sales Specification 3908-2, dated
            November 2000. Three GC test methods used in the previous version have been combined
             into a single GC test method to enhance laboratory automation. No other changes have
         A2. This specification describes a grade of Liquid Ethylene which must meet all of the
             requirements listed in Section B when tested as directed by the referenced methods.

                 Property                                    Specification Limits                Test Method
         B- 1    Carbon Monoxide, molppm                              5 MAX                   TXAL-A-XX-G-GC-440
         B- 2    Ethane, molppm                                     500 MAX                   TXAL-A-XX-G-GC-440
         B- 3    Ethylene, mol%                                      99.9 MIN                 TXAL-A-XX-G-GC-440
         B- 4    Oxygen, molppm                                       5 MAX                  TXAL-A-XX-G-PTM-003
         B- 5    Water, ppm                                           5 MAX                  TXAL-A-XX-G-PTM-002
         B- 6    Acetylene, molppm                                    5 MAX                   TXAL-A-XX-G-GC-440
         B- 7    Carbon Dioxide, molppm                               5 MAX                   TXAL-A-XX-G-GC-440
         B- 8    Hydrogen, molppm                                     5 MAX                   TXAL-A-XX-G-GC-440
         B- 9    Methanol, ppm                                        1 MAX                   TXAL-A-XX-G-GC-180
         B- 10 Methane, molppm                                      500 MAX                   TXAL-A-XX-G-GC-440
         B- 11 C3 and Heavier, molppm                               100 MAX                   TXAL-A-XX-G-GC-440
         B- 12 Sulfur, molppm                                         1 MAX                       ASTM D-4468
         B- 13 Methane plus Ethane, molppm                          1000 MAX                  TXAL-A-XX-G-GC-440

For reasons of safety and accuracy, the person performing methods described herein          Texas Eastman Division
must be thoroughly trained and under the supervision of a professional person who is        Eastman Chemical Company
knowledgeable in the relevant science. Equipment and materials described should be          Longview, TX 75607
used in accordance with safety precautions recommended by their manufacturers.

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