Quick Guide to Starting a Student Organization at Georgia Tech by G1A988C3


									Quick Guide to Starting a Student Organization at Georgia Tech

    Assess the Current Campus Organizations
        Go to http://jacketpages.gatech.edu to look at other organizations.
        Is there already an organization with your same mission?
        Could another organization adopt your project or idea?
        Find out if one is currently in the process of chartering
        Do you really need to charter to exist?

    Complete the Charter Application Packet
        Find a Faculty/Staff Advisor
        Submit a Letter of Intent
        Submit an Alcohol Policy Acknowledgement Form
        Develop a JCOC compliant Constitution
        Recruit 10 members
        Meet with Student Involvement for Constitution Review
        Meet with Student Activities Committee of the Faculty Senate

    Advertise your Organization
         Fill out your profile page on Jacket Pages (http://jacketpages.gatech.edu)
         Have informational meetings on campus

    Attend an Officer/Advisor Orientation and a JacketPages Training Session
          Sessions are offered monthly
          Find out more at www. involvement.gatech.edu

    Decide if you need money
        Student Foundation (http://www.gtsf.gatech.edu/)
        Dues
        Student Government (http://sga.gatech.edu/)
              o Bills
              o Budget

    Decide how you will manage your money
         Off campus bank account
         On campus Agency account (set up an appointment with Ninh Tran)

    Take advantage of the resources and privileges in the Student Involvement
         Copy Machine
         Mailboxes
         Poster paints and Letter Cut outs
         Computers
         Offices and Storage
         Advising from the Student Involvement Staff
         Books on leadership, teambuilding, running meetings, etc.
         Attend a Success Series Workshop (For info: www.involvement.gatech.edu)

                                                                    Student Involvement Center
                                                            Room 2211, Student Center Commons

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