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					                                                            AGENDA ITEM 06
                                        BOARD OF DIRECTORS 26 JANUARY 2010

Report to:            Board of Directors

Date:                 26th January 2010

By:                   Chief Executive

Subject:          Chief Executive’s Report

This report covers the period December – January 2010


Professional Leadership Group
Flu Pandemic
South West Essex Community Services
Dementia Care Services


CQC Registration
Board members will be aware that a new system of regulation, which is to become
operational as from 1 April 2010, requires providers of healthcare be registered with
the Care Quality Commission (CQC). To be registered, a provider of ‘regulated
activities’, like NELFT, must meet a set of new ‘essential standards of quality and
safety’. The trust must be able meet these standards (which are to replace the
current Standards for Better Health) at each one of its ‘locations’. Using the CQC’s
criteria, NELFT has ten locations: each separate in-patient setting (including Grays
Court), our community mental health service, our community health service, and the
Upney Lane Walk in Centre. If a trust reports that it does not meet any of the
Essential Standards it can be registered, with ‘compliance conditions’, if a realistic
corrective action plan is in place. It is not currently envisaged that NELFT will need
to take advantage of this provision and fully expects to submit a full and complete
application by the end of January.

Consultation on Monitor Compliance Framework
Monitor has published an update of a Compliance Framework for consultation which
proposes quite extensive changes which were the subject of a Board Workshop.
Board members will need to ensure that their comments are made available to meet
the deadline set by Monitor.

Professional Leadership Group
The Trust is launching a proposal for changes in the role, terms of reference,
behaviours and accountability of what has been known as the Professional
Reference Group. This will become a Professional Leadership Group, following the
direction set by the Board in seeking to accelerate professional leadership within the
Trust. There will be a workshop format event on 27 January with professional
leaders, which will set the direction for the re-formed group. Discussions have
already shown support from senior professionals for a leadership role and forum in
matters such as NICE implementation and service line management.

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Flu Pandemic
The national systems are now indicating that the risk of a major flu pandemic is
receding. Whilst most systems continue to operate for monitoring purposes and we
receive regular updates. The local infrastructure of the Bronze, Silver and Gold
Committees are being reduced in frequency. We continue to monitor the situation
but current expectation is that the initial risk of pandemic will not be realised on the
same scale. Board members will be kept informed through the Chief Executives
report about any changes in the current status.


Contract and Performance Activity
There are no significant variations from activity plans to report but significant
progress has been made in terms of performance monitoring. The Board sub-
committee is pleased to report that we are now turning around activity information
much more quickly and systems for recording and availability of data have been
significantly improved. The Chair of the Performance Committee has written to those
people responsible in the organisation for achieving this significant improvement and
this will certainly aid the organisation’s ability to more effectively monitor contract
activity in the time ahead.

The current position indicates that we are moving towards a risk rating of 5 on our
finance remembering that our compliance requirement is a 3. This has been rounded
up from 4.5 but we anticipate that the expenditure for the rest of the year will deliver
our anticipated end of year target of 4. There are still some issues around the Cost
Improvement Programme which is being managed within the overall position but
otherwise our financial performance continues on the trajectory that has been
established throughout the year.


Whistle Blowing Policy
Board members will be aware that we undertook a piece of research across the
organisation to audit perceptions of our Whistle Blowing Procedure and Policy.
Board members will also note that a number of articles have been published in
Foundation Times from the Chief Executive encouraging both awareness and use of
our Whistle Blowing Policy. The recent audit that was undertaken has provided
some very useful information on staff perceptions of whistle blowing and their
readiness to use this policy. The audit proposes that there are a number of areas of
good news in terms of staff attitude but also a number of areas where we need to do
some work. Once all of the information is pulled together and published we will look
at an action plan to improve the overall situation which will then be monitored through
the governance system.


South West Essex Community Services
The bid to have South West Essex Community Services continues it progress. There
was a second dialogue meeting on the 18th January which the executives attended.
It is anticipated that the commissioners for these services will come to a decision
about a preferred provider in March 2010. Board members will be kept informed of
the process.

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Dementia Care Services
Board members have asked for an update in the way that dementia services are
commissioned locally in response to the National Dementia Strategy. In short, we
have a mixed picture of commissioning across the various boroughs but a number of
outstanding commissioner intentions.        It is clear that at least some of our
commissioners are looking to invest further money in dementia services during the
next financial year but to date the specifics of that commissioning intention have not
been established.

John Brouder
January 2010

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