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					                                                                      Business Operations Center
                                                                                Travel Processing

        The Ohio State University will pay for reasonable and necessary expenses incurred by faculty,
        staff, students and eligible guests for authorized business travel on behalf of The Ohio State

        University travelers should incur the lowest reasonable travel expenses and exercise care to
        avoid impropriety and/or the appearance of impropriety.

Travel Request
In an effort to efficiently process travel requests for staff and faculty, the department retains approval
authority. It is the expectation that each department will provide assurance that each travel request is
supported with appropriate business purpose and budget availability. The approval authority should be
granted according to University Travel Policy #2.11.

       Traveler identifies need to travel on behalf of the University.
       Traveler obtains the appropriate approval for business purpose and budget.
       Department enters a travel request into the Travel system to await post trip reimbursement.
       Traveler must obtain a pre-trip travel number prior to initiating any prepayments for the trip
        and/or using the Travel or Purchasing Card to pay for travel expenses.
       All airfare prepayments made through one of the University approved travel agents will be
        processed once the request has been approved by the department.
       Registration prepayments, hotel prepayments, and cash advances must be processed through
        the BOC via an eRequest.
                  Department attaches any documentation needed to process the request.
                  BOC will notify department and initiator when prepayment has been made.
       If upon return the traveler has no reimbursable expenses, the department is responsible for
        closing the travel request.
       Department is responsible for attaching documentation of the chair’s approval for all faculty

College of Engineering Business Operations Center                                              Revised 2/2012
                                                                     Business Operations Center
                                                                               Travel Processing

Post Trip Reimbursement
The BOC is responsible for ensuring all expenditures related to an approved travel request are compliant
with established University Travel and Expenditure Policies. To facilitate timely reimbursement, the BOC
has established the following process for post trip reimbursements.

     Traveler returns from trip and forwards all original itemized receipts and required supporting
      documentation to department travel arranger.
     Travel arranger organizes documentation, adds T# to worksheet and forwards to the BOC for
     Traveler is responsible for noting per diem meals and which travel dates they pertain to.
     Traveler must give a business purpose and cost estimate for meals when requesting actual costs
      instead of per diem.
     Traveler must give a business purpose for all miscellaneous costs that do not require an itemized
     Once the travel reimbursement has been entered, the traveler will be notified that the
      reimbursement is ready for online approval. (Online approval is required for all faculty and staff
     BOC reviews and approves travel for compliance.
     Traveler will receive notification and reimbursement.

Department Responsibility
       Ensure the travel request is properly authorized pre-trip.
       Obtain exception documentation if noted prior to post-trip reimbursement.
       Attach documentation to the request noting chair approval for all faculty travel.
       Forward any prepayment requests to the BOC for processing.
       Provide travelers with information regarding policy and procedures.
       Provide tools developed by the BOC to assist travelers in facilitating a timely reimbursement.

BOC Responsibility
       Process travel reimbursement timely ensuring the request is compliant and error free.
       Identify any exceptions and obtain the appropriate documentation and approval.
       Communicate timely with traveler and department when necessary.
       Maintain all original UNIV documentation for audit purposes.
       Forward all original OSP documentation to OSP for final review and approval.

Traveler Responsibility
       Know and follow University policy.
       Obtain any cost comparisons required by policy prior to initiating the request.
       Provide all original, itemized receipts and required documentation to the department travel
        arranger post-trip.

College of Engineering Business Operations Center                                             Revised 2/2012

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