Dr. Wayne Macfadden Evaluates a New Treatment for Schizophrenia by WayneMacfadden


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									Dr. Wayne Macfadden Evaluates a New Treatment for Schizophrenia

Dr. Wayne Macfadden has extensive experience in the study and development of
treatments for psychiatric disorders. He recently published the results of one
study in the high-impact journal BMC Psychiatry.

The article, titled “Assessment of Effectiveness Measures in Patients with
Schizophrenia Initiated on Risperidone Long-Acting Therapy: The SOURCE
Study Results,” was written with colleagues from several medical and
pharmaceutical research centers. It is a summary and analysis of the
Schizophrenia Outcomes-Utilization, Relapse, and Clinical Evaluation (SOURCE)
study, which included a carefully conducted clinical test that sought to measure
the real-world impact of risperidone long-acting therapy (RLAT) as a treatment
for schizophrenia.

Used to treat schizophrenia and bipolar disorder, RLAT entails periodic injections
of risperidone, which is then distributed slowly throughout the body. This
treatment offers several advantages over a daily pill, including reduced likelihood
of missing a dose and the peace of mind that comes from guaranteed daily

In their article, Dr. Wayne Macfadden and his colleagues report that participants
in the SOURCE study experienced improvements in their condition within three
months and that these improvements were sustained for a full 24 months. The
findings are promising news for those who may benefit from RLAT.

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